24 Eclipse, Coming Back to Sanity

「In there no more chocolate? If there isn’t, I’m going back」

Eclipse asked for more chocolate as she swung her arms.
Iris and the rest looked at her charming lovely appearance with a smile.

「There is still more. If anything, we can always bring more from the capital. There are other sweets besides chocolate too. Let’s try making an apple pie some other time」

「I don’t really understand but it sounds tasty! Make me an adopted child of Sheryl’s household! 」

「Eh, my household……? Fufu, then I’ll take Eclipse-chan back with me! 」

Sheryl gave Eclipse a tight hug.

「Wait, wait, wait. She’s my little sister. She’s going to live with me in the church」

Seeing her newfound little sister being taken away before her eyes, Iris protested in a hurry.
But the person in question stuck close to Sheryl………or more like a person, who promised her sweets.

「Will Big Sister Iris give me lots of sweets?」

「Emm……I don’t have any…….」

「Then what do you have?」

「……Nothing in particular」

「Then I’ll go to Sheryl’s after all」

She said as she pushed her face into the Baroness-sama’s chest.

「Gununu………Sheryl led my little sister astray with sweets…….」

「I apologize, Iris-sama. Please lend me Eclipse-chan for today. I’ll bring lots of chocolate to the church tomorrow. Eclipse-chan, will you live together with Iris-sama is there is chocolate in the church? 」

「Un. If there is chocolate then it’s okay」

Iris was rather sad that she was worth less than chocolate.
However, she herself chose to be a NEET.
Even if the outside sees it as worthless.
Were she to try learning how to make sweets at this point, her identity might collapse.
The Way of NEET is tough that way.

「Arara. I won’t work, even for the sake of my own sister, is written all over your face」

「She’s a hardcore sloth…….」

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Said Jessica and Marion in frustration.
Iris didn’t want to listen any longer and buried herself in her futon.
I don’t want to work.

In that way, Eclipse was introduced to Sheryl’s home.
It was made of wood, same as the other houses, but it was the only one with two stories.
It was also much more spacious.

She expected to see some servants but Sheryl lived here all by herself.

「I plan to hire a maid someday but for now, I’m persevering」

In that way, the two ate bread, baked by Sheryl, with molten chocolate on it for dinner. After that, the two took a bath and fell asleep on the same bed together.

「Good night」

「Yes. Good night」

The day was over without anything happening.
However, on the next day, right before the dawn.
Eclipse woke up first.

(What am I doing!? I was led astray by chocolate……called Iris big sister, and even made friends with this human!)

As she slept, the effect of chocolate wore off and the reason came back to her.
She was a completely different person compared to her after chocolate.
That said, she had the memories of that time.
Therefore, her cheeks turned red. She almost died of shame.
With that behavior, the villagers must have thought of her as a kid, most definitely.
She did indeed look child, and her age was even lower. She only left her capsule three days ago.
However, that wasn’t a problem.
Eclipse’s pride, that’s what was important. Her pride as a full-fledged demon and the ultimate biological weapon was deeply deeply hurt.

「Munyamunya……..Eclipse-chan, so cute……..hard to decide which one is better……..guhehe」 [1]

「Stop with guhehe, you moron. I’m not cute! 」

Sheryl revealed an embarrassing expression as she drooled and clung to Eclipse in her sleep.
Since Eclipse didn’t want to be drooled upon, she struggled off Sheryl’s embrace and rolled off the bed trying to run away.
But Sheryl didn’t even wake up.
There was only a sound of her peaceful breath.

If I stay beside this fellow, I’ll turn into an idiot myself, thought Eclipse as she headed towards the church.
But just as she was about to jump out of the window, she came up with a good idea.

(This one seemed to be quite friendly with Iris. If I take her as a hostage, I might be able to easily bring her back to the Kurifot continent……)

Yes, let’s do that, Eclipse nodded to herself.
Of course, she didn’t see herself losing even in a head-on fight.
However, if there were a more reliable method, she would take it.
There was no need for an honorable fight.

「I apologize but I shall use you」

Eclipse reached towards the sleeping Sheryl with her hand.
However, for some reason, there was hesitation in her heart.
The image of chocolate flickered deep inside her mind.
No, it was the image of Sheryl’s smile as she gave her that chocolate.

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「…….What am I thinking? I’m a biological weapon. Set to ultimately destroy humans. I should not give in to emotions. And the memories of the time I was under chocolate’s influence………! 」

Eclipse threw away her hesitation.
She bound Sheryl with restraining magic and dashed out of the window with her in tow.


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