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Chapter 520: Epilogue (11)

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

“Of course not.”

The moment Ferti’nier uttered those words, a shadowy arm pierced through Granny Adele’s chest. Behind her, a shadowy figure slowly withdrew its arm…

“Why…” Granny Adele collapsed to the ground, coughing as she gasped for air. Her blackish-red blood spilled onto the ground, painting a bloody rose where it splattered. As she laid on the ground, she strained her neck upwards to gaze Ferti’nier, still floating in the air as always. She could tell from their previous conversation that Ferti’nier truly admired her talent. That was why she never suspected her when she made that offer. Yet why was she now lying on her side with a hole in her chest? Incomprehensible…

Once the puppet master of this village, she now laid there, dying, confused and aggrieved. “But we hit it off so well… why…”

“That we did… If it was just me, I wouldn’t mind what you did at all. As long as you’re useful, that’s all that matters. It’s just too bad. You see, this body belongs to my little brother. While he might be a useless shut-in, always crying for help when he gets into trouble, and also running away to hide at the drop of a needle. In fact, he’s basically lower than a worm, by Devil standards. Even so, his stupidity and overall idiocy doesn’t change the fact that he’s my idiotic brother.”

“Also, this body belongs to him. I’m just looking after it for him. And he so happens to despise actions like yours. He has a strong sense of justice, you see. Not at all like his noble Devil lineage. An utter failure, disgrace, outcast, and pariah of the Devil world even. But he’s still my useless brother.”

“What I’m saying is this: he doesn’t like you. So as his big sis, I’m not taking the risk of angering him just to shelter you -it would be better if you die. Speaking of which, why aren’t you dead yet? But I guess you’re still alive, so you might as well listen up: you seem to have forgotten to tell me something. Something extremely important.”

Granny Adele was stunned for a second, as if she had suddenly recalled what it was Ferti’nier was referring to. She scrambled to provide an answer but found herself coughing up instead.

“Wai-wait… cough… cough…”


Ferti’nier snapped her fingers, causing that wound to burst into blackish-red flames. The wound created by the Shadow Demon had some residual mana leftover when it attacked. While the mana would eventually dissipate, as long as even a trace remained behind, Ferti’nier could activate it to inflict a fatal wound.

Under the scorching tendrils of Nether Flames, another foe was vanquished from the world once more.

“Phew… that took up quite a bit of time… now it’s time to…” Ferti’nier was about to locate Jezsere and the others when she suddenly felt a call from Mo Na. While Mo Ke and Mo Na might not actually be related by blood, Mo Na had the ability to contact him through dimensional barriers. However, her strength was still lacking, and there were no satellites to speak of in a fantasy world. The message ended up being unclear, only managing to express that she hoped that Mo Ke would return right away.

In other words, something had happened at their homebase, and he needed to get back right this instant.

Normally, it would be Mo Ke who received this message, but he was still hiding in the abyss of his soul, so it fell onto Ferti’nier to respond to the message. Ferti’nier was actually quite fond of this adoptive daughter of Mo Ke’s. She found her personality very similar to her own. Furthermore, some of Ferti’nier’s aura ended up being imparted onto Mo Na when Mo Ke incubated her egg, else Mo Na would not have been born such a high level Lust Demon. Naturally, Mo Ci, her actual mother did impart the same Original Sin onto her, but without Ferti’nier’s help, she would still be an Imp…

Since her little daughter was in trouble, she had better rush home and check up on her. As for Jezsere…

Ferti’nier promptly activated her secret arts to contact Regine. Upon confirming that they had safely broken out of the encirclement, she had Regine inform the others to return to their own territories first. She then hastily erected a dimensional portal back to Sable Radiance. To be exact, she did so almost instantly… all that talk about needing time to cast a gate was rubbish…

At the same time when Ferti’nier returned to Sable Radiance, Ann, who was still in Jezsere’s arms, suddenly fainted without any warning. Worried, Jezsere fussed over the little girl for a good while before finally stopping when Reyage confirmed that she was okay.

