51 This is Udon!

Iris, Punigami, and Sheryl on top of Marion.

Eclipse, Muriel, and Maruka on top of Jessica headed to the cave.

The cave was located relatively close, so they chose not to fly.

It was enough for dragons to simply roll it with their front legs.

「See, that. That’s the cave’s entrance」

Maruka pointed ahead of her from Jessica’s back.

There was a hole in a cliff in a place she pointed at.

Large enough for a dragon to fit through.

Much less snowballs.

「Marion. You’re almost there. Do your best」

「Un……rolling it with just the front legs is unexpectedly exhausting……」

「How about pushing it with your hind legs?」


「That’s what dung beetles do!」

With a furious cry, Marion pushed the snowball into the cave.

Jessica followed right after.

Once they did their job, the dragons transformed into humans and breathed in relief.

「It’s hot outside but it’s cool in this cave」

Said Sheryl while impressed.

「It’s quite comfortable here. This Mistress almost wants to live here」

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「Are you going to quit being the Guardian Deity of the Silverlight Barony, Muriel? You’ve done your part. Leave the rest to me and Eclipse」

「Even though we became friends. Too bad」

「I-I won’t quit! This Mistress shall protect the Silverlight Barony!」

Muriel denied in a hurry.

「Hey, hey. Can I take a bit of snow home?」

Muttered Maruka as she stood before the snowball.

「How much?」

「Un…..this much!」

Maruka drew a circle in the air a size bigger than herself.

Compared to the snowball it was indeed “a bit”, but it wasn’t something you can easily carry in your arms.

For normal humans that is.

「Everyone, step aside for a second. I’m going to cut it……ei!」

Iris put magical power in her arm and carved a block with her handsword.

She further cut it in easy to carry pieces.

Every piece put together should be about enough to fulfill Maruka’s request.

「Amazing! Not only dragons, but Iris is also strong!」

「S-Something like that……」

Iris blushed as she was praised.

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Then she carried the snow blocks to the village together with everyone.

She felt cold, but with Giga Inferno Flame’s protection, it wasn’t a problem.

「By the way, Maruka-chan. What are you going to use this snow for?」

Asked Sheryl.

「To boil udon. You’ve helped us all, so you must stay for udon!」

「Udon, is it?」

Apparently, 『udon』is a type of food.

Perhaps a specialty of this village.

「I’m home」

Screamed Maruka as they neared the village.

Her parents and the village head were waiting for her there.

「Oh, Maruka! Did you guide them properly?」

「Nice work, Maruka. You’re our pride」

「Mou. You’re exaggerating, mother, father. I’ve only gone there and back」

「Umu. Maruka has always been a responsible child. I wasn’t worried at all. That being said…… is it snow you are carrying?」

「Un. I wanted to treat everyone some udon!」

The moment Maruka said udon, her parents gently smiled.

「I see. You are our benefactors. Treating you with udon is the least we can do」

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「Village head. Let’s have an udon party this evening」

「Umu. Very well. You’ve heard her. How about staying overnight in our village and eat some udon? I’ve never tried udon boiled with melted snow water myself」

Having said that, the village head swallowed.

This udon must be quite tasty.

Iris and the rest swallowed in anticipation.

「I understand. Then we shall impose on your hospitality」

Sheryl selfishly accepted. However, no one was against it.

Their heads were already full of udon.

They had no idea what kind of food that was but since Maruka and the rest recommended it so much.

It had to be good.

Udon seemed to be a noodle dish made of wheat flour.

A relative of pasta, you could say.

The villagers gathered in the center of the village and boiled udon in a ridiculously large pot.

It didn’t look like their first udon party.

Both, the elderly and the children participated.

However, only boiling wasn’t enough to surprise Iris.

But then they washed udon in cold water.

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While they were at it, the village head gave instructions.

Then they warmed udon in the hot water and put it in a bowl together with soup.

「…..I can see how the water shortage can happen」

Muttered Iris.

「There is no other way. To prepare delicious udon one must not be stingy with water!」

Replied Maruka as she slurped udon to her side.

Iris answered half-heartedly as she tasted her own udon.

Iris was puzzled at the udon eating technique at first, but it was surprisingly easy.

Chopsticks are rather convenient once you get used to them. 1

It went well with udon.


Tasty. Tasty indeed.

No wonder Maruka bragged so much, it’s taste was above Iris’ expectations.

However, the way they use water……

No, udon must be essential for this village’s survival.

More so than water.

That’s why water shortage was inevitable.



Punigami, who was Iris’ chair, wanted to try udon too.

「Ah, sorry. Wait a second…… Here, Punigami」

Punigami didn’t like hot food, so Iris blew at it before spilling it at Punigami’s body.

Punigami took udon inside and dissolved it.


Apparently, udon felt good even for slimes.

He wobbled in delight.

It lessened his capability as a chair, but Iris felt happy when her friends were happy.

Therefore, she fed him more.

Then, Punigami’s body color changed for blue to white.

「Here you are, Iris. As antisocial as always…..」

Marion walked closer with a bowl.

As Marion said, Iris was further…..no, much further away from everyone else.

After all, the majority of people were concentrated near the pot.

They had fun in their own loud ways, so Iris couldn’t possibly join.

「Because you looked lonely, I’m going to eat together with you」

Maruka said with a smug face.

「I see….thanks Maruka. For taking care of Iris」

「I-I’m not lonely! Punigami is with me so it’s okay!」

「Iris. I think having a slime as your only friend says a lot by itself. You need some human friends too」

Lectured Maruka.


Punigami too wobbled in agreement.

「No, no, no. I have friends besides Punigami. Like Marion!」

「Marion is a dragon. Do you have any non-monster friends?」


Iris was at a loss of words.

Indeed, Marion was a dragon, as well as her mother, Jessica.

Eclipse is a demonic biological weapon, Muriel is a Guardian Deity.

Which leaves.

「Sheryl is a human. See, I have proper human friends」

「You thought so much and only one came out」2


Iris honestly nodded.

「Then I’ll be your friend. So you have to come and play again」

「Alright……Maruka is a good girl」

「You are welcome. You should talk with others more when you come again」

「……I’ll try」

She answered in a small voice.

「You should try harder than that」


Marion and Punigami spoke in exasperation.

But for Iris talking with strangers was a big hurdle to overcome.

After all, not every human is a nice person.

They also tend to die to monsters and demons due to the difference in abilities. 3

They have to be treated with care.

More than anything, the notion of humans being scary was firmly imprinted in her mind.

She couldn’t do much about it.

Iris’ illness could only be cured in a century.

「Iris-sama, how about more udon? Ei!」

「Udon is tasty, Iris. Next after chocolate!」

「The world is vast. One day, we’ll be able to eat udon in the Silverlight Barony」

「Fufu. Should I open an udon shop?」

The rest came to Iris’ place.

Everyone seems to like udon.

「Eveyone become prisoners of udon. It’s tasty though…..maybe we should eat it like once a month?」

She would have to talk to people if she comes again.

Even so, udon is tasty and she had to get used to having conversations, or so she thought.

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  1. Food chapters always feel 5 times harder for me to translate for some reason
  2. One is plenty in my personal opinion.
  3. Yeah, we usually die when killed.

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