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Chapter 517: Epilogue (8)

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

Aques Lumen expanded his Territory to its utmost limits. He knew that Vampire had already fallen for his illusions once, so he decided to target the Overlord Werewolf instead. Under his enraged state, that Werewolf was exceptionally vulnerable to mental suggestion. With just a quick glance in his direction, the Werewolf suddenly faltered. His head shook a little as he felt a wave of dizziness come over him, his mind starting to come under the effects of the psychic attack.

At roughly the same time, the Overlord Vampire flew past the addled Werewolf in his usual pool of blood form.

Suddenly, an inexplicable sense of rage consumed the Werewolf. Images of how the Vampires had always looked down upon and feuded with them streamed into his head. It was at that moment that the Overlord Vampire entered his vision. Without even hesitating for a second, the Overlord Werewolf swiped at the pool of blood. At the same time, two of his Spirit Wolves even turned around to target the pool of blood…

The two Spirit Wolves immediately fired off a barrage of mana spheres at the pool of blood, causing the blood to explode upon impact. At the same time, the Overlord Werewolf’s mana-enhanced claw came swinging in. A projectile of light, shaped roughly like claw marks, collided into the pool of blood and almost tore a hole right to the Vampire’s body…

Naturally, the Overlord Vampire had already noticed who the source of this disturbance was. He swiftly halted his charge and faced down the enraged Overlord Werewolf. “You stupid dog… What are you doing attacking me for?!”

“AAWWWOOOO!” All he was met with was a howl from the Werewolf. Even the two Spirit Wolves were now lined up against him, fangs bared and growling.

Seeing the Overlord Werewolf in such an unresponsive state, it finally dawned on the Overlord Vampire why his former ally suddenly attacked him like that… it was all Aques Lumen’s fault!

Exasperated, he finally realised what kind of opponent he was dealing with. He tried to awaken the mesmerized Werewolf, with the same method used on him when he had been controlled as well. The Werewolf had attacked him then, so the same method should work in breaking the spell. However, the Werewolf would prove to be a lot harder to awaken.

The Overlord Vampire planned on striking his ally to awaken him, but he dared not use too much force. He merely scattered a bunch of his corrosive blood towards the Werewolf. The idea being, even if that Werewolf was quick, but with so many droplets flying his way, one of them had to hit, right?

However, he had completely forgotten about the Spirit Wolves. While the Overlord Werewolf couldn’t summon any new ones while under the control of Aques Lumen, there was no stopping him from using his remaining two Spirit Wolves to help guard against the attack.
As the wave of blood droplets flew towards the Werewolf, the two Spirit Wolves jumped in front of the Werewolf, one from the right and one from the left. A gruesome sizzling could be heard across the battlefield as the Spirit Wolves began to dissolve into fumes.

Danger averted, the Overlord Werewolf leapt onto the Spirit Wolves and spring-boarded off them into a ferocious swipe at the Vampire!

Never in his wildest dreams did the Overlord Vampire expect his ally to come lunging at him like that… Lest one forgot, he still had a corrosive barrier surrounding him, in the form of that blood pool. Even an Overlord would dissolve in seconds if they were to dive in completely. With the sheer strength of that Werewolf’s legs, leaping at him was easy, but there really was no going back at that point… it wasn’t like he had purple wings to fly with…

Naturally, the next few moments proceeded as one would expect. With no way to stop his momentum, the Werewolf plunged into the corrosive blood pool. The pain from having half his body corroded immediately woke up the Werewolf. Bearing with the scorching pain, he swiped at the Vampire while yelling in both surprise and anger. “What’s going on? Why am I in your blood pool?!”

The Vampire hastily erected a blood barrier to block the Werewolf’s attack, before snapping back, “you moron! Why did you even look at his eyes after knowing that he has such tricks up his sleeves! All you dogs are the same: stupid!”

“Rotten bat! Just hurry up and cancel your Territory already!” The Overlord Werewolf finally realised his mistake as well. But he would rather die than openly admit his mistake in front of that blasted Vampire.

