Chapter 18 – Her Wish (Part 2)

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1879 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1118 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Kirsten was incredibly curious. Mirabelle had been bedridden for all these days, yet she still somehow knew that Kirsten was hunting magical beasts. That definitely couldn’t have been because she personally witnessed Kirsten hunting?

“Well, of course that’s a secret…”

Mirabelle would never tell her that it was because Kirsten’s level had gone up slightly. Yesterday, Kirsten had been level 160, and today she was level 162.

Mirabelle knew quite clearly that such a large increase in levels could only possibly be due to hunting magical beasts – of course, it was fine for only Mirabelle to know that she had the ability to see a person’s level. She was afraid that some schemer would take advantage of her if they knew.

This world really was that of an RPG game, something so miraculous. Nobody would believe her even if she said it, right?

“Eh? You actually want to keep a secret? I really can’t do anything about you. You insist on going no matter what?”
“I insist on going no matter what!”

Kirsten saw how resolute Mirabelle’s expression was, so she gave up. She knew that Mirabelle was a stubborn person, almost exactly identical in personality to Kirsten herself. Thus, Kirsten said this –

“Alright, we’ll go tomorrow morning. I’m going to the first floor to cook dinner now…”
“I want to go as well!”

Mirabelle followed Kirsten to the first floor. This was Mirabelle’s first time seeing the inside of Kirsten’s home. Looking at the furniture made Mirabelle feel like she had returned to primitive times. There was no refrigerator, stove, or anything like that – there was only firewood and wooden cabinets, that was all.

Mirabelle had never felt this before while living in Heather’s castle. Now that she saw this, it seemed that ordinary people really did live simple lives. Heather’s life was probably the equivalent of a human king’s.

However, Mirabelle loathed that type of life.

Only being allowed to stay by Heather’s side so that Heather could suck her blood – being raised like Heather’s pet was something that Mirabelle hated, as she hated the idea of losing her freedom and pride.

That was precisely why Mirabelle had escaped from that demon’s grasp, without caring about anything else. -Since she had escaped, then she should properly take advantage of it. Mirabelle would definitely make Heather suffer and show her what she was capable of! (Flag strongly raised!)

That was Mirabelle’s goal-

However, Kirsten took Mirabelle to the rooftop after they ate dinner. The two of them laid on the diagonal rooftop as they looked at the sky filled with stars above. The night stars seemed like the bottomless ocean in how they were both endless.

The only difference between the night sky and the ocean was that the sky was filled with countless starlight.

Mirabelle looked at all the stars in the sky. This was a scene that she had never seen before. In her original world, she lived in an industry-filled city that had a severely polluted sky, so such a scene would never appear there.

Only the shiny stars attracted her attention.

“So beautiful…”

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Mirabelle uttered such an exclamation. Kirsten, who laid next to her, agreed.

“Yes, indeed. I instantly feel like I’m all calm when I gaze up at the starry sky. It’s as if the fatigue from the entire day has all disappeared.”
“Is that so? I have the same feeling…”

Mirabelle closed her eyes. Her elven ears heard only silence.

“It’s because we elves have such sensitive hearing that all elves will stop working at nighttime so that our ears can rest…”

Indeed, Mirabelle would always hear loud noises while she was living in Heather’s castle. There were even more noises at night, when vampires were the most active.

Mirabelle was an elf with naturally acute hearing. Thus, it was often that she couldn’t sleep at night due to all the noise.

Perhaps Mirabelle Brillana had been desiring such a life, with no restraints and quietness all around. Lying here, she smelled the scent of grass brought to her by a faint breeze against her cheek. Mirabelle started feeling that staying here permanently would also be quite nice. However, she couldn’t stay here for the long term, because she still had a goal that she needed to work hard towards.

“Hey, Kirsten, what’s your wish?”
“Hmm? What are you referring to?”
“What’s your goal in staying here all this time? Just for the purpose of living on?”

Mirabelle laid on the rooftop and turned her head to look towards Kirsten.

“I suppose so, I don’t have any goal. I just hope that I can travel all over the world while I’m still alive, and complete my father’s wish that he told me before he died, to see the sights all over the world…”
“Is that so? That’s quite a nice wish, since this world is really beautiful…”
“Mirabelle, have you done it before? Traveling over the entire world…”
“N… no…”

Kirsten chuckled out loud when she heard Mirabelle say this.

“How do you know that this world is beautiful when you haven’t been anywhere? Mirabelle, you’re so interesting…”
“I… I heard from others, from an elf who’s traveled throughout the whole world before…”
“Is that so? So you only heard it from someone else…”

Kirsten then stood up at this time. She used her right hand to reach up really high –

“My wish is to go outside and see everything in this world for myself…”
“Then why don’t you go out and complete your dream?”

Mirabelle asked Kirsten a question of her own. Kirsten was already level 162, which was more than strong enough to adventure outside by herself.

“That’s impossible. This isolated island has an SS-level danger classification magical beast living on the boundary. Even every single person on this island combined won’t be able to possibly defeat it -”

Mirabelle’s heart kept trembling when she heard this.

“You… is what you just said true?”
“It’s true… I wouldn’t lie to you… outside of this isolated island, in the area that’s walled off, is the home of the SS-level magical beast. It’s also surrounded by lots of S-level magical beasts. This is the reason why this isolated island doesn’t have any human traces…”

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S-level magical beasts. That was one of the settings Mirabelle had made for this world –

Mirabelle had separated the magical beasts according to the threat level, into SS, S, A, B, and C, five different levels.

Just one SS-level magical beast would likely be level 400, at the level of a walking calamity. At the very least, it would be stronger than a vampire royal. That was an SS-level magical beast.


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