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47 Flying South

「「Henshin! Gyaoon!」」1

Early in the morning.

The dragons transformed into their dragon forms outside the village and raised a roar.

To be exact, they simply undid their human transformation……but they spent most of their time in human form. Perhaps the human form could be considered their true form right now.

「Cold! Cause the body surface became bigger it feels even colder……!」

「Iris, warm me up!」

Jessica and Marion trembled.

Even the ground trembled due to their size.

「Give me a second. Giga Inferno Flame!」

The moment Iris released magical power at Marion

「Giga Inferno Flame」

Eclipse did the same for Jessica

「Aah…….here it comes. Thank you, Eclipse-chan, Iris-chan」

「I’m saved. I was about to hibernate right here」

The dragons let out a voice of relief.

On the side, the Lord, Sheryl stood with hands on her hips saying「that would be troubling」.

「If you suddenly hibernate here, the villagers wouldn’t mind, but the outsiders might be confused. It’s not my problem if you become a subjugation target」

「But I feel so sleepy when it’s cold. It’s a natural feeling for red dragons. Right, Marion?」

「Yes. Can’t do anything about it」

Even the stubborn Marion said so, perhaps it’s nothing something they could solve with guts and effort.

「Hear me, dragons! In the name of Muriel, the Guardian Deity! Carry the snowballs!」

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「Yes, yes, you don’t need to tell me twice」

「Fufu, then I’ll take this one」

The dragons spread their wings and landed on their respective snowballs.

Then they grabbed the snowballs with their four legs and took off.

「On, they are in the air! Amazing power!」

「Amazing! Marion and Jessica are amazing!」

Muriel and Eclipse raised a voice of admiration as they jumped up and down.

「Fufufu……this is the power of dragons……!」

Marion seemed quite happy.

Iris felt a sudden urge to tease her.

「I know you are happy to be praised, but you don’t have to become so red…….」

「That’s how red dragons are originally!」

「Thanks for a proper retort」

Marion always responds to her expectations, what a great existence she is.

She felt at ease just by talking to her.

Please stay as you are, Marion.

「It’s about time we depart」

「Right. Let’s hurry for the sake of thirsty!」

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On Marion’s back, there were Iris, Sheryl, and Punigami.

Eclipse and Muriel climbed on Jessica’s back.

With the two snowballs in tow, the dragons rose in the air and flew south.

Wagaka village being their destination point.

A medium-sized village located south.

For a certain reason, this village is always short on water, but this year proved to be especially harsh.

Quite some distance from the Silverlight Barony.

Having confirmed its position on the map yesterday, they should arrive about noon, considering their flying speed.

「Hey, Marion. Your speed is dropping. Do your best」


「Fight, Marion-san!」

「It’s easy for you to cheer from my back…..try carrying this thing and fly at the same time!」

Marion roared in anger as she said so.

「Un, then I’ll use stamina recovery magic」

Iris put her hand on Marion’s back and channeled her magical power.

「Oh, it somehow works! Do it again!」


「Here it comes! I feel energetic again!」

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Marion flapped her wings even more vigorously than the moment they started their journey.

「Ara, amazing. Eclipse-chan. Can I get on of those too?」

「Okay. Ei!」

「Aah……this feels good. Wish I could feel that after cleaning or washing」

「Then I’ll do it again later」

「Thank you, Eclipse-chan. How about becoming my child?」

「I’m your only child! You’re speaking like an old woman!」

「I’m not old at all! See, I’m faster than you!  Your mother is still young!」

It seems the age was a forbidden topic for Jessica.

She accelerated even further to prove her youthfulness.

Leaving Marion far behind.

「Too fast, mother!」

「Marion, you can’t lose here」

「B-But it’s mother we are talking about!」

「Don’t whine. Now is the time to surpass your parents! Come on, I’ll supply the magical power」

「Aaah, it’s too much! If you give me so much……ah, my body acts on its own!」

Marion closed in on Jessica with a speed no less of hers.

With some amazing squall.

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「Uwaa, uwaaaa!」

Sheryl screamed as she clung to Iris.


