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Chapter 26 – Frozen Heart (Part 2)

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1921 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1058 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

After dinner, Mirabelle decided to first wipe down Kirsten’s body. However, Kirsten looked at Mirabelle with great embarrassment.

“T… today, how many times has it been now?”
“Eh? How many times for what?”
“The number of times that… you’ve seen me naked…”

Kirsten’s cheeks flushed bright red as she asked Mirabelle.

“E… even if you ask me that, I don’t know…”

Mirabelle awkwardly turned her head to the side.

“Hah… at any rate, we need to keep this a secret and not let anyone else know, so we should close the curtains first…”
“Oh, I got it…”

Mirabelle walked over to the bedside and closed the curtains as Kirsten wanted. There was only a magical light that glowed in the room with golden light-

Kirsten slowly removed her clothing under the golden illumination and revealed her tender skin. Mirabelle didn’t know where to look for the time being.

“Weren’t you going to help me wipe my body? Mirabelle, hurry…”

Kirsten showed her back to Mirabelle, who glanced at Kirsten’s rather skinny and delicate body.

‘So she hunts magical beasts with such a delicate body? Even so, she’s already reached level 162. Having such a level means she’s one of the strongest existences in this small district already.’

Mirabelle glanced at Kirsten’s injuries. Kirsten was still a girl, and she would still be injured by small things. No matter if it was her body or heart, they could still get hurt, since she was just a really ordinary girl.

If this was Mirabelle’s original world, a girl like Kirsten should have still been in high school and enjoying her youth with her friends. Mirabelle suddenly stopped wiping Kirsten’s back.

“Mirabelle, what’s the matter?”

Kirsten asked Mirabelle since she sensed that Mirabelle stopped using her hands to wipe.

“Nothing, it’s nothing…”

Mirabelle’s voice was somewhat teary as she kept wiping away the tears dripping down from her eyes.

“Is that so? But, why are you crying then…”
“I’m sorry, it’s all my fault for not stopping you that caused you to get hurt. I’m truly so sorry. I’m really afraid that everyone who becomes connected to me will end up dying. It’s the same this time as well, it’s all my fault for not stopping you…”
“It’s alright. This isn’t your fault. It was my own fault, and had nothing to do with you…”
“But this happened to you on the first day that you took me hunting with you. That’s why…”

Mirabelle collapsed in Kirsten’s embrace and kept crying.

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“Ouch ouch ouch ouch, don’t use too much strength! I’m still injured, so I can’t take you hugging me with such strength like this. At any rate, please stop crying. You’re such a kind person…”

‘-That’s not how it is. I’m not worried because of kindness. I’m really afraid, afraid that I will cause someone else’s death again. The people who were with me, the people who were close to me – all of them had died to Heather, which was why I’m really afraid that I’ll cause someone else’s death.’

“I’m fine. I can wipe the front of my own body, since I’d feel awkward if I left everything to you… you should also go take a shower. I think the water should be hot already?”

Mirabelle handed Kirsten a warm and wet towel. Kirsten waved her hand to say goodby to Mirabelle. Mirabelle turned to look at Kirsten sitting on the bed before she closed the door. Kirsten remained alone in the room with her thoughts-

When Kirsten thought about what Mirabelle said, she felt like her heart was as warm as the towel was.

It had been a long time since Kirsten heard words of concern from another’s mouth.

Ever since Kirsten’s master and parents died because of her, she began to gradually seal away her own heart. However, Mirabelle had stated so directly that she was worried about her.

Thus, Kirsten’s frozen heart began to crack.

“Thank you, Mirabelle, for letting my heart feel this sensation again for the first time in a long time…”

Kirsten finally spoke out loud to herself in the empty room after she heard Mirabelle’s footsteps gradually leave.

Mirabelle walked downstairs. The shower was located next to the kitchen.

However, there was no shower head like the showers in Heather’s castle. It would have been strange if every place had shower heads like Heather’s castle did.

Heather had created the shower heads by imitating what she knew from her past life. Such things were typically quite expensive. It would be impossible to find shower heads in a small self-sufficient village like this one.

Mirabelle placed her hand on a certain object. Her mana then automatically heated the water to an appropriate warmth, after which Mirabelle removed her hand from the water heater.

“I used about 10 mana? That’s not very much…”

Mirabelle poured the water into a large wooden barrel and began to bathe herself.

Mirabelle’s body was far too small. She didn’t even fill up 25% of the wooden barrel after she went inside.

Well, there were also benefits to being so small.

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Mirabelle soaked her snow-white skin in the hot water and sighed deeply.

“So comfortable…”

She felt as if all of her fatigue was disappearing as she soaked in the hot water.

Mirabelle stood at the bottom of the barrel and leaned against its side.

She also checked her status –

Name: Mirabelle Brillana.
Sex: Female.
Age: 15.
Species: Elf (Blood Slave: if your blood isn’t sucked for one day, you’ll go into withdrawal.)
Level: 3
HP: 300/300 (super recovery ability: it is impossible for your HP to reach zero, and your HP regeneration is increased by 50%.)
MP: 150/150
Strength: 16
Dexterity: 28
Endurance: 30
Intelligence: 420 (Mirabelle’s special ability: super memory)
Physical attack: 5
Accuracy: 19
Dodge: 20.3%
Critical rate: 0.3%
Skills: Level Analysis, Data Modification, Blood Scent (suppressed)

She finally reached level 3, and it seemed that her base stats had also improved a bit. Each stat’s growth rate was somewhat different.

Although she was really happy that she increased her level, she was still really worried about Kirsten.

With her current growth rate, just when would she be able to protect Kirsten?

Mirabelle pushed aside her interface and sighed deeply, revealing her helplessness.


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