40 Suspicions Cleared

「Well then…..a question for Iris-sama!」

「Ah, am I still under suspicion?」

「Question number one! Where did Iris-sama came from!?」

「Even if you ask……from that direction」

She couldn’t just say 『I’m a biological weapon from the Kurifot continent, best regards』, so she only pointed a direction.

Technically she didn’t lie.

「I don’t understand」

「……From beyond the sea…….a small island」

「I see. Am I right to presume that Iris-sama is the goddess born from the locals’ faith?」

「Well…….there wasn’t a single human back on the island」

「Eh, so you are a goddess that appeared naturally!?」

「….Who knows…..?」

There were indeed no humans. After all, it was an island of demons.

However, Iris wasn’t born spontaneously but from a capsule.

Katie’s misunderstanding came in handy.

Iris wasn’t good at lying, she couldn’t come up with the setting herself.

「I’ve heard that a god appearing naturally is considered a high-ranking entity. For example, the Creation God was the same. He had the powers of god even without faith. However, there aren’t many examples, so even Supreme Divine Will Cult doesn’t have comprehensive knowledge!」

「Is that so…..but I don’t really know myself」

「I see, Iris-sama has no awareness of the matter……however, if you are truly naturally born, it’s a major discovery! Please come to Supreme Divine Will Cult’s headquarters. We’ll get you a better church right away」

「No way! I won’t move a step from here! I’ll go wild if you push me too hard!」

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This village’s population isn’t that great, yet it’s already stressful.

There are definitely many people in Supreme Divine Will Cult’s headquarters.

She won’t survive.

「I-I understand, please don’t go wild! Supreme Divine Will Cult respects the gods’ wishes. Nevertheless, I have more questions to determine whether you’re an evil god or not」

「A-Alright……come at me!」

「Question number two! Have your villagers done something suspicious, or any kind of strange rituals!?」


「Question number three! Have you ever demanded a sacrifice!?」


「Question number four! Have you ever been defeated and sealed by a hero!?」

「No way!」

「The last question! Are you an evil god!?」

「Of course not!」

Iris is the daughter of the Great Demon King.

Not an evil god.

She didn’t lie even once.

「Oh…..everything is in order……it seems Iris-sama is not an evil god after all!」

Katie happily delivered her verdict.

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「I’m happy beyond measure…….」

「Isn’t that great? Now we have an approval of Supreme Divine Will Cult」

「Big Sister Iris wasn’t an evil god. Wai」

「I’ve believed in you, Iris-sama!」


「It’s good the questions were easy」said Punigami.

In fact, is there any evil god who would answer yes?

Although Iris wasn’t an evil god, she wondered whether this inquisitor missed quite a bit of evil gods with these methods.

Or maybe this girl is just an airhead.

「I’ll make a report to Supreme Divine Will Cult about Iris-sama and Eclipse-sama not being evil gods. I’d like to stay in the village to compile my report, is this alright with you?」

Katie asked Sheryl.

「It’s all right. Stay as long as you want」

「Thank you very much. Also, I want to talk with Muriel-sama about the event of two hundred years ago」

「Umu, then you should participate in a snowball fight with This Mistress. Then I’ll tell you」

「Snowball fight? Bring it on!」

Katie suddenly became quite eager.

Does she like snowball fights?

「I’ll participate too」

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「It’s an honor to participate in a snowball fight with the gods! Will Iris-sama join us?」

Asked Katie with sparkling eyes.

Apparently, she liked snowball fights to no end.

「…..Katie. Could it be you have nothing to do?」

Asked Iris from pure curiosity.

「Y-You’re wrong! I don’t have many achievements yet, so I don’t get jobs too often, that’s all!」

「So you are free」


Right on target.

It seems Supreme Divine Will Cult doesn’t think much of this village since it dispatched someone like Katie.

Because it doesn’t think of it as important, the interference should be minimal.

Great, thank god, thought Iris as she climbed under the blanket.

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