Chapter 45 – Huge Explosion

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3168 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1860 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

The arrow accurately hit the Hell Melgash’s head. The explosive rune she set on the arrow immediately activated itself and exploded, a powerful impact spread out and sent an incomparably strong shockwave with the Hell Melgash at the center.


The Hell Melgash uttered a tremendous scream. The first arrow had taken off about 600 of its HP.

‘Yay! Now then, as long as I hit it with every arrow, I’ll win.’

The explosive arrows used magic, not firepowder, which was why they worked even though today was a rainy day.

At this moment, the Hell Melgash actually began to run. It was already in a frenzy before coming ashore, and now it was roaring loudly after it came ashore. Although it was now blind, it could still chase after Reyne and Kirsten thanks to its sense of smell.

“This is bad.”

Mirabelle hurriedly prepared her bow and shot an explosive arrow before it could chase after them. The arrow landed on the Hell Melgash’s back and created a huge explosion.

Despite this, the arrow still wasn’t able to attract its attention. Still, Mirabelle had just been trying to stall for time.

It just happened to be that Mirabelle slid down from the grassy hill when the explosion occurred.


Mirabelle loudly shouted Kirsten’s name to remind the latter to be careful.

“Mirabelle? Is the magical beast heading in my direction? That’s really unlucky…”

Kirsten glanced at Reyne, who was on her back. She couldn’t afford to lure the S rank magical beast to the village.

The village was a safe district outside the inner walls. If the barrier around the inner wall was destroyed, then the village would come under attack by countless magical beasts.

There was a fork in the path. Kirsten unhesitatingly chose the path on the right, as that was the opposite direction from the village.

Mirabelle didn’t slow down at all as she dashed through the trees behind them to the right. However, it was really difficult to aim in the trees. She could only wait for the Hell Melgash to use up its stamina before she could rush out to shoot at its head.

The effective attack of all the explosive arrows combined was about 4800 HP.

Mirabelle analyzed the Hell Melgash in the distance. It currently had about 4000 HP remaining. If she could hit seven of her explosive arrows, then she would likely kill it. However, it wasn’t easy to kill a moving target like this, and if she hit the nearby forest instead, she might even start a major fire.

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The magical beast’s body was covered in natural fire, so it wasn’t capable of igniting natural objects. However, it was different for her explosive arrows. If she hit the forest instead of the road, that would really start a major fire.

Mirabelle constantly thought about how to deal with the Hell Melgash.

“I need a plan, plan, plan. No, even though the terrain here is circular, Kirsten’s stamina will run out sooner or later. What should I do?”

Mirabelle was obviously rather anxious whenever she thought about anything related to Kirsten. Suddenly, she stopped in her footsteps as she had a flash of inspiration.

‘Wait a moment, circular terrain? Doesn’t that mean we can return to that earlier lake by taking a circular path?’

Mirabelle stopped walking and used her minimap to check the possibility.

The sky was still covered in dark clouds. The rain was getting heavier, with no sign of stopping.

At this moment, thunder could constantly be heard from the dark sky. However, no lightning crashed down below. All the electricity remained in the sky.

Rain constantly made Mirabelle’s jacket and long blue hair wetter and wetter.


Mirabelle took a deep breath and shouted at Kirsten,

“Kirsten! Hurry and come around, around to the lake, and I’ll be able to destroy it!”

No matter if Kirsten heard her or not, Mirabelle immediately began to run back. She needed to make preparations before Kirsten returned to the lake.

Mirabelle ran to the earlier high ground that she was on. She stood there while checking her minimap.

Kirsten began to run towards her direction.

‘Very good.’

Since she and Kirsten were in a party, Mirabelle could see Kirsten’s location on her minimap.

The yellow dot was Kirsten’s location. Kirsten was currently heading towards the lake.

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After Mirabelle saw that Kirsten was moving at high speed, she took out all her arrows as well as a long rope. She then bound all the explosive arrows together with the rope. After doing this, she calculated the timing for injecting each arrow with an equal amount of mana.

There were eight arrows left, so she needed to inject all eight with the same amount of mana. Magic control was key here.

Normally speaking, it would be utterly suicidal to tie all the explosive arrows together like this. However, it really couldn’t be helped since it was a dire situation currently.

She needed to be really careful about precise mana injection with each and every single arrow. Additionally, she needed to finish this within a short period of time.

If she injected her mana too early, the explosive arrows would explode within less than ten seconds. That was why she could only inject mana into the arrows after Kirsten’s arrival.

Mirabelle placed the large bound pile of arrows onto her bow –

“Hah… hah… hah… hah…”

Mirabelle was incredibly nervous. She was currently holding onto the lives of three elves, herself included…

If she couldn’t kill the Hell Melgash here, then it wouldn’t matter even if Kirsten ran another ten laps. Mirabelle didn’t have any other explosive arrows left. That would mean it would be impossible for them to win against the Hell Melgash at that point.

