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12 Chocolate is Delicious

The new bed and futon were too comfortable so she ended up sleeping for three days in a row again.
If it wasn’t for Punigami waking her up, she might have slept forever.

「Uh, un…..good morning Punigami……did they complete the village already? 」


Apparently, it was still being built.
Well, this isn’t something that can be completed in just three days.
After all, it’s not a kennel.

「Since I woke up, might as well sightsee. Punigami, if you please」


Iris, as always, sat on top of Punigami.
A hugging pillow, a bath, and a transport, truly a hardworking slime.

Such Punigami adorably proceeded outside the church.

「Ah, everyone is making something」

Looking from the top of the hill, as Sheryl said, there were around fifty people working,
They cut the forest to make houses and made an enclosed space for the cattle.
And while the houses were being made, they lived in the tents.

「I see. Since they have the forest, there is no need for them to bring materials from outside. They have it easy」


As iris and Punigami were engrossed admiration, Sheryl climbed the hill.

「Iris-sama, Punigami-sama! Good morning! 」

「Good morning, Sheryl. It looks like it’s about time for lunch, why morning? 」

「Eh. But isn’t Iris-sama just woke up? 」

「…..You are spot on, I can’t even retort」

「I’ve seen through Iris-sama. And here are the promised sweets…..ta-dan, hard chocolate! 」

Sheryl pulled out a wrapped plank-like object out of her basket.
And when she unwrapped it, multiple brown planks came out.

「It’s a board」

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「Tsk, tsk, tsk. Naive, Iris-sama. As sweet as this plank of chocolate. [1] This thing is a boom in the capital right now. You won’t regret it. If you think it’s a lie then just try it! 」

Said Sheryl as she broke the plank in half and presented it.


She did accept it but her mind was filled with doubts.
However, there was no way Sheryl would feed her poison so she decided to try it.
Let’s start with a small bite.

「…….Sweet! 」

「Right?! Although chocolate was bitter until a while ago, a version with a lot of sugar in it appeared and created a big boom! People are noisy about getting fat from it! Absolutely irresistible taste for something like the chocolate! 」

Sheryl chomped the chocolate as she explained.
Iris didn’t want to fall behind and ate too.
It disappeared in a blink of an eye.


「Ah, sorry…….Punigami wanted to eat some too………」


Punigami was quite angry.
As Iris wondered what she should do, Sheryl fearlessly laughed and thrust her hand in the basket.

「I-It can’t be!」

「Yes…….I thought it could end up like this so I bought one more! 」



The second chocolate bar was split into three equal parts.

「Are? How does Punigami-sama eat in the first place? 」

「Just stuff it into his body wherever」

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「……Stuff it, is it? 」

「Yes. With a plop」

Iris received a third of the chocolate bar and thrust it inside Punigami together with her own hand.

「Uwaa, grotesque! Iris-sama, such a disgusting act! 」

Sheryl let out a rude scream.

「It’s not grotesque! It’s not disgusting! It’s cool and pleasant! It’s okay because he is a slime! 」


「If you think I’m lying you should do the same too」

「Ha…..then if only for a little」

Sheryl, giving off a feeling of fright, touched Punigami with her fingertip.

「Waa, so cool! And springy! 」

Sheryl thrust her hand until the elbow in one go.


「Ah, Punigami-sama’s body is wrapped around my hand……..ah, what, what is it…….s-so comfortable…….it’s coming out, it’s coming out」

「Amazing, right? Punigami can remove the dirt from your skin」

「It’s beyond amazing. With his help, you don’t need to bath! Here, please look. One of my arms became all shiny! 」

Sheryl pulled her hand out of Punigami, rolled up her sleeve and displayed it.
Her hand shined as it reflected the sunlight.

「C-Could it be that Iris-sama has such beautiful skin because of Punigami-sama’s help………?」

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「Well, that might not be unrelated……..」

「Unfair! I also want to receive the full body care from Punigami-sama! 」

「If Punigami doesn’t mind then why not?」

「Punigami-sama! Please! 」

Sheryl desperately lowered her head.


「Since you gave him some chocolate he is okay with it」

「I did it, thank you very much!」

Sheryl hopped around in pure joy.
Even though she had an expensive silk dress, she didn’t look noble at all.
Will she be all right being the Lord, worried Iris.
Well, she should do better than doing some weird assignments.
Iris ate her own piece of chocolate as she thought about that.
Sheryl did so too.

Eventually, Punigami finished digesting his piece. Then….changed his color.

He was a beautiful blue color until a little while ago.
And now he turned into the same color as that of the chocolate.

「Sheryl. T-This is……」

「Yes…..just like……..dirt go away! 」


「Hey, Sheryl. Punigami is asking whether he should get rid of it. Immediately strip, dive inside Punigami and have your whole body washed! 」

「No, I mean, I’m grateful but…..I’ll do it once Punigami-sama’s color returns to normal! Farewell! 」

Sheryl twirled her skirt and run down the hill at maximum speed.


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What a rude fellow, said Punigami in anger.
However, there was no other option.
The thought of entrusting your body to a slime of such a color was rather unpleasant.


「Eh, washing me instead? Noo, maybe some other time……」


「Wa, you can’t, Punigami……I-I’m being washed, I’m being washed, I’m being washed together with my clothes」


  1. Wordplay. Sweet/naive (amai). 

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