23 Marion, Lost Again

「So, emm……..Eclipse, was it? Are you a biological weapon, same as me? 」

Upon hearing Iris’ inquiry, Eclipse cheerfully answered as she nibbled on her chocolate.
According to human standards, Eclipse looked about two years younger than even Iris.
Her smile and gestures, both were cute.

「That’s right. Iris is Mark 1 and I’m Mark 2. Does that make you my big sister? Eeeh, Iris is the big sister」

With pieces of chocolate around her mouth, Eclipse showed Iris a smile a bright as the sun. [1]

「I’m the big sister…….I-I see」

There was no one beside Iris, who was smaller than her. Leaving Punigami’s height aside, his sheer volume was overwhelming.
However, Eclipse was even smaller than her.
Such a girl called her as the big sister.

「Mn, it didn’t sink that well but are you two really demons? Do you have some sort of proof? 」

Sheryl struck a pose and glared intently.
Speaking of a proof, since they didn’t have any noticeable features like dragons it was rather problematic. That’s why Sheryl treated Iris as the Goddess despite her claiming otherwise.

「Horn, I guess? My horn might be small but it’s still present around this place」

「Which place exactly?」

「Here, on top of my head. It’s covered by the hair but you can feel it if you touch」

「Then I shall do as such. Ruffle ruffle……..ah, there is indeed a horn-like protrusion! 」

「Not -like but a real horn」

「I have that too, touch me」

Eclipse too took Sheryl’s hand and petted her own head.

「Eclipse-chan has one too……..it seems you might truly be demons. Even so, both of your hair is so smooth! What a wonderful feeling! 」

Sheryl didn’t stop touching Iris and Eclipse’s heads as she said so.
And then, Marion squinted and her face hardened.

「Hey, Sheryl? Aren’t you forgetting yourself? Since you’ve confirmed they are demons you can let go of them」

「However, the two don’t seem to mind. Ah, could it be that Marion-san wants to touch herself? By all means. I’ve had my fill」

「I-It’s not like I want to touch it or anything!」

Marion’s face turned red.

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「Arara. Even though being honest would make things so much easier, Marion. Well, anyway, what do you want with Eclipse-chan? She’s here to bring Iris-chan back but she doesn’t seem that motivated. Should we let her stay? 」

Suggested Jessica in her usual nonchalant voice.

「I approve. There is a certain attraction for a person of the same origin. Besides……..she calls me big sister…….! 」

Stated Iris as she felt her face getting hot.
She started hitting Punigami with her fist to conceal her embarrassment.

「Puni, punini!」

Embarrassment doesn’t justify slime abuse, he said in anger.

「As for me, a cute girl like Eclipse-chan is always welcome. As the lord. I shall permit her living in this village! Ah, by the way, I’m Baroness Sheryl Silverlight. I’m the lord of this whole area! Ehem! 」

Sheryl puffed her chest and introduced herself with a smug expression.
She didn’t seem to mind Iris and Eclipse being demons that much.
Sheryl wasn’t special in this regard, most likely, humans don’t associate demons with the word『threat』anymore.

「Lord? Ahaha, I don’t see any! 」

Having heard Eclipse say that, Sheryl’s pose immediately deflated as if someone poured a bucket of cold water on her head and her shoulders slumped.

「It’s my turn to introduce myself. I’m known as Jessica. Right now, I’m using magic to maintain this human form but I’m actually a dragon」

「I know about dragons. Those big roaring fellows with wings」

「Yes yes. Gaooon」

「Ahaha, that’s so weak」

Even when Jessica roars in her human form, she does so nonchalantly.

「Mother. You’ve been underestimated. Dragons shouldn’t be like that! 」

The other dragon, Marion, scolded her mother as her tail swung left and right.

「Are you a dragon too?」[2]

「That’s right. I’m Marion. Daughter of Jessica! And I shall demonstrate you dragon’s dignity! Gaoooon! 」

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Marion roared on behalf of her mother.
However, it wasn’t that different after all.
On the contrary, her effort made it sound even cuter.

「Dragons of the Kurifot continent were amazing but these ones are much cuter」

「Gununu…….I’m amazing too without any disguise! You just wait! I’m going to show you! 」

Marion pulled Eclipse by the hand and went outside the church.
Iris, being worried, chased after them mounted on Punigami. The others too followed close behind.

In the church’s garden, Marion turned into a dragon.
Then she roared「Guoooooooooon! 」making the air tremble and spat flames in the air in a grandiose manner.

「How about that! That’s the dragon’s noble visage! 」

Marion boasted to Eclipse.

「Amazing, amazing! But I’m stronger. There」

Having said so, Eclipse kicked off the ground and jumped up high.
Then, she gave Marion a lightning speed headbutt in the throat.


Marion let out a weird scream as she spun around.
Iris watched over her with a smile as she hoped for the church to remain undamaged.
If Marion’s huge body rolls in the church’s direction, she would have to kick her away.
She didn’t want to do something like this to her friend. But the dwelling must be protected at all costs!
Fortunately, Iris staunch determination wasn’t realized.
Marion rolled down the hill, turned into her human form at the base of it, and came running back.

「I-I thought I was going to die…….」

「Marion is amazing but I’m more amazing」

Innocently said Eclipse as she looked at Marion’s exhausted face.

「R-Right…….you are amazing…….」

Even Marion didn’t want to take another hit like that and admitted defeat right away.
Eclipse, despite her childish conduct, doesn’t pull her punches. Of course, if she were serious, Marion’s head would have been separated from the rest of her body already, so she held back. However, she didn’t have any qualms about using her strength.
And while she said she was stronger, she had no idea exactly how much.

Because of that, Marion became afraid of Eclipse and hid behind Iris and Punigami.

「You don’t need to hide like that, she is a normal girl if you don’t do anything weird」

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Even with Iris and Punigami saying so, Marion remained hidden.

「I don’t see anything normal about this girl, which scares me! That strike wasn’t a laughing matter! 」


Iris hurt Marion thrice in the past but she always properly restrained herself.
She didn’t hit her respiratory organs with a smile.
If you think like that, Eclipse was indeed dangerous.
Releasing her into the world might bring a disaster, so there was a need for proper education.

「Alright……I’ll take my responsibility as big sister and raise her to blend in the human world」

The moment she declared so


Can Iris as a shut-in teach anyone to blend in the human world? or so Punigami retorted.
Having failed to produce a comeback, Iris pretended not to hear him.

I’ve been answering your impression until now but I’m not able to keep it up anymore.
For a while, I’m going to take a break from responding to your impressions.
Have mercy. [3]


  1. And everyone vaporized. 
  2. I’m pretty sure that she identified them as dragons in the previous chapter, oh well. 
  3. Author’s message, just pointing out. 

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