48 Wawawa!

「For now, leave the snowballs outside the village. Then how about Jessica-san and Marion-san transform into humans? I don’t think they’ll talk with us otherwise」

「You’re right. Even so, Sheryl. You’re saying something decent for a change」

Marion said something inconsiderate.

「How mean, I’m always proper! Besides, we can’t count on Iris-sama right bow, so I have to work hard…..」

「Humans are scary, humans are scary…….」

Iris pushed her face into Punigami as she trembled.

After all, she was about to be surrounded by strangers and would have to explain the situation to them.

She was close to the boiling point just by thinking about it.


「Even if you say that…….」

Unless all the people in the world suddenly turn into idiots like Sheryl, she won’t be able to face them calmly.

Especially the kind known as grannies, they tend to talk to you without any reason whatsoever. 1

A being to be feared.

「Mother, let’s leave the snowballs here」

「Then let’s stack them vertically to make a snowman. Ei」

Jessica put her snowball on top of Marion’s.

「Yay! A snowman! Thank you, Jessica!」

Eclipse ran around in joy on Jessica’s back.

After all, she truly looked forward to making a snowman but held back for the sake of the village.

Thanks to Jessica’s wits, the snowman has finally been completed.

She knew the village is going to use it as water but was happy nonetheless.

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「Fufu, you’re welcome. I’m happy when Eclipse-chan is happy」

「Jessica is kind. Like everyone’s mother」

「Ara, thank you. That means you all are my daughters」

「I-I’m the only true daughter!」

「Mou, Marion is such a spoiled child」

「T-That’s not a problem……..I only made the relationships clear…….let’s transform into humans already!」

Marion screamed to divert the attention and released light from her body.

She transformed back into a girl……..however, she forgot to let Iris and the rest get down.

Therefore, Iris and the rest formed a human tower on her small body.

「G-Get down already!」

Marion was pretty strong even in her human form, so she could handle this much.

However, carrying two people and slime on her back wasn’t exactly comfortable.

「Were you to tell us to get down before transforming, we would have done it long ago」

「Y-You should be aware of that!」

This dragon wants too much.

Punigami was the first to jump down with Iris and Sheryl landing on him a moment later.

While they were at it, Jessica too turned human.

For some reason, Eclipse on top of her.

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「Arara. You stayed on my back on purpose, Eclipse-chan」

「Because I wanted a ride」

「This Mistress tried really hard to get down by herself, Eclipse is a cheater. But you’re cute, so I forgive you」

Muriel had a hard time getting down the dragon’s back despite being a Guardian Deity.

Yet she forgave Eclipse just like that, her cuteness was indeed god-level.

「Iris-sama, how are we going to explain it to the villagers? Where are they anyway?」

As Sheryl pointed out, there were no people around.

Perhaps the got scared by the dragon and ran away somewhere.


「Yes, We have to find some people first………I leave everything in your capable hands!」

「……Are you not going to search, Iris-sama?」

「You know, someone has to guard the snowballs」

「Let’s look around together, Iris」

「It’s impossible, Eclipse. She would run away the moment she senses any」

「As expected of Marion. You are absolutely right!」

「……You shouldn’t be proud here」

「No, I’m just happy to have such understanding friends……」

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The moment Iris said that, Marion instantly turned red.

Iris too realized that she said an incredibly embarrassing thing and her face became hot.

「Wawawa! That didn’t happen! I didn’t say anything!」

That being said, everyone heard her perfectly, so there was no turning back.

Pressured by the reality, she buried her face in Punigami.

「Where should I hide my face!? Where should I hide my face!?」

Marion too had a fit.

「Punigami-chan’s body is big, so it should be enough for one more person」

「I-I see!」

Marion followed her mother’s advice and buried her face in Punigami too.

Due to that, Marion and Iris met each other in the middle of him.


Escapism brought them together which in turn created even more embarrassment.

Iris felt so embarrassed she wanted to disappear. Iris lost her mind as she ran away in a random direction.

Marion dashed the opposite way judging by the screams.


「Iris, wait! Where are you going!?」

Punigami and Eclipse chased after them.

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Iris herself didn’t know where she was going, so she chose not to answer.


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