41 Runny Nose

Katie, who decided to stay in the Silverlight territory, spend a week playing with snow.

But, as the snow melted with the increase of the temperature, she finally remembered her job and came to ask Muriel.

「I see. So you didn’t gradually lose your power but suddenly found yourself unable to use it?」

「Indeed. Isn’t it mysterious? Do you know anything about the cause?」

Muriel sat on the chair in the church, as she answered while nibbling on chocolate.

Eclipse sat next to her doing the same, but she was too absorbed to pay attention to the conversation.

Iris, as usual, sprawled on the bed with Punigami as a hugging pillow as looked at them from afar.

It’s not like she was sleepy.

The bed was her default position, she won’t move unless circumstances demand so.

「There were people living in the Silverlight Barony when this occurred…….they didn’t lose their faith either…….it feels like a setup 」

「Setup? In other words, it’s someone’s doing? This Mistress doesn’t remember forming grudges with anyone」

「However, with people and their faith still present, the cause should lie outside. It doesn’t seem like Supreme Divine Will Temple gave it much thought in the past…..but such an outstanding inquisitor like myself won’t go past this matter. The Creator-sama himself must’ve arranged our meeting, considering the timing of your revival and me coming here! I’ll definitely uncover the cause!」

「Oh, my heart is at ease. This Mistress can see your outstanding qualities」

「Fufufu. Praise me more」

Katie puffed her chest in happiness.

It wasn’t much of a compliment……but Iris, being an observer, had no reason to point that out

As long as the person in question is happy. Those who believe shall obtain salvation.

「…..This Mistress didn’t think you’d become so happy. But how exactly do you plan on investigating the cause?」

「I’ll start by founding the records about that time. For this reason, I shall return to the headquarters in the capital. I’ll come back once I’ve found something!」

In such a way, the inquisitor, Katie, left the Silverlight Barony.

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It became somewhat lonely when a lively person leaves.

However, there is still a lively person called Sheryl.

Two lively people are too many. It would be enough for her to visit occasionally.

The day after Katie left, snow fell again.

As expected the dragon duo came to the church saying 「cold, cold」and climbed under the blanket.

「Are you going to sleep again? Let’s play」

Eclipse, by the side of the bed, made a pleading face.

Exceptionally cute.

One would want to respond to her expectations.

But it was impossible for Iris.

After all, she wanted to sleep a bit more.

「Sorry, Eclipse-chan…….my body doesn’t listen to me when it’s so cold……..」

「Wish I could use Giga Inferno Flame myself…….Iris, can you do it?」

「If I use Giga Inferno Flame, the village will probably disappear…..should I practice where no one’s around?」

「Yes……..when it gets a little warmer, I’ll practice with you…….」

Muttered Marion as she clung to Iris.

Not willing to lose, Jessica did the same.

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「Un……it’s hard to sleep when you cling so hard….」

「Puni! Punini!」

「How about getting up then? That being said, NEET’s have their own principles」

「Throw away those principles. I want to play with Big Sister Iris」

Pestered Eclipse as she repeatedly hit the blanket.


The principles didn’t stand a chance before being blown away.

「Can’t help it if Eclipse says so. I’ll change, so wait a little」

「Wai. Big Sister Iris is awesome」

As Iris raised her body, Eclipse hugged her and swung her legs up and down on the bed.

With Eclipse still dangling on her, Iris went to pick her robe from a chair.

「Hey, I’m going to change, so go away」


When Iris changed her clothes and was about to go outside with Eclipse and Punigami, the dragons called out to them.

「Iris-chan, don’t go anywhere……」

「Warmth……not enough warmth…….」

「Don’t know anything about it. Maybe you should join us?」

「Impossible…….cold, too cold…..」

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「Mother, it’s cold……」

「Stay strong, Marion……Iris-chan is kind, she’ll definitely come back…….Are? Iris-chan…….?」

Iris ignored the dragons and mercilessly shut the doors behind her.

「They are a bit pitiable」

The kind Eclipse muttered as she looked back at the church.

「Should we go back for the two’s sake?」

「Don’t wanna. Let’s play outside」

「Right………you have to make sacrifices to obtain something……Marion, Jessica-san…….I’ll never forget you……」

「Aren’t you exaggerating, Big Sister Iris?」


「Just wanted to say it. So what game are we going to play?」

「Let’s see, let’s see」

Eclipse folded her arms in contemplation.

It’s not like she had nothing on her mind, more like, she had so many ideas to choose from.

At that time, Sheryl and Muriel came braving the snow and climbed the hill.

「Oi, it’s snowing pretty hard」

「Let’s play, let’s all play together!」

The Lord and the Guardian Deity, both of exceptional standing, yet worse than kids.

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This distinguished duo failed to reach the church as they slipped and rolled down the hill.


Iris chased after them in exasperation.

The two only stopped when they reached the bottom of the hill.

Both turned into snow balls with only their heads barely poking out.

「Since we already have two, let’s make a snowman. Wai」1

Having said so, Eclipse put Sheryl’s snow ball on top of Muriel’s.

What a fine snowman it was.

「Nicely done, Eclipse. But a snowman doesn’t need two faces…..Let’s cover Muriel’s. That does it」

「Buho, what are you doing, Iris!? Stop playing and save This Mistress」

「Uu…..I just wanted to play…..」

「Sorry, sorry, couldn’t hold myself back」

She decided to save them before the two caught cold.

Whether Muriel could catch cold was unknown, but Sheryl won’t be able to escape it.

Besides, Muriel is a weirdo of a god, she may just catch it.


The moment the two were freed from their confines, Muriel immediately started sneezing.

「…..I’ve thought about it but didn’t expect a Guardian Deity to really catch a cold」

「Y-You’re wrong. It’s just a chill, definitely not the cold……achoo!」

Her nose was dripping.

「Muriel-sama. Here, handkerchief」

「Oo, This Mistress is saved….even still, Sheryl is fine…..?」

「Yes. I’m quite sturdy! Never did I catch a cold in my life!」

「I see, This Mistress has heard something like this before. Where was it……?」

Having said so, Muriel blew into the handkerchief,

「Ah, you can have this handkerchief. It’s dirty.  I’ll give it to you」

「Sheryl……it wasn’t necessary to call it dirty……even though it is」

「Muriel. Sheryl’s faith doesn’t care about the small detail, so you shouldn’t too. It’s alright. She cares for you in her own way…….」

「Indeed. The heart is what matters」

「My snot isn’t dirty」

「This is this and that is that」

「I see……」

Muriel looked with an unsatisfied expression.

However, snot isn’t something you’d call clean anyway.

No matter how you respect the opposite party.

If you start accepting snotty handkerchiefs, it might turn into a brand new ritual.


  1. Always irritates me when I fail to transmit Eclipse’ (and others’) manner of speech. Eclipse tends to speak in a cutesy manner and elongate the words at the end of some sentences. 

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