44 The Guardian Deity of the Neighboring Town

「I-It was a close one, Iris-sama……If we were to break this gate with our snowball…..」

「Sheryl is a noble after all. Breaking the gates of other territory’s town……..means war?」

「Hieee……..I’m scared just imagining it」

If you break it accidentally, some lords might forgive that.

However, the two snowballs rolled directly towards the gates.

Almost like a siege weapon.

Even if their side didn’t want to, the other side would definitely interpret this act as an attack.

「We ended up coming here as we played the game of tag. Then you came immediately after. You’ve almost collided with the gate」


「I’m saved. Seeing this limitless snowfield, I completely let my guard down…….」

「Nice, you two」



Having been praised, Muriel and Punigami proudly puffed their chests.

It was unknown where Punigami’s chest was, but he definitely went through the motions.

「This should be………the neighbor of the Silverlight Barony, Cunningham Viscounty. It has a lot of tasty apples. Since we came all the way here, might as well buy some. We can preserve them for winter」

「No, no. Perhaps you should consider moving these snowballs away first. See, the gatekeepers looking at us with blue faces……wait, humans! Uhiyaaa!」

Locking eyes with gatekeepers, Iris reflexively hid behind Punigami.

Forget about the dirt enchantment.

One way or another, strangers were much scarier.

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「No, no, too many strangers. I shall leave the rest to you」

Iris had to spend a whole day’s worth of mental power to go shopping.

Besides, the circumstances were rather troublesome to handle a conversation without panicking.

They will definitely ask about the snowballs.

She had no confidence to provide an explanation.

「W-Who the hell are you!? Why did you bring such big snowballs to this town!?」

As she thought, gatekeepers came asking.

They sound quite frightened, but Iris, being even more frightened, couldn’t respond.

「We wanted to make a snowman」

Eclipse honestly answered.

「Snowman? Don’t joke with me! As if someone would this for such a stupid reason!」

「I’m not joking」

They didn’t believe Eclipse causing her to pout.

But the keeper wasn’t at fault.

Iris shared his thoughts on the subject.

「Excuse me…….the girl didn’t lie. We only wanted to make a snowman, it’s a coincidence we came here. We are going back immediately, please forgive us」

「Unbelievable. In the first place, where did you come from? Who on earth are you?」

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「Etto………I’m from the neighboring territory…….Baroness Sheryl Silverlight」

Sheryl cautiously introduced herself.

The two gatekeepers thought she was making fun of them and raised their voices.

「Are you making fun of us!?」

「As if there are nobles who roll snowballs all the way from another territory!」

「……..You might not believe it, but there is one right here……」

Sheryl’s speech and outfit had zero nobility to them.

Making them believe her was profoundly difficult.

「You lot. Unbelievable it might be, Sheryl is indeed the Lord of a territory. This Muriel vouches for her」

「M? Are you something amazing?」

「This Mistress is the Guardian Deity of the Silverlight Barony. The Guardian Deity speaks for her. Are you doubting God’s words?」

Said Muriel with overwhelming confidence.

But the two gatekeepers weren’t particularly impressed.

「Wasn’t the Guardian Deity of the Silverlight Barony named Iris?」

「Yeah. She turned the wilderness into a grassland, she even made a lake. She’s an amazing goddess. There is no way she’s someone with that stupid face」

「H-How dare you! You had better remember me! Once This Mistress regains her power, you’re in for a divine punishment!」

Being insulted, Muriel furiously shouted.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t very intimidating.

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The gatekeepers were confused and decide to discuss with each other first.

「They are suspicious. Should we throw them in prison for the time being?」

And they reached an outrageous conclusion.

A girl appeared from behind the gate.

Her age was about 12.

Her appearance was proper, but due to her short hair, she somewhat resembled a beautiful boy.

But since she wore a miniskirt, she was undeniably female.

However, she didn’t feel like a child at all.

The reason being, her aura was far too different from any human.

From those close to Iris, Muriel would be the most likely comparison.

In other words, a god.

「N? Isn’t it Roshe? As small as always」

Muriel happily said and tried to approach her.

But before she could do that, the gatekeepers got in her way.

「How dare you address Roshe-sama without honorifics!」

「What a rude child!」

Seeing the gatekeepers’ actions, the girl grinned and said.

「Ah, it alright. Muriel is a friend of mine. She is a Guardian Deity of neighboring territory, you know?」

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Having heard the girl’s words, the gatekeepers stood paralyzed.

「S-She is a guardian Deity after all……!」

「Please forgive our ignorance…….!」

「As long as you understand. Even still, Roshe. Two hundred years didn’t change you one bit」

「Isn’t it the same for you?  I’m much more interested why you are able to use your power, have you completely recovered? People are talking about another god, Iris, becoming a Guardian Deity though」

「Umu. That’d take a lot of time to explain」

「Then let’s go to my church. Together with your friends. Of course, sweets and tea are on the house」

The girl looked at Iris and the rest.

「Wai, sweets」

Eclipse the Sweet Tooth jumped in joy at the girl’s declaration.

Iris thought the same as her little sister.

She was too embarrassed to prance in front of a stranger, if not for that, she would’ve joined her.

「Ano……..is it okay to leave the snowballs here?」

When Sheryl asked as such.

「Ah, why not. Just pick it up when you leave」

The girl easily agreed.

「That is a matter of course. We won’t be an inconvenience. Even though we already are」

「Ahaha, I’m not inconvenienced at all. Follow me. You’ll catch a cold if you stay here for long」

In that way, a neighboring Guardian Deity invited Iris and the rest for a tea party


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