60 Great Demon King First Time in a While

A subordinate requested a meeting with the Great Demon King as he was busy lamenting his idleness.

「It’s been a while, Great Demon King-sama」

「Oh…..Development Head! It’s been a while indeed!」

The same elderly demon who created Iris and Eclipse.

He didn’t see that guy since his last『Ultimate Biological Weapon』.

「What were you doing these days? You probably put a lot of your personal time into developing a new biological weapon. Admirable」

「No, I’ve been playing with my grandchildren because it’s cold outside」

「……I see」

Great Demon King thought of rebuking him, but he didn’t leave the castle either, so he wasn’t in the position to do that.

Instead, he suppressed himself and took a deep breath.

「Well, Development Head. Since you came here in such a cold that must mean you have something to report」

「I thought of a way to capture or, if necessary, eliminate Iris-sama and Eclipse-sama. This time for sure」

「Your confidence proved to be far away from reality…..however, since it’s you, I shall at least hear you out」

「This attitude is somewhat irritating. I’m leaving」

「Stop right there! It’s my fault. Please tell me」

「Great Demon King-sama. You must be quite bored since no one comes. I recommend reining that arrogance in」

「Hm……I was wrong」

Thought he felt somewhat unresigned as he said that.

「So? What’s your foolproof plan?」

「Numbers. The battle is a game of numbers. I’ve been trying to create one strongest unit before but couldn’t quite get it right」

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「Hoh. A reasonable opinion. In other words, create multiple biological weapons and send them…..where was that again? Silverlight Barony? Nice idea!」

「Exactly. As perceptive as I expect of Great Demon King to be!」

「Hahaha! Who do you think I am? The King of Demons, Great Demon King Berberos!」

Great Demon King laughed out loud.

While Development Head stood there with a smug face.

「Alright. I understand the concept. How many are were talking about?」

「First and foremost, let’s analyze the combat power of Silverlight Barony. As a matter of course, I should begin with Iris-sama and Eclipse-sama」

「Yeah. Those two are much stronger than everyone else. With them on our side, we can lay waste to humanity in a day」

「Let’s stop crying over the spilled milk. After them, there are dragons. They have powerful dragon breath on top of their huge size. These four are the main fighting force of Silverlight Barony」

「On the second look, the power is too concentrated for a single small village. Perhaps we should start elsewhere」

「You can’t shy away from this. When it comes to destroying humanity, we are destined to clash with Iris-sama and Eclipse-sama one day. Might as well settle this first. If everything goes well, those two might even join us」

「I see. There are four opponents, which means five biological weapons should suffice. If even one wins, the balance will tip into our favor」

「No, no, Great Demon King-sama. Overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer. 1. Let’s send six!」

「Oh! This will work for sure! But will we manage to create the whole six of them?」

「Leave that to me. My grandchildren lifted my spirits. Besides, it’s not the first one. This time I’ll manage even faster」

「How reliable!」

「Well, I might have to sacrifice quality a bit」

「…..Well, the battle is a game of numbers after all. It’s better to make a few average ones instead of fussing over every single one」

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「I’m going to start right away, please look forward to the project’s completion!」

Having said so, he left the throne room.

For some reason.

Great Demon King couldn’t help but be anxious.

No, it was justified.

Considering none of the previous project succeeded.

However, with six of them going against four it should produce at least some results.


「No ja. Oden is indeed the best when it’s cold」

「Ufufu, I’m glad you like it so much」

Muriel, who was invited to Jessica’s house was busy eating steaming hot oden with a happy face.

Of course. Muriel wasn’t the only one invited.

Iris, Eclipse, Punigami. Sheryl.


「Never thought I’d one day go to all the way here for some oden」

The Guardian Deity of Cunningham Viscounty – Roshe.

I’m hosting an oden party so call Roshe-chan too, Jessica told the Three Pillars

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Hafu, hafu…….It’s sad you can’t get many ingredients in this village but it turned out surprisingly well」

Sheryl said as she munched on some radish.

Exactly as she said, they could only procure potatoes locally at the moment.

Wheat would be added to the roster next year, but that is a matter for another time.

People are also growing chickens, cows, and pigs.

The chicken meat used in this oden comes from the village.

「How good having every ingredient here would be? munchmunch

「Hey, hey. Can I add chocolate to oden?」

「Of course not, Eclipse. It’s a bit too incompatible」

Marion immediately rejected Eclipse’s proposal.

「Just a little test~」

「Some things are obvious without any tests. If you insist, you can drink some soup with chocolate in your mouth」


「Didn’t I tell you?」

Marion faced Eclipse with the face of a winner.


Punigami came next to Iris and asked for oden.

「Wait a second. Which do you want?」

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「Chikuwa? Alright……is it even a vegetable? Is anyone bothered by it?」

Iris saw chikuwa for the first time in her life and couldn’t help but doubt.

「Mn? You don’t know? It’s made of fish. Definitely not a vegetable」

「Oh, so it’s made by people. You sure know a lot, Roshe. Are you a chikuwa enthusiast?」

「No……it’s not a great piece of knowledge, you know……?」

「I see」

Iris nodded while deeply impressed.


「Sorry, here is your chikuwa」


「Too hot? Come to think of it, you do have a cat’s tongue. Not like I know where your tongue is……fuu…..better?」


「Still hot? Then time for some magical cooling. Here」


「It’s delicious but it looks even better when it’s hot? Are you going to try one?」


「I see…..a challenge」

To grant his wish, Iris pushed a piece of chikuwa inside Punigami.

「Puni!? Punininini!」

「Wawawa, don’t struggle so much. You brought it upon yourself!」


「Sorry, I’ve said too much…….still, your body isn’t something that can withstand hot oden」

Just like fish that can’t live on land.

Just like birds that can’t live underwater.

Slimes aren’t made to eat hot oden.

「Sorry, Punigami-chan. I forgot about your cat’s tongue. I’ll make you something cold and delicious next time around, okay?」


「Don’t mind」he sent the apologizing Jessica some words of encouragement.

Just as they were in the middle of their party, a few presences approached the village.

「Six……something is coming from six different directions」

「Big sis, aren’t they biological weapons?」

「Six biological weapons!? W-What should we do!? We have to evacuate somewhere…….awawa」

「Relax, Sheryl. There are six enemies. And there are…..This Mistress, Iris, Eclipse, Jessica, Marion……and Roshe! Six of us. Easy-peasy」

「My my. To be forced to fight in the middle of the oden party」

「Isn’t it fine? Friends should help each other」

「Fine, I guess. Father gave this village a fair share of trouble. Might as well help out a bit」

Despite what she said, she didn’t look all that reluctant.

She had a chance to repay a favor and was rather happy about it.

「Enough! They shan’t be forgiven for disturbing our party!」

「Mother is mad! Heee……I pity our enemies……」


「Punigami are Sheryl are watching the house」


「Punigami-sama. Let’s practice eating steaming hot oden while they are busy fighting」

With everything settled, six faced against six.2

There was a squid-like one amongst them, so it was turned into oden ingredients as an experiment.3

Everyone was reluctant at first but it turned out rather nicely.

「Is there another one out there somewhere?」

Iris whispered as she looked at the sky.

「I hope it’s a cow-type biological weapon next. We’ll make a beef stew」

Or so Jessica said.

It’s a scary village if you think of it.

「About the squid-type biological weapon. Apparently, it was cut to pieces and eaten by Iris on a spur of a moment, Great Demon King-sama」

「That’s pretty amazing, you know!?」


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  2. And so it begins!
  3. And so it ends!

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