45 Apple Pie

「Apples are this town’s specialty. Of course, you can eat them as they are, but making something like an apple pie would be much better. We have plenty here, so don’t hold yourself back」

Iris and the rest, who were invited into the church, received an apple pie and tea.

It was a sister-san from the church who brought it.

Iris was about to scream「Human!」but she held herself back for it would’ve been rude.

Fortunately, she was the silent type and it ended up without a conversation.

How fortunate.

「Tasty! As tasty as chocolate!」

Eclipse spoke with her mouth stuffed completely with the apple pie.

It was time to scold her for the lack of manners, but she looked too adorable to be scolded.

「It’s delicious. I’m making sweets as a hobby but this is a bit above my level」

「The Cunningham Viscounty has always been famous for its apples. That being said, the Silverlight Barony didn’t lose by too much in that regard」

「Ah, I’ve heard about it from my father. But there are no apple trees anymore…….but if we do plant some, we would be able to harvest delicious apples! After all, it’s a land filled with Iris-sama and Eclipse-sama’s magical power!」

Sheryl took another piece with great expectations all over her face.

「That’s it, that’s what I wanted to talk about. Iris and your little sister, Eclipse, right? Who are you?」


The Guardian Deity of this town, Roshe, smiled and directed her inquisitive eyes at them.

She successfully deceived the inquisitor that came some time ago.

However, that’s because she’s an idiot.

Roshe seemed rather intelligent.

A casual answer won’t be able to deceive her.

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「Iris and Eclipse are the Guardian Deities together with This Mistress. Iris was the one to resurrect This Mistress. She should be praised」

「Oh, is that so…….I do indeed sense divine presence from them」

Said Roshe with interest.

Eclipse tilted her head with a confused face.

「Divine presence? From Big Sister Iris and me?」

「Yes. You are cherished by the people of the Silverlight Barony greatly 」

Come to think of it, the inquisitor, Katie, said something along those lines.

She let it slide the last time……..but perhaps something inside her changed because of people’s faith.

「But there is something much more powerful than divine presence present in you. There are plenty of exceptions when a human becomes a god……..aren’t you a rare specimen?」

「Did you recognize our identity…….?」

「Yes. But it’s alright. I don’t plan to spread it. Well, even if I do spread the news, only selected few would be interested」

「As expected of a goddess……defeated in one hit……」

While feeling impressed, Iris also thought of the demons back at the Kurifot continent as pitiful.

If a demon becomes a Guardian Deity of a neighboring territory, no one minds it.

No one hates demons anymore.

No one cares enough.

If the demon race suddenly migrates here in its entirety, it might actually go quite smoothly.

「There are many kinds of gods. A former demon becoming a god is not that strange. Enough about that, when did you become a Guardian Deity, Roshe?」

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「Right after you disappeared. Father ascended to become a god in Heaven, so I inherited his position」

「I see. So Gashe went to Heaven. In the past, we competed with our apples every year. This Mistress wants to try once again」

「Visit me again in a few decades. At that time, everything would be possible」

「Looking forward to it. Sheryl. We are going to revive the apple gardens. Next time, This Mistress shall win」

「Yes, as you wish!」

「Sure, I won’t lose.」

Replied Roshe with expectation.


Punigami, colored as an apple pie, raised his voice.

「Ah, okay. It’s time we come home. We still have to finish the snowman」

「I see. You were pushing those snowballs to make a snowman. What a dynamic idea」

Roshe seemed to be impressed.

「It’s my idea」

「I see. What a brilliant mind you have」


Eclipse was happy to receive praise.

Roshe might look young but she’s a proper human. Or more like a proper god.

「Come to think of it. The village to the south of here suffers from the lack of water. If only I could bring snow there, but it’s rather difficult, as expected」

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Or so Roshe casually muttered.

And Iris casually thought.

If we bring these snowballs there, it should solve the problem.

However, the south is hot.

They would melt halfway.

But Iris’ magical power was immeasurable.

Everything is possible with magic.

「……Might as well try」


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