“She was probably too nervous just now. Now that she’s out of danger, that tension suddenly went away, resulting in her fainting. She will be fine after a quick nap.”

“Oh. As long as she’s fine.” Jezsere hugged the girl harder. This little girl was specifically singled out by her master, thus it fell on her to ensure her safety till her master got back. Although… she would still have to take care of her even if her master returned.

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“Mistress Ferti’nier has returned to Purgatory, she said there is an emergency over there.” Riding atop a horse, Regine came galloping in as she announced the departure of Ferti’nier abruptly. “She said to go our own ways for now.”

“In that case, once everyone is safe, we can return to our respective territories first.” Since Mo Ke left, the strongest amongst the group, Zurnalin, automatically became the decision-maker. Even though she was a little saddened that she couldn’t say goodbye to Mo Ke, she took the news well. It wasn’t that she did not miss Mo Ke. Rather, it was because she finally could take out her treasure!

Having made that declaration, she suddenly reached into her breastplate and fished around… A while later, she took out a purple, thread-like material from within and bound around her left hand.

That thread-like material was Mo Ke’s hair!

Having done that, she brought the hair bracelet up to her nose and took a deep whiff. Eyes closed in ecstasy and voice quivering, she half muttered to herself, “ahh… Her Holiness’s scent…”


Jill leaned in slightly to have a look and immediately recognised where that hair came from. Suspicious, she asked, “isn’t that Lady Mo Na’s hair? When did you get your hands on it?”

Purple hair was one of Mo Ke’s distinctive traits. The moment Regine and Mo Ning noticed that strand of hair on Zurnalin’s hand, their faces immediately blackened. How they wanted to do that too…

Like a gust of wind, Regine rushed for the hair bracelet without a second thought. However, Zurnalin was already a step ahead of her. Her right hand shot out and easily caught the girl’s head, giving it a slight slap and forcing her to the ground…

“Don’t forget about me!” At the same time that Regine attacked, Mo Ning had cleverly snuck behind Zurnalin for a sneak attack. However, Zurnalin was just too strong for the two girls. With a twist of her body, she caught Mo Ning’s shoulders and did the same action to her. Yet instead of falling to the ground, she instead sent her flying back… In order to protect Her Holiness’s sacred relic, she wasn’t going to hold back at all!

“Naturally, while Her Holiness is asleep.” Having just taken care of two opponents, she triumphantly raised her head up high, lips curled to their highest corners. “I knew Her Holiness wouldn’t be with us forever, that’s why I smartly procured a sample of Her Holiness while she was asleep. From now on, Her Holiness will always be by my side!”

A measly hair -what are you doing bragging about that for?! Regine yelled in her head. However, her actions were completely at odds with her thoughts. She had already gotten to her feet in another attempt to try and steal the hair for herself. Unfortunately, the strength gap was too huge and she could only resign herself to having her back stepped on by Zurnalin.

Seeing that, Mo Ning, who had just gotten to her feet, gave up as well. She was too strong!

Denied of their treasure, the two girls silently glared at Zurnalin. While their mouths might not have said it, they were clearly thinking, I knew you were a stalker and a pervert!

Ever since Ferti’nier disrupted the Anti-light Barrier, the scales of victory were beginning to tip in favor of the non-Undead. Furthermore, with Aques Lumen’s participation, the tides of battle were completely overturned. While he might not have deployed his Territory, he was still an Overlord-tier fighter. With no Overlord of their own, the Undead were easily routed by the Humans.

As one would expect of an elite army, the elite Demon Hunters and the elite mercenaries were able to secure a resounding victory. Their casualties might not be little, but those were far outweighed by their kills!

With the battle over, Aques Lumen found his disciple in a worn-out, blank state, sitting next to Neneth. Around the two girls was a massive ring of slain Undead, all killed by Neneth’s giant sword…

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