“I don’t need you to tell me that!” Now that he had confirmed that the Overlord Werewolf was back to his normal self, he cancelled part of his blood pool to allow the Werewolf to land back on the ground. However, the moment he did so, the damage that corrosive blood did was plain to see: his grey fur was now pitch black…

“Don’t look at his eyes this time. We will attack him from the flanks together.” Uncharacteristically cooperative, the Overlord Vampire decided it would be better if they worked together for once, rather than risk his brash ally falling prey to that Territory again.

“Alright.” Replied the Overlord Werewolf, looking significantly better at this point. Once again, the Werewolf’s regenerative abilities proved its astonishing worth. Most of the acid burns on his flesh had healed up, even the blackened fur was starting to turn grey from the freshly grown strands.

Yet his healed wounds did not stop him from recognising how powerful Aques Lumen was. Should he fail to take his opponent seriously at this point, that would be a stain on his honor as a Werewolf. Having been at each other’s throats for years now, the two did not even have to look at each other before they launched a simultaneous attack on Aques Lumen, one on the right, and one on the left.

Faced with a coordinated attack, Aques Lumen remained his usual calm, collected self. After all, his Territory was a highly unique one. Thanks to certain circumstances, his Territory ended up being a Composite Territory. It not only was made for battle, it also had the illusory aspects you would associate with an Illusion Demon. On top of that, there were still abilities yet to be revealed. And it was a forty meter Territory as well!

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He smiled coldly in the face of two approaching opponents, then turned to look at the Overlord Werewolf, who was the fastest of the two. The Overlord Werewolf immediately leapt to the side when he noticed that. That ended up slowing down his charge.

Having had his fun with the Overlord Werewolf, it was now time for the Vampire’s turn. Realising what his opponent was up to, the Overlord Vampire immediately averted his gaze away. Yet without even looking at his opponent, how was he to fight?

Either way, Aques Lumen had accomplished his goals. His body blurred for an instant before suddenly spawning ten other clones of himself to attack both sides. Each of these clones acted in unison with each other. Whether it was the way they gripped their sheath with their left hand, or the way they kept their right hands above their sword grip in a standard sword-drawing stance, their actions were one and the same.

Because they both had their gazes averted prior, both the Overlord Vampire and the Overlord Werewolf did not manage to get a glimpse as to which of the clones was the actual Aques Lumen. Furthermore, neither of them had the ability to dispel illusions.

Mirror Waters Ultimate Sword Arts: Icy Slumber!

Amidst their confusion, the clones got ready to draw their swords. Yet at the end of the day, a fake was still a fake. Only one of the images would actually be able to deal damage. And the unfortunate Overlord to be granted this honor was… the Vampire!

Aques Lumen swung his sword out, sending forth a wave of icy winds that struck the unsuspecting Vampire. In an instant, both his blood pool and his body were both frozen into ice…

Mirror Waters Ultimate Sword Arts: Sword Hurricane!

Barely any time after his first skill, Aques Lumen activated another ultimate sword art, blasting out countless sword energy projectiles at the frozen Vampire. A second later, the frozen Vampire who did not even have the chance to fall to the ground yet was hacked into miniscule pieces that shattered upon impact, blown to the winds soon after without a trace…

After two consecutive ultimate sword arts, the first of the Overlords was defeated!


Just like that, the once-proud Overlord Vampire was vanquished. A fact that was hard to reconcile for the Overlord Werewolf who had feuded with him for his entire life. There was no one who understood that bat’s power more than himself, given they had fought for centuries now. They were both on equal terms. If Aques Lumen could really kill that Vampire in seconds, that meant he could kill him as well!

The Overlord Werewolf slowly backed away, eyes wide with disbelief. He would have never guessed that on his first mission working together with his hated but equal foe, they would be met with such a resounding defeat…

Aques Lumen was now walking towards him. He hastily retreated a few steps back and resummoned a new batch of Spirit Wolves. Along with those two who had been burned, he commanded to attack the Demon Hunter.

While he might still be furious about how things turned out, he knew there was nothing to be done in the front of such overwhelming strength. He immediately thought to seek help from the Lich and the Death Knight. All he needed was for his Spirit Wolves to delay Aques Lumen for a while longer.

Unfortunately, those Spirit Wolves barely lasted a second and had no effect in delaying the Demon Hunter. Aques Lumen maintained his same calm, collected gait. Let alone lift a finger, he never even looked in their direction before the Spirit Wolves were suddenly hacked to pieces, dissipating into the wind…

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