Punigami too transformed into tentacles and wrapped himself around Iris’ arms and legs to fight the wind pressure.2

「D-Don’t touch there, it tickles……ahiyahiyahiya!」

Sheryl and Punigami didn’t have the intention, but she felt unbearably ticklish nonetheless.

She pushed them away with her elbows having them grab the scales instead.

「Hey there. Don’t pull on the scales so hard. What are you going to do if they come off? I’ll bleed, you know?」

「It’s alright. It’s just a temporary measure. You’re red anyways, it won’t be noticeable even if you bleed」

「The color is not the problem here!」

Ignoring the noisy Marion, Iris made a bubble-like spherical barrier. Then she wrapped herself, Sheryl, and Punigami inside of it and fixed it on Marion’s back.

「You can let go on the scales. There is no wind anymore. With the barrier, you won’t be able to fall even if you want to」

「Oh, amazing, Iris-sama! This barrier is even soft.」


Punigami’s soft body hit the soft barrier.

Both of them were springy so it made for a great synergy.

「Having fun on my back……unfair! I want to join!」

「I’ll make another barrier some other time. For now, just focus of flying」

「Uu…’s a promise!」

Having said so, Marion stabilized herself in the air.

She forcibly accelerated on Iris’ doping before, but it took a while for her to be able to control her speed.

Jessica too accelerated thanks to Eclipse, there was also a similar bubble on her back.

As a matter of course, Muriel and Eclipse had a fun time playing inside.

「Hey. It became somewhat warmer. You can dispel Giga Inferno Flame now」

As Marion said, there was no snow on the ground anymore.

On the contrary, the ground was green as if was summer.

As if time itself reverted back.

「It seems so. I should cast Giga Cocytus Blizzard on the snowballs instead」

「…..Cold! The snowball is cold! Use it once again on my legs!」

「What a difficult request……」

It was difficult to simultaneously warm her limbs and cool the snowball.

Even then, she still had the leeway to play inside the barrier.

Using multiple spells on top of doing other things, for Iris it was as easy as eating the breakfast.

Eventually, the saw a sea while playing around.

「Amazing! It’s crystal clear! The sand on the beach is white!」

As Sheryl said, it resembled summer in any way possible.

Iris too was a little sweaty.

She thought of using Giga Cocytus Blizzard on herself but came up with a better way.

「In such situations hugging Punigami is the best!」


Punigami’s body is always cool.

She survived this summer precisely because of Punigami.

This 『somewhat hot』temperature was nothing.

「U-Unfair, Iris-sama. I shall use Punigami-sama to cool down too」


「Somewhat stifling」blurted Punigami while being hugged on both sides by Iris and Sheryl.

「Iris. There is a village near the shore. Is this Wagaka village?」

Asked Marion while looking below.

「Probably……uh, there are people there….」

「It’s a village, of course, there are people, What are you even talking about?」

「But…….strangers, scary」

「Then why did you volunteer to carry the snowballs?」

「Water shortage sounded urgent……couldn’t leave them alone」

「You are too good of a demon……should we land in the village?」

「W-Wait… heart isn’t ready……can we just drop them from the sky and leave?」

「You can’t! That’s suspicious as hell! They will definitely panic!」

「Is that so?」

She knew perfectly well it was the right village, but pretended not to know since she didn’t want to go there.

「They are already in a panic though. Everyone is running around while looking at us. They might catch insomnia unless we explain the circumstances」

Said Sheryl with a serious face.

「I guess that’s what happens when there are dragons circling above your village…….uuuu, can’t help it…….prepare for landing, Marion…….ugu, my stomach hurts!」

「You’re so against it…..should I land slowly?」

「Don’t be so cruel! Do it swiftly!」


Marion dived towards the ground.

Following after her, Jessica made a dive as well.

The villagers scattered in all directions like ants.

From their perspective, the two dragons suddenly attacked the village, nothing surprising here.


  1. As a fan of Kamen Rider series, I refuse to translate henshin (transform) =)
  2. Lewd?

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