11 The Luxurious Bed has Arrived

A month after Sheryl’s storm-like appearance and storm-like departure.
It was already summer.
However, since Punigami was cool, Iris was able to sleep despite the heat.

But she had an interest in the ultimate bedding mentioned by Sheryl.
Can’t she bring it sooner, on a certain day as Iris thought that.

There was a knock on the church’s door.

「Iris-sama! It’s me, Sheryl! I brought the promised bed and futon with me! Can I bring them in!?」

「F-Finally! Alright……..but are you alone? 」

「No, no way! I’m a frail maiden. I can’t bring such a big bed all the way to the top of the hill by myself. That’s why there are five of us, including me」

「Eh, five!? Wait a minute! 」

Iris searched for a place to hide in a fluster.
Below the chair is no good. It would be too lame, forget about being unable to hide her that much.
Then behind the altar……no, she said something about putting the bed instead of the altar. It won’t be left untouched.

「Since it came to this, I have no choice but to hide on the ceiling…..! Punigami, stay here and attract everyone’s attention」


「Leave it to me」powerfully responded Punigami.
And Iris used flying magic to stick to the ceiling and observe below her.

「Iris-sama~, how much longer?」

「You can enter」

The moment she said that, the door was opened with a bam.
Sheryl was the one who entered first.
The last time she had dirty linen clothes on but now she had a beautiful silk dress. She resembled a noble. No, she was indeed a baroness, the lord of this territory.

The next to enter was a big white bed and the four men that carried it.
Indeed, people suitable for heavy lifting.

The bed was a piece of art with a beautiful canopy attached to it.
It seemed that there would be some space left even with three people sleeping at the same time.

「Iris-sama~, this is the one. Iris-sama~, where are you hiding? 」


「Oh, is it just Punigami-sama? Where Iris-sama could be? 」


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「Un…….I can understand nothing at all……」

「Iris is on the ceiling」Punigami said a terrible thing.
However, Sheryl failed to understand and only tilted her head.

「Baroness-sama, is this slime the Guardian Deity?」

One of the men carrying the bed voiced his doubts.

「No no, no way. Iris-sama is a cute silver-haired girl. This slime is Punigami-sama, Iris-sama’s kin! 」

So he became my kin, admired Iris from the ceiling.
Despite him「Punipuni」trying to tell the men about Iris’ location, they still replaced the altar with the bed.

「This is okay. All that’s left is for Iris-sama to sleep in it」

Sheryl searched for Iris as she walked around the church.
The men wandered about.
However, no one thought that she was sticking to the ceiling.
Iris has won!

(No, it’s not the right time to celebrate…..since they finished setting up the bed they might as well go away. With four unknown men present, I can’t get down even if I won’t to……and words won’t work on Sheryl anyway!)

Iris was getting impatient as she overlooked them.
At that time, Punigami transformed his body to make an arrow pointing in a certain direction.
In pointed towards the ceiling. In other words, Iris’ location.

「Hey, Punigami! Traitor! 」


「Why are you getting all shy, where is your dignity?」Punigami asked for impossible.
How terrible.
If she could do that, she wouldn’t have shut herself in the church in the first place.

「Isn’t it Iris-sama. So you were here. You aren’t naked today」

「Of course, I am! Don’t say it as if I am always naked! I was only naked because I was swimming in the lake when you suddenly appeared! 」

「However, naked Iris-sama was divinely beautiful. How does it sound? How about stripping right now? 」

「There is no way I’m going to strip with all these men present! Are you stupid!?」

「Waha, even the Goddess-sama is too embarrassed to strip before men. Iris-sama is so cute! 」

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「So what! Stop it! No humans! Go to the side! 」

Shouted Iris from the ceiling in anger.
However, no one even tried to go away.
Sheryl, with a smiling expression, and the men, with a suspicious expression, only stared at her.

