52 Licking Festival

The inquisitor of the Great Temple of Divine Will looked through the information in the headquarters.1

She was searching for the records regarding Silverlight Barony.

However, the archives were rather badly organized on top of Silverlight Barony being abandoned or two hundred years. She had a hard time finding relevant material.

But Katie finally managed to find a thin file regarding Silverlight Barony

Apparently, the first Silverlight Baron was an outstanding knight and received the territory three hundred years ago as a reward for his efforts against monster threats.

Silverlight Barony put a lot of effort into cultivating apples.

The neighboring Cunningham Viscounty had been in the same trade for longer, but its sales fell short of Silverlight Barony.

However, from a certain year onwards, Silverlight Barony failed to obtain great harvests due to irregular weather.

On top of that, the water source dried up and the land followed suit, which brought us to the present day.

Thanks to that, the apple sales of Cunningham Viscounty reached their previous values.2

「Suspicious….extremely suspicious!」

Katie’s glasses shone brightly as she looked through the file.3

Katie’s intuition told her there was something suspicious with Cunningham Viscounty.

However, she had no idea what that was, so there was a need for her to personally investigate.

She felt uneasy about doing it alone and decided to enlist help in Silverlight Barony.

「…..And here I am」

「I see. Were you to come a bit sooner, you wouldn’t have missed on udon」

「What? Udon?」

「Ah, you don’t know about udon. You are so behind the times」

Iris answered halfheartedly as she lied on her bed.

Katie, who sat in the chair, expressed her lack of understanding.


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「You had no idea about udon before going to Wagaka village yourself though」 Punigami, as Iris’ pillow, answered in exasperation.

However, such a thing didn’t matter.

Only present held importance.

Iris knew about udon, Katie didn’t.

Therefore, Iris had the right to be smug.

「I’m not sure how should I face discrimination on the food basis. More importantly, apples! Apples!」

「Apple are good too, but I want some chocolate~」

Muttered Eclipse as she rolled on the very same bed.

「Yes, here some chocolate」

Sheryl, who was sitting on the edge of the bed, pulled out chocolate from her pocket.

「Yay. Munch munch……yummy~」

「Ah, Eclipse-chan is so adorable! I almost want to eat Eclipse-chan who eats her chocolate!」

「I don’t think I’m that tasty though~?」

「I wonder about that. Let’s try it. Licklick~~」

「Hiyaa, it tickles」

「Hey, Sheryl! What are you doing to my sister!」

「I’m licking her cheek, nothing much!」

「I can see that! I’m telling you to stop!」

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「Understood. In that case, I’ll lick Iris-sama」

「Eh? Stop….hiyaa, it tickles!」

「Sister Iris is so cute. Then I’ll lick the other cheek」

「You too, Eclipse!? Someone save me!」

The moment Iris screamed on top of her lungs, the door of the church opened with a bang and Marion rushed inside with great momentum.

「What’s happened, Iris!? The scream just now…..what is this situation?」

「As you can see, I’m under an assault of Eclipse and Sheryl」

「How enviable…..I mean, sloppy! Stop this instant!」

「But Iris is so cute……」

「Yes, I can’t agree more. We aren’t at fault. Iris-sama is unbearably cute」

Sheryl said with a serious face.

「Um……you might be right…..」

Marion tilted her head and muttered lacking in confidence.

「No, don’t be deceived, Marion! Sheryl’s logic is twisted! Save me!」

「Ah, sorry! I’m going to save you now!」

Marion jumped on the bed, threw Sheryl away and put Eclipse in a Nelson hold.

「Mumu. I can’t lick Iris like that~」

「You don’t have to! Sisters aren’t something you lick!」

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「Is that so? Do you not want to lick Iris?」

Innocently asked Eclipse.

Unlike Sheryl and Jessica, who ask such things to tease, Eclipse was genuinely interested.

Which made it rather embarrassing to answer.

「I-I don’t want to lick her a-a-at all!」

Marion immediately stuttered.


Eclipse looked at her in suspicion.

At that time. Sheryl made a sudden comeback by circling behind Marion and licking the tip on her tail.


「Umu…..that’s the taste of lie」

「Really? I’ll try too」

「Sure, go on」

「Licklick……I don’t understand」

「You have to try harder than this」

「Is that so? Licklick」

Led by Sheryl, Eclipse kept licking her tail.

「Ticklish! Stoooop it, save me mother!」

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Marion escaped the church on the verge of crying.

「Excuse me……isn’t it about time to hear me out?」

Katie, who stayed silent until now, cautiously asked.

Iris completely forgot she was present.

「……You could’ve saved me from this licking hell anytime, you know?」

「No, with my power it wasn’t possible…..besides, you looked happy despite the thing you’ve said….」

「There’s no way that’s true!」


Even Punigami voiced his doubts.

Why was she doubted?

There’s no way something like that is pleasant.

She felt ticklish and disgusting…..supposedly.

However, the more she thought the more she felt strange, so she changed the topic and decided to hear Katie out.


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  2. Smells like a conspiracy, fumu.
  3. Log Horizon, anyone?

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