43 Came to an Unknown City

「Heave ho」

「Go, go」

Iris and Sheryl combined their efforts and rolled the snowball together.

However, before a house-sized snowball, Sheryl’s arm strength was completely inadequate.

She just went along.

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However, such an atmosphere was very precious.

「By the way, Eclipse. Are we still doing it? If we combine our snowballs, the snowman will definitely be higher than the church」

Iris asked her little sister, who rolled her snowball nearby.

Initially, they were very close to each other, but, as the snowballs grew, they had to take some distance from each other.

「Not enough. Let’s roll until the sunset」

「Eclipse is too greedy」


「Punigami says it might break under its own weight if it grows too big」

「You just need to wrap it in a defensive barrier」

「What an exaggerated snowman…..」

In addition to the boundless snowfield and the physical might of the strongest biological weapon, you also want to use magic?

What a magnificent plan.

「Iris-sama. I’m feeling somewhat tired」

「You are just putting your hands on it, right?」

「No, no. I’m pushing with all my might, you know? Besides, walking on the snow for so long takes its toll on my stamina」

「Maybe you’re right…….Eclipse, how about a break?」

「You can take a break if you want to. But since it’s a competition we’ll keep pushing」

「Eh, we can’t take a break like that. You have to rest too」

「Don’t wanna」

Eclipse answered with a smile.

However, her partner, Muriel, didn’t reject the idea.

「This Mistress is on her last breath……any longer is impossible……」

「Is that so? Un…..if Muriel is tired, let’s take a break」

「Oh, This Mistress is saved」

In that manner, a truce was established between the teams.

「Chocolate, I want chocolate」

「Yes, give me a second」

「Hey, Sheryl. Eclipse is our enemy」

「It’s a break now, so why not? Here, Iris-sama’s share」

「Thank you…..」

Sheryl took plenty of chocolate from under her coat.

Does she have a personal storage dimension?

「This Mistress wants one too」


「Eh, of course, there is enough for Muriel-sama and Punigami-sama」

Everyone ate their chocolate in the middle of a shining scenery.

The village wasn’t visible at all.

They had no idea where exactly they were.

「Somehow, it feels like an adventure」

Muttered Sheryl.

「Well, trying to make a snowman with such big snowballs does sound like an adventure」


「Ah, Punigami looks like chocolate」

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「Wahaha, dirt go away」



「Owaa, enchantment doesn’t work!」


Punigami chased after Muriel in anger.

This game of tag wasn’t limited to the snowballs’ vicinity, and, eventually, Punigami and Muriel vanished into the distance.

「They disappeared so quickly……」

「Muriel is pretty fast when she’s serious」

「Tte, it’s not the time to relax, Iris-sama, Eclipse-chan. If we don’t chase after them, the two will get lost!」

「I understand, Let’s go after them」

Iris and Eclipse rolled their respective snowballs in a direction where to two ran off to.

While at it, the snowballs grew as large as the church.

They couldn’t see the whole scenery anymore.

As well as the road ahead.

「Stop, stoooop!」


There were Punigami’s and Muriel’s voices coming from ahead,

Very nervous voices.

What is happening? They thought as they stopped the snowballs.

「What’s wrong? Why are you so……..uwa!」

On the other side of the snowball, Iris saw something that made her scream.

Surprisingly, there was a gate there.

Or more like a city.


  1. She made a hand sign to ward off the dirt. 

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