「Baroness-sama…….Is the little girl sticking to the ceiling the Guardian Deity…..?」
「I can only see her as a flying little girl…..」[1] 「No, normal little girls don’t fly……」
「But only flying isn’t enough to be acknowledged as the Guardian Deity」

Apparently, she was looked down on.
That isn’t acceptable.
Like that, people will be visiting the church at ease.
She needed to show some dignity and instill fear in them so they won’t easily come again.


Putting all of her dignity in it, Iris exclaimed in a deep voice. At the same time, she released the rainbow-colored light from her whole body.

「A-Amazing…….the divine light……」
「Is she indeed the Guardian Deity….? 」

The men opened their eyes wide and became unsteady.
And for another push.

「Kukuku, I have been observing your work from above. I’m satisfied. This land shall benefit from your efforts」

「O, ooh…..truly the Guardian Deity…….」
「Thank you, thank you」

The men fell on their knees and began to pray.
With that, they shouldn’t look down on her anymore.

「However, this church is a sacred place. You shouldn’t trespass lightly. Everyone besides Baroness Sheryl should leave! 」


The men obediently left the church.
Iris could finally get down from the ceiling.

「Ah…….that was stressful. Talking with strangers tires me out……..」

Thud, Iris collapsed on top of Punigami.

「It was amazing! It felt very god-like! 」

「Well? Fufufu, that’s what happens when I’m serious…….but is it fine being god-like? Even though I’m the daughter of the Demon King」

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「Are you insisting with sticking to that joke? It’s not that funny」

「It’s not a joke! It’s true! 」

「Yes, yes. Instead of that, please lie down on this bed. I bought a gorgeous one with the money from the elixir grass! 」

「Let’s see. I also want to confirm how it feels. Since it came to that, carry me to the bed Punigami」


Until a while ago, there was the altar in the deepest part of the church.
It was slightly higher than everything else and stood out greatly.
However, the altar was removed for the bed to take its place.
Since Iris became the Guardian Deity, this bed, from a certain perspective, became the new altar.
Punigami approached the bed, contracted, and launched Iris forward.
And the futon easily accepted her body.

「Waa, what is it!? So fluffy! Only now did I learn about the true meaning of fluffiness! The revelation! The truth! 」

Iris rolled in excitement.
The pleasure of her body wrapped in the futon.
This is heaven!


Punigami let out an angry voice as she was drowning in ecstasy.

「Eh? As long as I have this futon and this bed, I won’t need you anymore? There is no way! Punigami is Punigami! See! 」

Iris lifted and dragged Punigami into the futon.
And hugged him strong enough to deform him.


「Puni? Puni! 」

Punigami fluctuated in joy.
A luxurious bed & futon in Punigami.
The ultimate combination bedding was born at that moment.

「I won’t move from this place anymore…….」

「I’m happy that you like it but……I’m having my doubts about always staying in bed……」

Sheryl had a wry smile on her face.

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「Mind your own business. Besides, it’s obvious that it was a joke. Even though I shut myself here, I can still get bored from lying on top of a bed all the time. I can, right? 」

「It sounds extremely unreliable!」

「Instead of that, how does land development proceeds? You couldn’t possibly spend all the money from the elixir grass to buy this bed and futon? 」

As far as the land development goes, Iris would very much prefer this land to remain quiet.
But this land was Sheryl’s in the first place.
She didn’t hate Sheryl and didn’t want her to face a setback.

「Fufufu….please, be at ease.  I brought roughly fifty people with me! Making houses, cultivating the fields, raising cows and pigs………having a vineyard and making wine is good too! Ah, my dreams are coming true! 」

「I see……don’t be too noisy」

「It’s all right. This will all happen below the hill! Iris-sama, please watch over us from here! 」

「Alright. In exchange, don’t forget about your promise to make delicious meals for me」

「Yes, of course! Ah, I also brought some sweets from the capital, I will bring them later! 」

In such a manner, the revival of the Silverlight barony commenced.
Well then, what kind of a village would it be?
Iris too was slightly curious.


  1. Yeah, everyday occurrence. 

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