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Chapter 633: The First Zombie Appears

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

(TL: Will be adding summaries from individual chapters as necessary. Because the author didn’t write them, they aren’t exactly translated either.)

Today, I made an astonishing discovery about Lixiang’s family: they aren’t just delusional people that have gotten a hereditary version of middle school syndrome. Lixiang’s mum is actually a magical girl (maybe)!

Right after Lixiang’s family promised to help me gather faith, Lixiang fired off some energy shots with her doll, Lina, and her mum actually blocked it by creating a light shield! Her dad just flicked the shots away. Apparently, that technique was called Annihilation Fist, and he was the one who taught her.

But that’s not all! Sister Bitong might be one as well! I had broached the subject of magic with Bitong shortly after that earth-shattering discovery, only to find that not only did she know of martial arts and spiritual energy, but she could summon a spiritual energy light shield with a simple wave of her hand as well! I had just seen this technique today, so I’m dead sure it was the same technique!

Maybe Bitong is not just a childhood friend who tries to get me to wear a skirt all the time? Maybe when night falls, she actually runs around in a skimpy superhero costume, wielding a magical staff of love to vanquish evil.

Turned out she just used a simple magic tool, magic as in street magic.

The spiritual energy light shield was a technique devised by a researcher years ago. She was able to use this technique because of a black wand-like device she kept up her sleeves. This ‘magic tool’, when first created, could only perform simple light tricks you would find in a magic performance, hence the name.

The current wand she was using was known as ‘Alala’s Magic Staff’. An experimental device that wasn’t sold to the public yet. It had the ability to coil around the user’s arm like a snake, and could be used hidden, though its effects were better when taken out.

She briefly demonstrated its capabilities. It was able to cast Spiritual Energy Light Shield, a skill that could block physical attacks; Spiritual Energy Blast, an airgun like attack that could topple a grown man; Spiritual Energy Flash, a flashbang-like attack.

By my estimates, the magnitude of these skills should only be effective against a normal person.

— Mo Ke’s Discoveries (Journal) #612 (chapter number)

My name is Mo Ke, 16 years old. Right now, I’m being pressed against the floor by a zombie… this is my story…

Three days ago, we completed the filming for Devil’s Evolution Catalog Season One.

Everyone was tired, and it was decided we should get some rest first. After all, we weren’t full time actors, and Aunty Qiao had her own plans as well. Thus, we decided on a three day holiday.

After a quick discussion, me, Bitong, Lixiang, and Jiao, decided on the city of Southern Plains for a quick holiday trip. We arrived in the city without incident, and spent the night in our hot spring inn.

Then… the world changed.

Several of the female staff members suddenly started biting the patrons. Any attempts at reasoning failed; their crazed eyes only showed bloodlust within them…

The first time I bumped into one such zombie was just about lunch time. It was the lady serving me lunch that experienced the change suddenly as she came up to my door. A loud crash and the sound of food splattering on the floor caught my attention first, followed by coughing that could be heard even through the door.

I opened my door to find a young serving lady, hand gripping down on her waist like it was injured, and coughing severely.

“What’s the matter, Ke?”

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We had booked a suite for ourselves, with three rooms in total. Being near each other, the girls were naturally attracted to the commotion as well. They rushed out of their rooms to have a peek.

“I don’t know… but the service lady seems to be in pain.”

I quickly answered Bitong’s question before rushing forward to support the coughing lady. Yet just when I offered my hand, her coughing stopped abruptly. Instead, she reached for my outstretched arm, and tried to take a bite out of it!

A searing pain shot up my shoulder. I could tell I was injured, and instinctively shoved the culprit aside against the corridor wall.

“What the heck. Why did you bite me? Hey… are you listening? Are you all right?”

The service lady did not respond to my questions at all. Instead, she climbed to her feet and lunged right at me once more.

Not again… do you think I’m Tang San (Journey to the West)?


At the same time as she lunged, she roared like a wild beast.

My first thought was to dodge, but my actions meant that she had dove into the guest room behind me…


Jiaojiao yelled in terror. Faced with a seemingly insane older lady, her instincts immediately told her to seek refuge behind Bitong.


With three new targets in front, the service lady swapped targets without any hesitation!

“I’ll… handle this…”

Our resident middle-school syndrome girl took to the front and deployed the miniature doll version of herself in front of them. Even though she was shivering uncontrollably right now, she had no intention of backing down at all.

Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, Lixiang never got the chance to show off her bravery, as I had taken the brief opening to grab hold of the service lady and toss her away!

With a swing of my arm, I dragged her off her feet and threw her out the door. It wasn’t a particularly heavy swing, because I wasn’t trying to harm her in the first place, but for an ordinary human, it was a pretty hefty throw. A normal human being would definitely be feeling the pain for a while. However, this crazed service lady didn’t seem to be normal at all.

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She got up once more, barely a second later, and lunged right at me.

Crap. What is this lady even made of?!

I gave her a swift kick then slammed the door behind her. As a precaution, I had the door set to transparent mode so that I could watch her from our room. In this mode, the door also allowed more sounds in.

The service lady banged furiously at our door, in full view of us; clearly not an action a sane person would take.