At that time, someone would have to sacrifice themself for the sake of the town, or sacrifice the town for the sake of themself.

Both would be bad options for them.

In order to protect Kirsten, Mirabelle wanted to succeed no matter what. It was because she was no longer alone – she now had someone that she had to protect.

‘That’s why, please. Even though I haven’t made any contributions at all, and I’ve even committed a great sin… But, please – let me have the power to protect the people important to me.’

Mirabelle Brillana began to pray for the first time since arriving in this world. She prayed because she never wanted to experience the feeling of losing the people most important to her again.

‘Kirsten! Kirsten!! Kirsten!!!’

Whenever Mirabelle thought of this name, her body would become filled with strength. She now understood quite clearly after the past fifteen years of living in this world. She was only an ordinary person without any incredible strength. She now understood this really well thanks to everything that had happened to her. She was only an ordinary person.

No – she was an elf, who couldn’t even compare to an ordinary person.

That was why she prayed to the gods as an elf. Someone like her who didn’t even believe in gods was praying to the gods, all in order to protect the person most important to her.

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Kirsten Raphael.

Mirabelle recalled this girl’s smiling face and her slightly sad smile.

‘In that case, are you going to protect me, Mirabelle?’

Kirsten’s words sounded in Mirabelle’s ears. They sounded like a whisper as well as a prayer.


Mirabelle widened her eyes when she heard this voice. She had already injected her mana into the arrows without realizing it. She was waiting for Kirsten to get closer.

“Kirsten! Jump into the lake!”

Mirabelle shouted at Kirsten. Even though Kirsten saw Mirabelle standing there, she didn’t know what Mirabelle was trying to do. However, she completely trusted Mirabelle – she was running over towards the lake because of her complete trust in Mirabelle.

Mirabelle pulled back greatly on the bowstring and aimed for the Hell Melgash’s head.

“It doesn’t matter even if this bow is ruined. I’m going to do my best – pull!!!”

Mirabelle used all her strength to pull on the bow, while Kirsten also used all her strength to run towards the water.

Mirabelle looked at the Hell Melgash when she heard the sound of Kirsten falling into the water.

The gigantic ravenous wolf was following closely behind Kirsten and Reyne. Its movements weren’t as agile as before since it was now blind. However, it was still chasing after Kirsten.

‘Okay, I can directly kill it if I wait for it to enter the water.’

Since the Hell Melgash was now blind, it could only track the elves by scent. It was raining, so the scent was also dampened. Additionally, Kirsten and Reyne had just jumped into the lake, so that served to dampen the scent even more.

The Hell Melgash could only keep crawling forward based on its instinct. As a result, it fell into the lake.

“Preparations complete…”

Mirabelle injected a consistent amount of mana that was neither excessive nor too little.

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Too much mana would result in a premature explosion, while too little mana would fail to activate the explosion. That was why she needed to precisely control her magic to activate the arrows.

Luckily, she was also the person who designed the explosive arrow – thus, it wasn’t difficult at all for her to control the explosive arrows.

“G… go!”

Mirabelle pulled her bowstring to the greatest extent possible. However, the bowstring might break if she pulled it anymore, so –

This was as much as she could pull it. When she released her hands, a really strong force shot all eight explosive arrows simultaneously.

“Kirsten, dodge!” Mirabelle warned Kirsten who was down below.


Kirsten carried Reyne while trying to swim far away.

Mirabelle watched the constantly glowing arrows before she looked back at Kirsten again.

‘No, this is too close. They’ll get affected by the explosion if it goes off now.’

Mirabelle hurriedly took out a rope and tossed it in their direction.

“Hurry, grab onto the rope, Kirsten!”

Since it was raining, Mirabelle could only throw the rope three or four meters. Yet, that was enough!

When Kirsten grabbed the rope, Mirabelle immediately used all her strength to pull the rope. Her Strength stat was only 89, so she had to use all her strength to pull Kirsten and Reyne. In the end, Mirabelle was forced to use her data modification ability. She modified her Strength stat to 9999 and easily pulled the two elves up.

“We should hurry and leave. The explosion will attract even more S rank magical beasts!”

Mirabelle easily carried the two elves and began to run towards the safe district. A tremendous explosion came from behind her as black smoke began to rise in the sky.

It seemed as if all the water in the lake had been exploded up into the sky. The rain mixed together with the lake water and descended with even greater force.

Kirsten was stunned as she watched the explosion while being carried by Mirabelle.

Meanwhile, Mirabelle didn’t even turn her head as she carried Kirsten and Reyne away.


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