Chapter 34 – Not a Burden

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2137 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1198 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Kirsten carried Mirabelle on her back all the way to the safe district. When she returned, she discovered that there was a huge commotion. Many hunters had seen the powerful light which spread out everywhere. -It was likely that they believed some S rank magical beast had emitted the powerful light.

However, only Kirsten knew that the strong light had actually come from Mirabelle’s blinding arrow.

Mia and the others knew that Kirsten had been hunting in the powerful light’s direction. They were immediately worried about the previously injured Kirsten.

“Kirsten, are you hurt anywhere?”

They all surrounded Kirsten and asked about her condition out of concern.

Reyne was really delighted to see that Kirsten had returned. However, she then started gritting her teeth when she saw that Kirsten was carrying Mirabelle on her back.

“Reyne, I recommend that you give up now. Kirsten and Mirabelle are…”

Mia was standing next to her and saw her unconcealed furious expression.

“Shut up! I don’t want to hear that at all. Kirsten is the only person here that I’ve fallen in love with, no matter if it’s past, present, or future!”

Mia’s expression became slightly lonely as she heard Reyne say this.

Reyne went up and viciously glared at Mirabelle on Kirsten’s back with a hostile expression.

“I say, Kirsten, you should change partners. How could such a weak elf possibly be your partner? If my guess is correct, she’s probably nothing more than a burden in battle who gets in your way. You’re still injured, so you must be endangered by bringing such a burden with you?”

Reyne targeted her anger at Mirabelle, who was on Kirsten’s back.

Mirabelle sadly lowered her head when she heard this.

Indeed, she was a burden. Kirsten wouldn’t have been discovered by the S rank magical beast if it wasn’t for her.

The other hunters had almost all returned with a full amount of loot. Kirsten was the only one who returned with only a few teeth on her back.

-It was all her fault.

Just as Mirabelle was blaming herself, she heard Kirsten’s voice.

“You’re wrong, she’s not a burden! If it wasn’t for her, I long since would have been devoured by a magical beast already. That’s why she’s my irreplaceable companion. I won’t permit you to call her a burden!”

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Mirabelle heard Kirsten’s words coming to her defense. Her heart was really moved –

Kirsten actually didn’t think that she was a burden. Mirabelle was clearly so weak, yet Kirsten still treated her as a companion.

“Kirsten, why?”
“No particular reason. If you trash talk her, then you’re trash-talking me. If you dare to say such things again, then don’t blame me for not letting you go…”

Kirsten’s voice was filled with fury as she said this to Reyne. However, when Kirsten spoke to Mirabelle, her tone was incomparably gentle.

“Alright, we’re going home, Mirabelle.”

Mirabelle turned to look at Reyne who remained where she was standing. Reyne’s face was filled with fury. It was obvious that her fury was targeted at Mirabelle.

Reyne had an expression of ‘Just you wait, I’ll definitely show you up during the hunting competition.’

Since Kirsten was saying so much for Mirabelle, then she definitely wouldn’t admit defeat. In fact, this was a game world, so nobody was born naturally strong. It was just a difference in stats that determined strength. Thus, Mirabelle needed to become strong as well. She wanted to prove to Reyne that she wasn’t a weak existence.

When Kirsten returned home, she placed Mirabelle on the sofa. After that, Kirsten put away her and Mirabelle’s bows and arrows.

“Are your eyes alright now?”
“They’re fine. They already recovered quite a while ago. Rather than that, is it really alright? Becoming hostile with her like that so easily; wasn’t she your companion?”
“I didn’t think so much at the time. I just said it out loud in a fit of passion.”

Kirsten admitted this honestly as her face became dyed apple red.

“You really don’t consider the consequences of your actions…”
“It’s her fault for slandering you and calling you a burden. I couldn’t stand it, so I wanted to teach her a lesson, which was why I said the things I did…”
“You said them without considering the consequences…”

Mirabelle began to smile without realizing it.

“Still, I’m really happy. Thank you…”

Kirsten was slightly stunned at the sight of Mirabelle’s smiling face. It took quite a while for Kirsten to regain her senses.

She shook her head and told Mirabelle, “No need to thank me. We’re simply helping each other out. I’ll go cook something for you, since you must be hungry?”

Kirsten went to the kitchen in order to try and cover up her embarrassment.

The sky outside gradually darkened as it instantly became a starry-filled night sky.

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Mirabelle sighed deeply as she glanced outside the window. She then went to prepare some things – blue maple paper and runes.

The runes were all imprinted in her mind. That was why she was the only person who could create them. Making the spell formation enchantments required a great deal of skill in controlling magic in order to activate the magic imprinted on the paper.

This was how she could add the spell formation to the arrows.

Mirabelle Brillana indeed had the necessary great skill to control magic. Unfortunately, her mana was only 800, so she was unable to mass-produce her arrows.

Still, she had more than enough mana to make arrows for herself and Kirsten.

As Kirsten prepared food, Mirabelle created 30 blinding arrows and 25 explosive arrows.

“Mirabelle, are you making arrows?”

Kirsten came over to Mirabelle’s side out of curiosity after she finished cooking. Mirabelle explained when she came over.

“Yes, these arrows are blinding arrows, and I’ve marked them with a blue pen. The white ones are explosive arrows. Do you want to try them tomorrow?”
“Is it fine to try them?”
“Of course it’s fine…”

Mirabelle’s expression then became serious.

“What is it?”
“But, the problem is, we should find a place that people won’t discover so we can practice there?”

Blinding arrows would release a great deal of powerful light, while explosive arrows would make a really large sound. Additionally, explosive arrows would cause an immense amount of destruction in a large area. The sound and light from these arrows would also attract magical beasts. It would obviously be impossible to test them in the city.

Mirabelle wanted to try them in a place that had no people or magical beasts. This was a weapon against S rank magical beasts, so Mirabelle wanted to first see the power of the explosive arrows. Otherwise, the explosion might affect them as well as they used the explosive arrows.

That was the reason why Mirabelle hadn’t used explosive arrows today.

“Yeah… if that’s how it is, I do have a good place that you can try these at…”

Kirsten had a mysterious smile on her face.

“Don’t mind, don’t mind. Just come with me tomorrow. As for now, let’s just eat first, eat some dinner… let’s go there early tomorrow.”


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