“Hey! What’s going on out there? What’s with all the ruckus?!” A gruff voice called out through the corridor, instantly grabbing the attention of the service lady. She turned her head expressionlessly towards that direction then slowly dragged herself over.

A moment later…

“I told you to scram! You hear me?”

“Dear, I think there’s something wrong with this person… maybe we should just leave her…” A seductive female voice could be heard saying.

“Don’t worry, I’ll have her gone right this second… Get out of here, otherwise I’ll have you reported… Hey! Are you deaf or something… What the heck… you bit me… AHHHH…”

“No… noooo…”

A short exchange later, there was only silence and the deafening sounds of chewing…

Because of the angle of our vision, I couldn’t see exactly what was happening. But I could tell that the service lady was probably munching on that gruff man. As for the girl, probably scared out of her wits…

Don’t tell me… a zombie outbreak?!

“Ke, what’s going on out there?” Asked Bitong as she comforted a shivering Qiao Jiaojiao.

Anxious on the inside, and actually a little anxious on the outside as well, Lixiang tried her best to put on a confident front as she hugged the doll version of herself. “Fear not, lowly mortals, this one is a primal angel of destruction, this one and His Highness will protect your lowly selves…”

“Now’s not the time for your fantasy trips!” Bitong impatiently cut off Lixiang, one hand still hugging the frightened Qiao Jiaojiao, while her other hand held out her magic staff. “We need to confirm what’s happening outside first.”

“Mhm. I’ll go have a look. You guys stay inside.” At least that was my intention… Just as I took a step forward, I felt a tug on my sleeves.

“Big brother, don’t go…” I turned around to find Qiao Jiaojiao staring up at me with tear-filled eyes, one hand shaking as she grabbed onto Bitong, while the other grabbed onto my sleeves.

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Seeing her in such a state, I couldn’t help but pat her gently. “Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.”

She finally let go after some reassurances.

“Sis, I’ll leave them in your care.”

“Got it.” Bitong nodded while hugging Qiao Jiaojiao.

“Leave it to me, Your Highness, this one will be sure to take care of these mortals.”


“Yes, Your Highness?”

“Take care of yourself too… and… don’t go overboard…”

With that settled, I turned my attention back to the room door. I reached out, opened it, and was immediately assaulted with an overpowering scent of blood.

I looked around and found, at the right side of our door, that service lady lying atop a man’s body… in a rather compromising position, but the man was definitely dead, seeing as she was biting pieces off his throat.

Engrossed with stuffing herself, the service lady wasn’t aware of my presence at all.

“Save… me…”

It was the female voice from before. I turned to look in her direction, and there she was, a blonde beauty, dressed only in her underwear, and shivering on the floor of her room.

Other than her cries for help, her body seemed to have completely given up on her. The shock of another human being eating another right in front of her was too much for her faint heart, though most people would have been frozen stiff with terror as well.

The scene was basically your typical zombie horror film scene.

I walked up to the service lady, yanked her hair up to reveal her face.

It was bloody and contorted like a demon. She ravenously swiped her claw-like hands at me, clearly enraged that I had disrupted her meal. It was only then that I finally got a good look at her. The skin on her was turning grey… clearly not a color normal humans would have…


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As she growled at me, bits of chewed up human flesh flew my way, blanketing my face in another wave of awful blood smell. I did not need to think much at this point. Hair still in my hands, I shoved her to the side and slammed her head into the wall, causing it to explode in a gory mess of red and white.


Eyes glued right at me when that zombie’s head exploded, the scantily-clad girl turned to the side and retched from disgust.

“Ke. What’s happening out there?”

Bitong called out from within the room due to the commotion.

“It’s nothing… but you shouldn’t come out for now. The situation outside is… complicated.” Even though the zombie was well and truly dead, the sight of her mangled corpse certainly wasn’t something I would show to an ordinary person.

Besides, it would be better if she stayed safe in the room, at least till I could get my head around this situation.

However, she came out anyway.

“Hmm? And here I was wondering why you don’t want us coming out… so it’s because of these two naked ladies… but what’s up with that girl lying over there… and what is that red splat… dead?”

Bitong walked out of the room, muttering to herself aloud till she spotted the corpse of the zombie. She blinked a couple of times as if to confirm what she saw. But other than that, she was surprisingly calm about the sight.

“She seems to be a zombie…” I told her my deduction. It was then that I remembered how I was bitten by her on my shoulder.

Yet the moment I turned to look at my shoulder, I found that the wound was already gone. There was only a faint discolouration left to mark where it once was…

“Sis, I just remembered I was bitten just now.” I shakingly smiled as I said that. Every zombie film I had seen so far all agreed on one point: those who were bitten turned into zombies after some time…

“Don’t think too much into it, Ke… maybe this zombie isn’t infectious…”

“AHH!!! He’s alive!”

As if to slap me in the face with that tiny sliver of hope I had just gotten, the vomiting girl suddenly cried out in surprise. Her partner who had his neck bitten off was now climbing to his feet with his neck still hanging by a shred of meat…

No way… how long has it been since he died? A minute? And I’m darn sure he’s dead. At least I haven’t heard of anyone on Gaia being able to survive with more than half of his neck missing!

The moment the new zombie climbed up to his feet, I summarily knocked him off his feet with a swift leg sweep, then grabbed and slammed his head into the wall!

Another one taken care of.

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