13 Peropero Nyurunnyurun

Although Punigami was stained with a brown color, he reverted to his natural blue on the next day.
In exchange, the insides of the church smelled very much like chocolate.
Apparently, it was diffused into the air.
Iris came to know the mystery of slimes.

「Iris-sama, Iris-sama♪」

In a place filled with the chocolate smell, which didn’t get in the way of Iris’ sloth, Sheryl appeared.
Iris slowly crawled out of her futon as she rubbed her sleepy eyes.

「What…..? I did permit you entering here but it would trouble me if you wake me up all the time」

「Eh, it’s morning though? Isn’t waking up in the morning a matter of course? 」

「…….This is human logic」

「Ha! I see! I was inconsiderate……」

Sheryl accepted Iris’ unreasonable reason with a frown on her face.
Since she felt a bit sorry for her, Iris made an effort to get up and decided to play along.

「…….So, is there something? 」

「Yes! I brought pajamas that might be suitable for Iris-sama! Please try them out. They will definitely suit you! 」

「……Are they even important right now? I just woke up」

「Un……..but Iris-sama, you are hard to catch awake. If I wait for you to wake up, I don’t know how many days it would be」

「Waking someone up for the sake of pajamas, isn’t it putting the cart before the horse?」

Iris perceived pajamas as something you should wear before falling asleep.
It’s secondary whether they’re cute or not, forget about the fact that you shouldn’t wake up a person to try them out.

「No, no. Iris-sama, the Guardian Deity, shouldn’t wear such tasteless pajamas. I think only the pajamas with lots of frills and fluffs is worthy of you! 」

She said and took out the fancy pajamas from her bag.
Indeed, as of right now, Iris wears the cheap clothes she bought in the nearby town. Modest, gray, and with no decorations.

On the other hand, the pajamas brought out by Sheryl were pink and cute.

One way or another, Iris wanted to try them out too.

「……..Then turn around while I’m changing」

「What are you talking about! I’m still a former maid! Changing clothes is my specialty. Leave everything to me! 」

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「No, I don’t need that…….I don’t need that, I said! Wa, wa, pervert! 」

「Isn’t it good, isn’t it good!?」

Sheryl forcibly stripped Iris naked and pulled the new pajamas over her head.
Those pajamas were a once-piece type with lots of laces and frills.

「Ufufu, they suit you even better than I thought, Iris-sama! Ah, truly, what else should I do? I can’t hold back, ei! 」

「What happened!? Who are you!?」

Sheryl, on top of stripping Iris and forcing her to change, driven by her momentum, hugged Iris and pushed her on the bed.
Then she patted her head and rubbed her cheek, Iris couldn’t understand anything anymore

「Wa, help me, Punigami, help me!」


Punigami, who was sleeping nearby, finally woke up after all the commotion and restarted his activities.

「Huh, where are you going, Punigami? Are you not going to save me? 」


「My throat is dry so I’m going to the well……you can do it later! Do you have a throat in the first place!?」

Without answering Iris’ question, Punigami opened the door and went outside.

「Well then, Iris-sama………let’s have some fun together! 」

「With what!?」

「With god-human interaction!」

「Why do you have to push me down to interact with me!? Release me」

「That’s all happening because Iris-sama is just too cute! Haa, could it be a god’s trial…..? Kuh, I can’t resist! 」

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「Don’t know! I don’t remember giving such trials! I’m not the Goddess in the first place! 」

「Ha…..my heart is so weak…….forgive me Iris-sama….however, I will overcome it, eventually………」

「Overcome it right now! Ah, wait, where are you putting your hands in!? Noo, humans are scaryyyy! 」

「Iris-sama’s thigh is so smooth…….」

In such a manner, Iris was touched in all kinds of places by Sheryl.

Places that tickle, places that give a weird feeling, it was a disaster.

「Stop….please stop…….! If you won’t, I will blow you away」

「Ah, I can’t resist, I can’t resist!」

「You…..I said, stop iiit! 」

Finally, Iris’ patience reached its limits and sent Sheryl flying away.
She tried to lightly push her away, as to not to hurt Sheryl but……..she used much more power than intended and ended up truly blowing her away.
Sheryl took-off from the bed and crashed head first into the church’s wall.
Then she fell on the floor.

「Uwaaa, Sheryl, are you okay!?」

Iris ran up to her in a hurry and tried to shake her awake.
She saw Sheryl have a big swelling on her head and a severe nosebleed.


Iris went outside and picked up an elixir grass.
Then she plunged it straight into her nose.
The nosebleed has stopped!


Sheryl raised her body with the elixir grass still sticking out of her nose.

「S-Sorry, Sheryl…….I didn’t think that you would really fly away……..but you’re the one at fault! I won’t apologize! 」

「Aren’t you already apologizing, Iris-sama?」

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「Ah, indeed! Forget what I just said! 」

Iris waved her hands trying to take back the apology.

「Yes, Iris-sama is not a fault. It’s me who should apologize for thoughtlessly petapeta momimomi peropero nyurunnyurun Iris-sama’s body……….」[1]

「You didn’t peropero nyurunnyurun me, right!? And what is it in the first place!? 」

「Ah, peropero nyurunnyurun part only happened in my delusions……However, I might have done it if I wasn’t blown away……….」

「Scary! I don’t know what it means but I’m scared!」

「I will limit my future visits to the church so this won’t happen again……」

「U-Un……you don’t have to go that far….」

Iris was befuddled.
She indeed doesn’t like humans or the noise.
However, Iris couldn’t bring herself to hate Sheryl.
On the contrary, she felt a sense of a loss without seeing her face occasionally.

「No. It’s blasphemous to obstruct Iris-sama’s sleep」

「But, but. Sheryl too. You prepared the new pajamas for me and you have a duty of tidying my bedding. Also, I want the church to be cleaned. Besides, without Sheryl making my meals I would have to do it myself……..you have to come everyday!」

「I-Iris-sama……are you willing to forgive me for petapeta momimomi I did to you!?」

「Un……I wasn’t that angry in the first place」

「Then it’s okay to petapeta momimomi from now on, right!?」

Sheryl’s eyes sparkled.

「…….Emm…….Just a little?」

「Is peropero nyurunnyurun okay too!?」

「This sounds somehow scary, so don’t!」

「Is that so…..」

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Sheryl seemed quite regretful.
Am I at fault for dampening her mood, thought Iris.

「Emm…….anyway, take care of me from now on!」

「Yes! Let’s take care of each other, Iris-sama」

Both, sitting on the floor, bowed their heads to each other.

「No, same here」

「No no, the honor is mine」

And Punigami came back at this time.
Maybe because he sucked in some special water, he looked even more punipuni than usual.


As Punigami saw them repeatedly nodding at each other「Why does Sheryl have elixir grass sticking out of her nose?」he was faced with such a dilemma.


  1. Decided to leave it intact, because screw it. 

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