Chapter 33 – How to Treat Your Life’s Savior

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1532 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 907 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

“I’ll explain on the way back…”

Kirsten gently sighed after Mirabelle said this.

“Get on my back…”
“Eh what? You can’t see anything regardless, so come on my back…”

Kirsten was really angry to see how dense Mirabelle was as she placed the latter’s hands on her shoulders. Thus, she started carrying Mirabelle on her back again. Although Mirabelle wasn’t wearing a light skirt, her butt still came into intimate contact with Kirsten’s hand.

It wasn’t only her butt and Kirsten’s hand that came into intimate contact, as Kirsten could also sense Mirabelle’s slightly bulging breasts constantly rubbing against her back.

“D… don’t misunderstand, this is special treatment because your eyes can’t see. I did bring you out, after all…”
“Thank you…”

Mirabelle stuttered this with a red face. She could also sense Kirsten’s small hands tightly grasping her butt. Kirsten continued to carry her like this as they went towards the town.

“Right, about that weapon, I made it yesterday, which you can probably see as well? I spent an entire afternoon creating that yesterday. I wrote a rune on some blue maple paper, and then I stuck the blue maple paper on the arrow’s back, which was how I created the blinding arrow…”
“Eh? What do you mean?”

This was the first time that Kirsten couldn’t understand what Mirabelle meant, so she asked for clarification.

“-I used a spell formation and the special properties of absorption and releasing in blue maple paper to activate the spell formation. A spell formation is something that can instantly activate magic without the need for a magic wand or uttering an incantation…”
“I see. Basically, this arrow can use its effect as long as you inject your mana into it?”
“Yes. That’s how it is…”

Mirabelle explained a lot to her, but in the end, Kirsten condensed everything into a one-sentence summary. Still, Mirabelle didn’t mind. No matter what the principles were, it was fine as long as she could flexibly use the arrow.

-She figured that Kirsten must have been thinking the same thing?

“I see. I understand then…” Kirsten nodded in understanding before she then asked another question, “In that case, how many such arrows did you make? How many types are there?”

“Because of the issue of time, I only thought of two types.”

Actually, there were far too many spell formations that she knew in her mind. -This wasn’t something that she could tell Kirsten.

“I chose two spell formations that require the least mana along with being simple and effective. That arrow was imprinted with a spell formation which releases a powerful light. It’s a type of strong light magic that can instantly blind a magical beast. However, the blind effect will last at most only five minutes. The other type of arrow is an explosive arrow. As long as I inject mana into it and it hits the target, the arrow will explode when it hits the target…”
“Explosive arrows and blinding arrows? Indeed, both of these are highly useful. If you give these to all the elves in town, won’t they also be able to stop S rank magical beasts from invading?”
“No, I can’t right now. I only intend to publicize these spell formations after my competition with Reyne…”
“So you’re really competitive…”

Kirsten originally thought that Mirabelle was the type who didn’t care about winning or losing. However, it seemed like that wasn’t the case, since Mirabelle had now shown her competitive side. Mirabelle was probably intending on using these two types of arrows to achieve victory in the end, to complete her bet with Reyne.

Kirsten couldn’t help but exclaim, “If only I’d met you earlier. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been so severely injured. Well, that’s all in the past, so there’s no helping it.”

Indeed, Mirabelle had thought to modify the arrows like this simply due to a flash of inspiration. She had already determined that it would be impossible to use the Swordtooth Tiger’s teeth to make a sword, after all. Since she felt that using a sword wouldn’t work, then she might as well change to using the bow and arrow. Her mother had taught her archery before as well.

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However, her current magic power was still far too weak, to the point that it was insignificant. That was why the number of arrows that she could create and use were still really limited. Even so –

“Rest assured, I’ll give the arrows to you, Kirsten…”
“Because you saved my life. Even if I don’t publicize these arrows, I already intended on making them for you to use, because I’m worried about you…”

Kirsten hadn’t expected that Mirabelle would give the new weapons over to her because she was worried about her. Kirsten was so moved that her eyes instantly filled up with tears, causing her to wipe them away with the sleeve of her shirt.

“Thank you. If I have your help, I’ll feel a lot more reassured about dealing with S rank magical beasts…”
“Even so, you can’t be overconfident. The blinding arrows are a last resort. If you use one at a really close distance, both of us will be blinded by the strong light and suffer temporary blindness.”
“Although I don’t really understand, I just shouldn’t use them at a close distance or look at the light directly, right? Thank you…”


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