Chapter 471: An Embrace of Reunion

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

To the residents of Demoness Abode, our arrival was more than just a little sudden.

A mature but beautiful lady of roughly thirty years of age put down her dustpan upon seeing us and approached us. She first respectfully bowed in our direction then asked, “Milady. May I ask who you are looking for? Or perhaps it’s for another matter?”

“Lady? Me?” I was a little taken aback by being so suddenly mistaken as a lady by another lady… Do I look like a lady now? No way! Just look at how dashingly handsome I am, how am I a lady? Please, lady, how about opening up those eyes of yours and have a better look? Can’t you see that my chest is as flat as a plateau? Yours are practically the Mount Everest of breasts in comparison!

“Based on your dignified bearing, I guessed that you were a lady of nobility.” Seeing me so shocked, the lady probably assumed that she had just seen through some clever disguise of mine and thus couldn’t help but giggle. “A beautiful, dignified girl like yourself is rare in these parts, I knew right away.”


Kill me please…

“Master…” Jezsere anxiously ran up and hugged me, having noticed my crestfallen experience. “Are you alright, master? Even if you’re a girl, Jezsere will still like you!”


Why doesn’t anyone believe me when I say I’m a guy… I just want to go cry in a corner now…

“Hmm? Did I say something wrong?” The mature lady ran over as well to check up on us. Yet just as she was contemplating where she had gone wrong, she suddenly spotted Reyage standing behind us.

“Mister Reyage? Is that Mister Reyage?” The lady practically screamed in a fashion reminiscent of a fangirl meeting her idol. And before Reyage could even respond, she had already weaved through Zurnalin and us to grab Reyage’s hands. “Your heartless man, how can you just toy with me and just leave without even cleaning up your mess…”

What the fudge?! You mean Reyage actually pulled a quickie and just left? But this is the Demoness Abode, and these are all my women… I mean, faithful. How dare he leave without paying his bills… I mean, how dare he leave without taking responsibility… The audacity! I demand satisfaction!

Yet before I could even question Reyage, our resident timid girl had already done so herself. “Big brother, you were playing games with this big sister over here? What kind of games?”

… That was… a very pure way of thinking… reminds me of the innocence I never had…

“Siri, watch what you’re saying, I don’t have any such relationship with you.” A normally stoic Reyage was now on the verge of exploding as he sternly rebuked the mature lady fluttering her eyelashes at him. “My younger sister is still here so you had better watch your tongue.”

“Oops, I must have forgotten to say that it happened in my dreams. Hehe.”


Sister, you’re lucky that it was Reyage you were teasing and not me, otherwise… hmmm… I guess it would start a bloodbath amongst the ladies?

Still… feels bad to be Reyage right now.

“Hmm?” Even up till now, Jezsere couldn’t figure what the two of them were saying. Wasn’t it just games they were talking about? “Why is everyone looking so strange?”

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“Jezsere, it has been a while.” The lady known as Siri winked at Jezsere.

“Huh? Big sister, do you know Jezsere?”

“…” Everyone immediately fell silent. Judging by how sincere she seemed, Jezsere really did not know this lady, or perhaps she just did not remember her. In all likelihood, it was the latter.

“Oh. That’s right.” Siri quickly stepped in to break the awkward silence and take the heat off Jezsere. “We haven’t formally met yet, but I’m Siri, your future sister-in-law.”

“Oh.” At that, our favourite timid girl nodded politely. “Hello, sis.”


Sometimes… I really wonder if I should open up her head and see what’s stuffed inside. Why would you believe something a random lady said?

“Siri, let’s get this straight here, we have no relationship whatsoever.” A visibly shaken Reyage first eyed me anxiously, and upon discovering the surprise on my face, quickly pulled Jezsere to himself.

Ever the airheaded one, Jezsere was still grinning like a silly rabbit as she congratulated her brother. “Big brother, when did you get married? Jezsere never knew.”
“I haven’t! And that lady isn’t your sister-in-law! She even said so herself: future… no, not even future.” Reyage said in sheer exasperation, though he quickly realised the error of his words. Reyage quickly threw me a look at that point… Don’t worry, brother, I’ve got your back.

