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42 Let’s Make a Snowman

「Muriel, are you okay? Let’s play」

「Umu, it’s alright. What do you want to do, Eclipse?」

「Etto. I just thought of it. I want to make a snowman! A very big one」

「A giant snowman? Bigger than the one produced by our fusion?」





「Even bigger」

Hearing Eclipse’s answer, Muriel made an incredulous face.

Sheryl’s jaw dropped down and even Iris wore a troubled expression.

「Eclipse……..A snowman bigger than the church is a bit…….」


「Why, she said……we have no place for it. If it ever falls down, the villagers will be in danger……」

As a big sister, Iris tried to restrain her reckless tendencies.

But Eclipse wasn’t about to give up so easily.

「It’s alright. We can just make it far away from the village. The snow is piling up there anyway」

Iris felt relieved hearing that.

Indeed, there was no need to make it nearby.

The problem would be settled if you were to roll the snowballs away from the village as you make them bigger.

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「You are quite smart, Eclipse」

「As the big sister it feels frustrating…..」

「Not only adorable but also smart, Eclipse-chan is invincible!」

「Wai, thanks. Reward, me with chocolate」

「Sure, take it!」


Eclipse jumped, received the chocolate, and joyously stuffed her mouth with it.

「Pu, punini, puni……?」

Only Punigami had the power to retort「Eh, they couldn’t think of it themselves? Really?」 amidst the admiration.

However, their admiration seemed very much real.

「Let’s make the snowballs as we distance ourselves from the village. Doing it far away from the village is convenient for me too」

「Iris-sama. Is it because you won’t encounter anyone there?」


「Iris should strive to communicate with people more」


「…….Unneeded care」

Or so she said, but deep inside she thought to fix her personality eventually.

She didn’t plan on quitting being a NEET, but shivering at a mere sight of humans was rather inconvenient.

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「Might as well make two at the same time. Let’s compete whose snowball is larger」

「Ah, sounds interesting! You need two snowballs to make one anyway」

「No matter who wins or loses, the snowman shall stand pround」

「Let’s split in two teams. For now, Eclipse and I are in different teams」

Iris and Eclipse were the strongest in this village……, the strongest in the whole world.

If they were to team up, the competition would lose its purpose.

「In that case, I shall join Iris-sama’s team. Muriel is in Eclipse-chan’s team」

「Roger. Our side has two Guardian Deities. We shall definitely prevail!」

「No ja」

Eclipse took Muriel’s hand and pumped herself for victory.


「Punigami is in cheering team. Cheer for us as we roll」


I’ll work hard at cheering, even if I’m alone, Punigami wobbled in response.

「Alright. Let’s start on Punigami’s signal. Punigami, if you don’t mind」

「Puni! Punini!」

Team Iris and Team Eclipse simultaneously made small snowballs and rolled forward.

In the beginning, it was fist size, so it was easier to roll alone.

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However, eventually, it reached the size of a watermelon and even bigger.

After all, there was plenty of snow around.

「Iris-sama, amazing! It’s already bigger than I am!」

「It’s about time you help me out」

「Understood!……..But, in essence, isn’t it faster with Iris-sama pushing alone?」

「Well, it is…….but it might break if I push too fast. Besides, it’s not fun. Eclipse and Muriel are pushing together」

「We are cooperating as a team」

「We’re buddies」

Their snowball was about the same size as Iris’.

As of now, it was a draw.

The future……was unknown.

For now, she just had to push it.

「Alright. Then I’ll push too! Let me show you the prowess of the House Silverlight!」

「Does the Silverlight lineage have a secret technique for making snowmen?」

「No, not particularly」

「So your house has nothing to do with it……」

「Just wanted to say it, you don’t have to dig deeper, it’s embarrassing…..」


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The red-faced Sheryl hung her hand, making Iris feel awkward.

As a result,「Your teamwork is horrible」, they got scolded by Punigami.

On the other hand, Eclipse and Muriel had a fun time pushing the snowball forward.

「「No ja~~, no ja no ja no ja!!♪」」

They even hummed strange songs.

However, the size of their snowball was about the same.

Apparently, teamwork doesn’t correlate with the size too much.

That being said, seeing them have fun made her jealous.

The one who enjoys himself the most wins, since this is a game.

「Alright…..Sheryl, in order to counteract their song, you have no choice but to climb on top of the snowball!」

「Eh!? Why!?」

「Like in the circus, isn’t it fun? 」

「Iris-sama have you ever been in the circus?」

「Nope…….but I heard it’s fun」

「Iris-sama, the people in the circus work their hardest to make people happy. It’s not something I can imitate」

「It’s alright. This snowball is sufficiently big to ride it without any problem. I’m not going that fast anyway…….more than anything, it’s a challenge! It’s an era where the Lord has to at least be able to ride a ball! Come!」

Iris stopped the snowball and encouraged Sheryl to get on.

「Is that so? Sounds more like an assortment of strange words. Let’s believe Iris-sama! Teyaa!」

Sheryl climbed the snowball with a battle cry.

The snowballs already exceeded the size of an adult male.

Standing on something this big required quite a bit of courage.

「Uwaa, it’s high! Scary! But……it feels like I became taller. It’s surprisingly refreshing feeling. Iris-sama, you can push」

「Very well. Here I go, Sheryl!」

「Come at me. Yottotto」

Sheryl moved her legs and maintained her balance to stay on top.

She did much better than expected.

「Sheryl. You were a part of circus troupe before, am I right?」

「No, I’ve always been a maid before becoming a Lord」

Maids shouldn’t be underestimated.

Iris had no reevaluate Sheryl.

However, the ball kept getting bigger.

It became taller than a two-storey house.

「Wa-Wait, Iris-sama, after all this is a bit too high! Scary, it’s scary!」

「After all? Then I’ll stop, so you can get down」

「Even if you say that, I can’t get down by myself…….」

「Mou, can’t help it……..I’ll save you in a second……huh?」

Iris stopped pushing the snowball.

Nevertheless, it kept rolling forward without any intention of stopping.

And to worsen the situation, Sheryl boke her balance and fell forward.


With a sound of a crushed frog, Sheryl merged with the top layer of snow.

At that moment, the snowball coincidentally ran out of momentum and stopped after half a spin.

That didn’t seem very good.

「Sheryl!? Are you alright!?」

「P-Pleash safe mee……」

「You’re alive! I’ll try to get you out!」

In a hurry, Iris pushed the snowball away and rescued Sheryl.

「Get yourself together! The wounds aren’t deep!」

「Fuee…….I’m alright…….the snow became my cushion, I’m not injured」

Sheryl stood up on her own.

「I’m glad……」

Iris patted her own chest in relief.

「You two, dangerous games are prohibited. It gives This Mistress chills by just looking」

「Sheryl is an ordinary human, you shouldn’t do anything excessive. Big Sister Iris, you can’t make her do anything dangerous too」


Team Iris honestly answered to Eclipse’s scolding.


「I can’t tell which is the big sister」said Punigami.

Iris thought it reasonable, but she felt something would end, were she to admit it.

She had to win the contest and reestablish her big sister’s dignity.


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