Chapter 642: End of Days – Southern Plains (5)

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

Territory is the power to twist the laws of the world with the strength of your will. Only an overlord and above could be capable of such a feat.

Pseudo-Territories work on the same principle, but they aren’t exactly the same.

To be exact, a Pseudo-Territory is a Territory deployed by someone who isn’t at least at the level of an overlord through their own special means. Naturally, such a deployment comes with heavy side effects, not to mention the strict requirements involved.

Careful preparation is required before deploying such a technique. Yet no matter how prepared one may be, the price of forcefully deploying a technique above one’s limit is not to be taken lightly. As such, Pseudo-Territories are generally regarded as forbidden.

—– From Hierophant Merlin’s Journals

Seeing a lady beside a bunch of skeletal beasts, Nalan Youzhen couldn’t help but pause for a second to stare at the peculiar sight.

Her unperturbed appearance stood in stark contrast to the chaos throughout Southern Plains right now. Furthermore, she was clearly no ordinary lady either. As if the skeletal scorpid fawning over her wasn’t a giveaway enough…

But just as he was about to ask the lady a question, she took the initiative to speak first. She had an unearthly quality to her voice; it almost threatened to hook your soul in if one listened long enough. “Master has given me orders…”


“Orders to take care of you all!”

A second later, the ground split apart, a giant serenidae burst into the heavens. Its massive body swiftly coiled around the body of the Champion of Gaia, its razor sharp claws poised to strike at the mobile armor’s forehead for a lethal strike!

Yet Nalan Youzhen wasn’t just some rookie soldier. He already had measures against just such a sneak attack. From the shield-like implement on its back, eight discs flew out. Each of these discs were armed with razor sharp blades, and began spinning about the skeletal giant serenidae at odd angles.

In barely the time it took for the discs to fly out, the skeletal behemoth was sliced into pieces. And now that he was free, the eight rapidly rotating discs flew without pause towards the wraith known as Verni.

However, even that wasn’t enough to allay his fears. As a precaution, he willed the laser cannons in his head, chest, arms and other ancillary areas to fire at Verni.

Even so, Verni wasn’t just any old skeletal monster. She was Karlston’s greatest masterpiece in this new world. Naturally, she had her own tricks up her sleeves.

Lasers were a form of energy attack, and thus were especially effective against incorporeal entities like her. But being incorporeal, she wasn’t bound by the limits of flesh, and had speeds far above a normal person’s.

The moment the Champion of Gaia’s cannons aimed at her, she dissipated into the air, reappearing a second later on top of another building’s roof.


The flying discs and over ten laser beams collided into the building Verni was at moments ago. Like smashing a rock into tofu, the building exploded in a rain of rubble, even the skeletal scorpid was blown to bits as it couldn’t dodge in time…

In this world, ordinary mobile armors had the power of an Eight-star. As an ace pilot’s mobile armor, and the personal craft of a colonel, the power of this suit could reach even the loft heights of a nine-star.

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However, the problem was still the human inside the craft. Compared to a nine-star from the Western Human Realms, these mobile armors were more like punching bags. After all, even a superhuman’s reflexes couldn’t be compared to a fighter enhanced by Fighter’s Aura.

Whenever one raised a star level, their lifespan increased as well. The only way that was possible was if one’s very genes were strengthened in the process. In a lot of ways, human overlords weren’t really even human anymore -and that wouldn’t even be an insult…

In actual combat, the power of a mobile armor should be discounted one star level.

Even so, Verni did not dare get overconfident. She immediately opened up with an ultimate skill of hers.

Pseudo-Territory: A Thousand Spirits and Ten Thousand Grudges (One Million)!

She dropped the umbrella she was holding onto the floor. It automatically split into countless eerily green motes of light that dispersed themselves into the air.

A second later, wraiths began to spawn from the corpses of the recently dead!

In just the past couple of hours alone, nearly two million had died in Southern Plains.

Even now, there were scores of humans dying every second, their eyes wide with abject terror.

Thanks to the zombie virus infecting them, their souls did not dissipate after their deaths like they normally do. Instead, they were held back in their corpses.

As Verni’s Pseudo-Territory deployed, the negative energy in nearly half of Southern Plains rushed into the air. Countless souls were twisted by the negative energies within, turning them into wraiths.

A greenish fog began to cover the skies, blotting the blinding afternoon sun with a pall of despair.

Unlike the Western Human Realms, the laws of this world weren’t as hard to change, being that there weren’t any who had even transcended the mortal realm yet. There were martial artists on Gaia, but none of them had been able to form a Territory. In other words, none of them had ever changed the laws of this world.

Yet thanks to the massive amount of dead and negative energies lingering in the air, further enhanced by the zombie virus, the mastermind of this plot was able to twist the laws of the world.

Had this been the Western Human Realms, even killing two million humans within a short span of time would not have created a Pseudo-Territory with a diameter of more than 1000 meters.

Yet Verni’s Pseudo-Territory was already three kilometers in diameter!

To the undead demigod, Karlston, this world’s laws were nothing but a toy.

Verni herself only had the strength of a seven-star. The only reason she was capable of such a feat was because of the extensive preparations she had made beforehand, along with the exorbitant sacrifices expended. Those two million dead citizens were the fuel used in this bloody ritual.

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However, the true reason she was able to do this was because of Karlston. She was his creation. Even in his broken state, his knowledge of wielding the laws of the world was unmatched. Anyone who could reach the tier of Demigod was basically favored by the world itself.

Now that the Pseudo-Territory was deployed, the end of days had really come to Southern Plains. The skies darkened and the dead ran amok.

The moment they rose from their shattered corpses, they lunged at the soldiers of Southern Plains. But the trained soldiers that they were did not panic. They calmly followed their orders and began a fierce counterattack.

Thanks to the wraiths’ incorporeal nature, physical attacks wouldn’t work on them -a fact these soldiers soon found out and adapted to with their laser beams.

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