61 Troublesome Pervert

Water droplets fell down the roof of the church.

Iris almost heard the winter’s footsteps getting further away.

Spring was already at their doorstep.

For Iris, who was still less than one year old, this was her first spring.

Nevertheless, the newfound warmth was always welcome.

「It’s so much better to sleep when you don’t have to fight the cold all the time. Aah, so nice…..」

Iris opened her eyes to watch the rising sun before closing them again.

「Iris, let’s go play outside. There is only so much snow left. Let’s have the final snowfight~」

「This is our last chance! Let’s go outside!」


Eclipse and Muriel pulled on her blanket trying to get in the way of her second nap.

Punigami also jiggled in agreement.

「Un……I’m in a mood for a little nap…….」

「How long is a little?」

「……Until noon or so」

「No ja? Can you really get up once it’s noon?」


Iris didn’t have much confidence in herself but decided to put up a strong front to reassure them.

「Yay! Did you hear that, Punigami? She’s going to wake up at noon. Let’s all play pranks if she doesn’t~」


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「I have so many ideas」

The three seemed to be looking forward to it.

Iris regretted making a hasty promise.

However, none of that would matter once she wakes up at noon.

It’s not I’m sleep deprived. I can get up any time I want.

I’m simply not in the right mood.

Therefore, when they come at noon once again I’ll easily wake up. Probably.

「We’ll be playing outside until noon. Be sure to wake up, okay~?」


「Punigami, Muriel, let’s go to the village」


「This Mistress shall snow you an ultimate snowball of them all」

Eclipse, Punigami, and Muriel went outside.

Having seen them off, Iris pulled the blanket over her head.

Sleeping under a fluffy blanket. A pinnacle of happiness.

Even still, so many things happened over this winter.

The original goddess’ revival.

A visit from an inquisitor.

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Meeting with the neighboring Guardian Deity.

Udon party.

Fighting the perpetrator behind Muriel’s seal.

For a shut-in such as Iris, this winter was way too busy.

Let’s relieve the accumulated fatigue over the course of this spring.

Not so much as hibernation but deep sleep.

Having decided so, Iris proceeded directly to execute the plan.

However, Eclipse and the rest, who went outside just a moment ago, came back in a panic.


Punigami being the prime example of said panic.

As swift as the wind, he jumped onto the bed and clung to Iris.


「Eh, what is it? What’s happening?」

Failing to comprehend the situation, Iris hugged Punigami and directed her gaze to Eclipse and Muriel.

「There is trouble!」

「Pervert! It’s a pervert!」

「Trouble」 says Eclipse, 「pervert」says Muriel.

Those words do sound similar though, not that it matters at the moment. 1

Still clueless, Iris tilted her head.

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「Puni! Punini! Punipuni!」

「Hm? A pervert came to the village and caused trouble……?」


「That pervert touched your body with an indecent gleam in her eyes as she drooled!? Even going as far as licking you?! We have a tremendous pervert in our land! Muriel, Eclipse, are you okay?!」

「We are fine~」

「Punigami was the only victim」

「Eeh!? A pervert that only has eyes for Punigami……is that even a pervert?」

Iris thought there was a dangerous molester on the loose.

However, the girls didn’t catch her attention, the slime did.

She felt pity for Punigami, but as long as the girls weren’t assaulted it was acceptable.


「Ah, sorry. You’ve been through a lot, Punigami. Still, that pervert…..what did she try to achieve by touching Punigami?」

「This Mistress thinks that touching Punigami was the true goal. She suddenly came at us with an ecstatic face, latched onto Punigami, and tried to lick him. This Mistress chose to gallantly rescue Punigami and escape here 」

「I was too surprised to do anything~. Punigami might’ve still been in danger if not for Muriel」


Punigami readily sang praises to Muriel.

Apparently, the pervert was that dangerous.

「Anyway, is this pervert still in the village?」

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「She probably is. Having safely secured Punigami, we now can deliver divine justice!」

「Divine justice~!」

「Indeed. I shall personally protect Punigami, the pervert is all yours」

Iris dragged Punigami under the blanket and turned him into a hugging pillow.

At that moment, the door of the church opened with a bang.

An unfamiliar girl came inside.

With black hair braided into pigtails, she looked like a serious kind.

Her age was about fifteen years old.

She had no distinctive features, save for a slime behind her.

Its size was about the same as Punigami’s but pink in color.


The moment Punigami saw the girl, he dug under the blanket in horror.

Iris followed suit.

After all, she was in the presence of a stranger.

「Here comes the pervert!」

「Did you come to bully Punigami again? You can’t do that~」

Oh my.

The girl looked nothing but ordinary but turned out to be the rumored pervert.

For Punigami’s sake, she had to go away.


「Strangers are scary…..」


The usual Punigami would’ve said something like「pathetic」, but today they were on the same page in that regard.


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