Chapter Summary: Summary of Volume 12/13

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

The Story So Far:

Mo Ke’s memory was sealed by Ferti’nier shortly after arriving in the new world. Throughout his amnesiac daily life, she secretly aided him (hypnotising the people he came into contact with, and creating a system to guide him) while she hid in the home of Duanmu Bitong. During his stay, he made new friends and formed lasting bonds with schoolmates, neighbours, and really just girls, in general.

As part of Ferti’nier guidance, Mo Ke has begun the work of gathering faith in this new world by aiming to become an idol. His job acting as a movie actor had almost come to a close when tragedy struck…

Important Characters:

Duanmu Bitong, 16 years old: Believes herself to be Mo Ke’s sister figure, thanks to the hypnosis of Ferti’nier. Infatuated with Mo Ke due to the hypnosis, also becoming sickly as a side effect of the psychic influence.

Has been shown to know about the existence of spiritual energy and martial arts. Carries a staff, resembling a child’s magical girl stick, that can fire off spiritual energy techniques.

Duanmu Xinqing, 40 years old: Duanmu Bitong’s mum. Scientist with the Federation. Thanks to Ferti’nier’s hypnosis, she sees Mo Ke as her adopted son.

You Qin Lixiang, 15 years old: A cringey, teenage girl who has very deep seated delusions of grandeur, though they might not be as crazy as they seem. Has no friends as a result. In order to approach her, Mo Ke claimed to be the successor of the Devil King of Pride. Claims to be an origin angel, comes to like Mo Ke.

Refers to Mo Ke as Your Highness.

Has been shown to be versed in the usage of spiritual energy. Eg. remotely controlling and attacking with her doll, Lina.

Lina: A small rag doll made in the likeness of You Qin Lixiang that is able to fire off spiritual energy attacks. Able to operate remotely under Lixiang’s control.

You Yuexiong, 43 years old: You Qinlixiang’s father. A martial artist, with actual supernatural powers. Practises the Martial Sage Arts of the Primordial Energies.

Mo Ke initially doubted the veracity of his claims about having supernatural powers, and how this world was just the lower realm and how an upper realm existed. Later proved wrong in a one-on-one mock battle which was forced on him by Yuexiong and Ferti’nier posing as the ‘system’ in his body. Just like how Mo Ke doubted Yuexiong’s claims, he doubted Mo Ke’s claims of being the Successor of the Devil King of Pride. Barely won the battle with a psychic attack cast with the power temporarily given to him by his ‘system’.

Ends up noticing the innate talent of Mo Ke and passing on the Martial Sage Arts of the Primordial Energies, even before Mo Ke agrees to be his son-in-law.

Refers to Mo Ke as your Highness. By the system’s estimates, he should be at the level of Five-star. Mo Ke’s sealed up state should be at the level of Three-star.

Later agrees, along with his entire family, to aid Mo Ke in gathering up faith.

Qin Youxiang, 40 years old: You Qin Lixiang’s mum. A self-proclaimed ‘magical girl’. Adopts a queenly attitude at home, and is definitely the culprit behind You Qinlixiang’s middle schooler syndrome.

Has been shown to be versed in the usage of spiritual energy. Eg. Spiritual Energy Light Shield – a technique where one creates a shield of light motes to block attacks.

Qiao Jiaojiao, 11 years old: Qiao Yin’s daughter. A little yandere. Because of Ferti’nier’s hypnosis, ends up falling madly in love with Mo Ke. Ends up being engaged to him.

Qiao Yin, 40 years old: Jiaojiao’s mum. Main culprit behind her daughter’s yandereness. Ends up tricking Mo Ke into becoming engaged to her daughter. Loves teasing Mo Ke, and putting him down, but still cares deeply for him, due to Ferti’nier’s hypnosis.

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On the Martial Sage Art of the Primordial Energies and spiritual energy:

Spiritual Energy:

An energy that is a constituent of the air itself, like oxygen. It’s used to power various machinery and technologies, but it’s still a wholly natural energy. Even so, this energy cannot be absorbed directly by humans or it would cause harm. A special meditation technique is required to mediate the transfer.

Meditation Tincture is often used by beginner practitioners to help them sense spiritual energy, an important first step to absorbing spiritual energy. (Mo Ke does not require such an aid.)

Martial Arts/Spiritual Energy Affinity:

Martial arts and their techniques actually exist in Planet Gaia, just in a semi-confidential state because such techniques require absorbing spiritual energy. However, humans vary greatly in their constitutions, and some have greater spiritual energy affinity than others.

Spiritual energy has an enhancement effect on a person’s body. However, before the enhancement begins, a round of deconstruction has to take place. If one’s affinity for spiritual energy isn’t high enough, they won’t survive such a process, and would slowly wither…

Only one in one hundred thousand possessed the spiritual energy affinity required to cultivate martial arts. Naturally, this has led to the majority of people not knowing about martial arts at all.
In truth, human enhancement experiments draw their inspiration from the study of martial arts. The first few batches of researchers hypothesised that since spiritual energy could be employed by martial artists to strengthen themselves, then everyone should be able to benefit from its effects.

Yet even if they knew that, they couldn’t figure out a way to externally aid a person in converting spiritual energy to something productive. Only a martial artist could do that for himself. This was one of the main reasons why experiments on human enhancement weren’t able to advance much.

Martial Sage Art of the Primordial Energies:

A closely guarded technique of You Yuexiong, normally passed down to family members only. One of its main techniques is a meditation technique that allows humans to absorb spiritual energies. Has been shown to give supernatural powers and a golden glow when Yuexion uses it.

According to Yuexiong, the technique was created by a martial sage who lived when humans were still creating societies. By activating this martial art, You Yuexiong was able to withstand fireballs from Mo Ke. Having cultivated this martial art for over three decades, he would be able to take on a superhuman in a military-grade mechanised exosuit.

Thanks to this martial art, Mo Ke is now able to absorb spiritual energy naturally and through meditation. His rate of natural absorption is abysmal compared to the rate when he meditates. According to You Yuexiong, his rate of absorption while meditating using this martial art is roughly thirty times that of an ordinary human.

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