22 Chocolate Barrier

Eclipse was proud of herself for being a calm and composed demon.
Without asking anything unnecessary, she aims to faithfully complete her mission.
This was her reason for existence as well as pride.
Yes. Even without development chief’s training and only technological aspect of her capsule, she was a complete biological weapon.

However, the development chief came up with his『let’s bait her with sugar』 idea, which led Eclipse’s heart astray.

Even when she tried to achieve her calm state, there was an image of sugar flickering in a remote corner of her mind.
When presented with an actual thing, it completely takes over her mind until she can’t think of anything but eating sugar.
Her voice and behavior undergo a significant change turning her into a completely different person.

Eclipse didn’t think of her sugar-loving self as her real self. Just a result of the development chief’s mistake.
She couldn’t stand herself as she behaved like a noisy child, who was given a candy.

(This isn’t me!)

Having displayed her embarrassing side in the throne room, she headed towards Iris’ village as ordered.

According to the development chief’s and the Great Demon King’s information, Iris could often be spotted lazing in a certain church on top of a hill.

She would bring Iris back to the Kurifot continent and receive sugar as a reward — no, wrong. Even without sugar, Eclipse will fulfill her mission.
On the contrary, her concentration fell sharply as she thought about sugar.
What did that development chief think when he fed Eclipse sugar?
Feeding a biological weapon of his own creation sugar without assessing her attitude about the mission, what a great oversight.

Her father on the genetics’ side, the Great Demon King, didn’t seem that intelligent either, could it be that the demon race is just one big group of idiots? — such suspicions appeared in Eclipse’s heart.

Pridefully considering herself different from the rest, Eclipse flew above the grassland.
Afraid of being prematurely discovered by Iris, she flew at a low altitude.
On top of that, she used recognition interference magic to keep herself unnoticed.
With this magic, even if she walks before someone’s eyes, he won’t be able to notice unless he is especially vigilant.

After all, despite Iris’s lack of motivation to complete her task, she was still a biological weapon produced in the same way as Eclipse.
As a new model, Eclipse considered herself to be stronger, but to be on the side of caution was Eclipse’ way.

(The villagers are planting something in the field……it doesn’t seem to have any relation to sweets)

If the village were to be full of sweet things, Eclipse wouldn’t have been able to operate calmly.
She would become a creature that eats sweets all day long.
Same as Iris, who abandoned her mission.
Eclipse definitely won’t do something so irresponsible.
Determined to avoid the sweets on her way, she reached the top of the hill without being noticed by anyone intent on catching Iris off guard with restraining magic and bringing her back.

(Even with recognition interference magic, entering through the front door is too risky………)

Eclipse discovered a back door and quietly peered inside.
At that time, she caught a whiff of a sweet smell.


Besides Iris, there was one blonde human and two red-haired humans.
No, the red-haired ones weren’t humans. Dragons, judging by the aura.
Why are there two dragons at such a place?
Of course, dragons weren’t a threat for Eclipse. She could easily win against both of them.
However, if those dragons are Iris’ allies, that would be rather annoying.
Their cooperation might be problematic.

Also, there is a big squishy slime……it’s probably okay to disregard him.

However, those important matters weren’t relevant anymore.
There was a sweet smell after all.
And the people inside the church were in the middle of eating the source of it.
A very tasty-looking dark brown plate.
The moment she saw it, Eclipse’s reason melted.

「What’s that, it looks tasty! I want some too! 」

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She successfully came this close unnoticed yet let out a loud voice at her own volition.
No amount of recognition interference magic would be of any help.
Everyone, including Iris, turned to look at her.
However, at that moment, Eclipse couldn’t think of anything but sweets anymore and trotted inside the church.

「Gimme, Gimme!」

Eclipse jumped around in agitation.

「…….Sorry? Who is this child and where did she come from? I don’t remember seeing her in the village」

Said the blonde girl as she tilted her head.

「Maybe you forgot you people’s faces since you are an idiot?」

The red-haired girl let out a sharp remark.

「Y-You’re terrible! There’s no way I’d forget such a cute and small girl! Even so…….she resembles Iris-sama somewhat. Her hair is silver too……..」

「That’s right. Could she be Iris-chan’s family?……..Ara? Where did Iris-chan go? 」

Said another adult red-haired woman as she looked around.

Iris hid behind the slime the moment she heard Eclipse’s voice.
Perhaps she noticed that Eclipse came here to bring her back.
Is that is so, she has a frightening intuition.

Even though all thoughts of her mission vanished from Eclipse’s head the moment she entered the church.

「Iris-sama. Why are you hiding there? 」

「B-But an unknown person suddenly appeared……..and she is……not a human」

「Apparently so. From her aura, she seems to be a demon, same as Iris-chan」

「Eh? What are you saying, Jessica-san? Iris-sama is the Goddess and the Guardian Deity of this village」

Asked the blonde girl with a stupid look on her face.
However, Iris wasn’t the Goddess but a biological weapon produced from the genes of the Great Demon King.

「As I said many times before. I’m a demon from the Kurifot continent. But you’ve never believed me」

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「Eh!? Wasn’t that a joke? Demons is a legend from a thousand years ago. Are there still those who survived? 」

「There are. Could it be that humans think that demons were completely obliterated? 」

Iris asked the blonde girl from behind the slime.

「No…….I didn’t think about demons too deeply before. As a child, I’ve heard about demons being driven to the Kurifot island after their lost the war with the human race…….I didn’t have any contact with the actual thing」

「Enough about that, gimme that tasty-looking thing」

Eclipse stood before the silver-haired girl and held out her hands.

「Do you want to eat chocolate? You can have mine if you want」

「Wai! Chocolate! 」

She immediately put that so-called chocolate in her mouth.
It was hard. Looked like a plank. But it crumbled easily.
Crunch crunch……..

「W-What is this!? This is the first time I ate something so delicious! 」

Delighted in the chocolate’s taste, Eclipse jumped around.
She ate the rest while she was at it.
Just jumping around wasn’t enough to express her joy, so she started spinning.

「Wa, amazing. What an energetic child. What’s your name? 」

Asked the blonde girl as she patted Eclipse’s head.


「So it’s Eclipse-chan. Is Eclipse-chan a demon? 」

「Un, that’s right. Same as Iris, I’m a biological weapon created from the Great Demon King’s genes. I was made to eradicate the human race」

「I see, eradicate the human race…….eh!?」

「But it’s okay. Today I’m only here to bring Iris back」

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「S-So it’s like that…….that’s a relief…….no, you can’t! You can’t take Iris-sama away with you! 」

Having said that, the blonde girl grabbed Eclipse by the cheeks and pulled.


「It’s a punishment for you kidnapping declaration!」

「It’s not a kidnapping. Iris came from the Kurifot continent in the first place, I’ll just bring her home」

「Even if she’s a demon, right now Iris-chan is the Guardian Deity. She’s going to stay inside this church forever! That’s why Eclipse-chan should restrain herself.  I’ll give you some chocolate for it! 」

「Okay. If you give me chocolate, I’ll give up on Iris」

「Kuh, as expected, chocolate alone isn’t enough……n? 」

「Gimme chocolate, gimme!」


The blonde girl took out more chocolate from her basket.

「Wai, tasty! As long as there is chocolate, I don’t need anything! Even Iris! 」

Eclipse was greatly satisfied with additional chocolate.
She honestly thought nothing of her mission at the moment.
Her usual calm self was nowhere to be found. There was only a creature exceptionally fond of chocolate.


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