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Chapter 25 – Frozen Heart (Part 1)

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1312 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 749 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Mirabelle’s face turned bright red from embarrassment, and when she looked at Kirsten’s expression – the expression seemed to say that no matter what, she had to eat the porridge with the same spoon.


Mirabelle wanted to say something to refuse, but-

“Hurry and eat! Stop saying useless things!”

Mirabelle stuffed the spoon into her mouth after Kirsten shouted at her.

As she chewed, Mirabelle looked at Kirsten’s pink lips, which seemed to be so tender, luscious, and delectable.

“Cough cough…”

Mirabelle kept coughing because she had been distracted. She seemed to have choked on the porridge.

“Hey, are you alright? Honestly, nobody told you to swallow without chewing first. Not only that, you keep staring at my lips with lust in your eyes. I feel as if you’re a boy…”

Mirabelle became really moved upon hearing this. She tightly clutched Kirsten’s hand with both of her hands.

“What’s with you?”
“Thank you, nobody has ever told me before that I seem like a boy. You’re the only one who’s ever said I’m like a boy…”

Mirabelle had been in this world for 14 years. Apart from herself – someone else finally felt like she was a boy.

To be honest, Mirabelle had always cared about this topic ever since she discovered that she couldn’t change her gender.

‘Yeah, yeah-’

Mirabelle kept nodding as she thought this. Kirsten’s assessment was correct. She was unmistakably a boy. Why hadn’t anyone around her ever noticed? Mirabelle’s eyes were filled with sadness as she thought this.

“Mirabelle, are you alright?”

Kirsten felt like she was acting really strangely. Mirabelle first showed an excited expression and clutched Kirsten’s hands, but then she had a depressed expression and let go of her hands.

‘Did I stimulate her with some of my words somehow?’

“I’m sorry. If you don’t like to hear it, I’ll never say something strange such as that again…”

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Mirabelle tried to stop her, but it seemed like Kirsten didn’t even hear.

“Indeed, a girl must feel such an impact from being called a boy. I truly apologize for hurting your pride due to a mistake with my words.”
“W… wait…”
“No, I want to seriously apologize to you. I’ll never say that you’re like a boy again.”

‘That clearly isn’t what I mean. Why did you decide on your own to misunderstand me?’

Mirabelle had an expression of wanting to cry after she heard this.

“What? Do you still not forgive me?”
“That’s not what I mean, well… I forgive you…”

‘Whatever. I’m already a girl anyways, ahaha.’

Being thought of as a boy wouldn’t bring any benefits. She might even get kicked out of this town.

Mirabelle felt like she no longer had any energy in her body. She showed fatigue as she picked up the spoon again and continued to feed Kirsten.

Meanwhile, faraway on the other half of the continent.

Night covered the entire city, but the city was still lit up by lights.

Vampires would rarely open their stores in the daytime. Night time was when they were truly active.

A blonde-haired girl was sitting in front of a desk in a giant castle –

Originally, Heather Alliyah had been seriously working on some documents, but for some reason she felt unpleasant. She then immediately snapped the pen in her hand.


Lucy stood to the side and watched Heather snap the pen.

Heather had already broken three or four pens today. Even if she was distracted, this was too much.

“I’m fine. I just feel a heaviness in my chest for some reason…”
“In that case, how about you try to take a walk, Milady? You haven’t gone out once since you returned…”
“I suppose I could…”

That could work as a method to distract herself. Heather really did care too much about what Mirabelle was doing. She kept having a really bad premonition –

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Mirabelle and Kirsten were currently using a spoon to feed each other porridge. The two of them seemed like intimate best friends.

Naturally, Heather didn’t know about the two of them behaving so intimately with each other. If she knew what Mirabelle was doing right now, she definitely wouldn’t be so calm like she was right now.

-To Heather, her brother was everything. Nobody was permitted to steal Mirabelle away from her. If anyone dared to touch Mirabelle, Heather would make that person suffer so much that they would feel like life was worse than death.


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