“Jezsere, come here for a second, you can leave your brother to handle his own affairs.”

“Oh. Okay.” Jezsere, ever the obedient girl, scooted right over in an instant, leaving an unhappy Reyage to deal with Siri.

The two stared silently at each other. Right this very second, the expressions on their faces couldn’t be any more different than the other. Reyage’s face was as black as it could get while Siri was practically beaming with joy.

Faced with an unpredictable lady like her, even our cool as a cucumber Reyage couldn’t help but vent his frustrations. “I said so many times already, stop harassing me.”

“But you’re the one who came back of your own accord. I’m not the one who forced you to come back.”

“You… Fine, I’ll go.”

“Alright, off you go then.” Said Siri with a devilish smile as she waved at him. Yet Reyage never left in the end, and that only emboldened her. “Heheh. Well, why are you still here?”

“…” Reyage turned his handsome face to the side and had to grip down hard on his knuckles in order to stop himself from leaving right this instant.

Hmm… who is this Siri woman? She has some serious skills, being able to infuriate our little cool guy like that… there must be something going on between the two of them.

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Based on what I’ve seen so far, he just can’t deal with this lady. Maybe I should call for help?

It was at that point that a cold voice rang out from behind Siri. “Reyage… Jezsere…”

That voice… it’s Regine!

“Vice-leader…” Siri quickly greeted the newcomer, head bowed down and not a word more. Unlike the flippant behavior she displayed with Reyage, she was more like a mouse that was cowering before a cat.

However, Regine did not even glance in her direction as she walked up to the lady, dressed in black tights, and quietly gazed at the brother and sister pair.

Regine then swept her eyes over my “bodyguard” Zurnalin and the “black horse” Mo Ning whom I had ordered to keep quiet before entering. Finally, her eyes came to rest on me. At that moment, I could see them quiver slightly, as if they had noticed something but weren’t too sure about it.

After a good long while, she finally broke the silence, albeit in a slightly shaking voice. “Who are you?”

In actuality, being a Demoness in my service, Regine should have already sensed me the moment we came close to Plateau Village. Unfortunately, I was now transformed into a human form by my transformation magicks. My own scent was also blocked out by a high-grade magical cloak that also functioned as a temperature moderator and a defensive tool. Back when I rescued the both of them, I was still a red-skinned Devil; it was only to be expected that she wouldn’t recognise me in this form.

“It’s me.”

Having basically confirmed that Regine recognised who I was, I spread my arms wide open to welcome her. This was our long-awaited embrace of reunion.

“Master…” Now that she had confirmed my identity, her frosty demeanour immediately crumbled, revealing a stunning smile in its place… I just knew that she would recognise me, no matter how I looked like.

It’s been so many years since we’ve last met… I bet Regine has a ton of grievances to air. Don’t worry, you can cry in your master’s arms. Your master will forever be that light in the dark for the both of you!

Faced with my open-armed invitation, Regine was so touched she couldn’t help but shed tears of joy. Yet… the expected hug never came… she instead turned around and ran away without saying a word.

Errr… what? Did I do something wrong? Maybe, deep down, she hates me? Maybe those weren’t tears of joy at all? But not even a hug? Man… someone give me a hug… I just want to cry right now…

“Vice-leader?” Seeing Regine run away crying like that, Siri was just as shocked as well and began running after the girl.

You too, Siri? You too?

Just as I was about to descend into an abyss of depression, Zurnalin gently circled to the front of me and cupped my cheeks with her pearly white hands. Her beautiful face slowly closed in on my own, and just as it looked like our lips were about to make contact, I finally came to my senses and hurriedly pushed her away.

“What are you doing?”

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Geez, that was close. I almost closed my eyes there… Hold on… why am I the one closing the eyes first? I’m the guy here, she should be the one closing hers first!

Zurnalin still held my face in her hands and she was visibly confused as she said, “Master has such a beautiful face, definitely not terrifying at all, so why did those Humans run away crying like that?”

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