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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1135 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 684 words
Editor(s): Yanga

A pair of blood-red eyes, sharp fangs, and a voracious1 gaze.

If one only looked at her face and ignored the voracious gaze, the fact of the matter was that—

This child was extremely cute! She was at least ten times cuter than all the beautiful girls I had seen in my past life. Her cute face made my heart beat faster in spite of myself.

It was a shame that such a beauty was gazing at me with a voracious2 gaze.

I knew that she wasn’t really in heat and the thing she was going to do next.

Her face drew closer to my neck, what she wanted to do was to pierce my neck with her sharp fangs and suck my blood.

For her to do something like that, there was only one possibility which came to mind—

——A vampire.

I thought these creatures only ever appear in novels and manga?

However, a living example was just right before my eyes.
This bloody reality made me feel dazed.
Moreover, why would I appear in this kind of place anyway?

“W- wait… where is this place?” I was a little confused and asked the ‘vampire-like’ girl in front of me.

In my panic, I pushed her off the bed, then jumped out of the bed myself and rushed towards the door.

Perhaps she never expected that I’d resist and push her off the bed, she was too late to react.

Taking full advantage of her lack of reaction, I tried to reach out to the door and placed my hand on the doorknob…

However, no matter how much I tried to turn it, the door just wouldn’t open. It seemed to be locked.

——No way……Tell me this is a lie!

I was overwhelmed by intense fear. Fear of being in an unfamiliar place, fear of what’s going to happen next, it was these feelings that had driven me to give up.

The girl from earlier had already gotten in front of me unknowingly. She was looking straight at me with those terrifying blood-red eyes of hers. This still unfamiliar body of mine started to shiver from fear.

She pushed me to the ground with overwhelming strength. I tried to move but was surprised to find that my body wouldn’t listen to my command. It was as though my body had completely fallen under her control.

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Unexpectedly, she actually moved her face under my skirt, in between my thighs. Then, aiming at a spot near my nether region3

She took a bite.

The ice-cold fangs pierced my fair skin and into my flesh, it was a pretty uncomfortable feeling. It was actually surprising how the vampire could easily pinpoint the location of the veins and suck the blood out of it.

I didn’t expect she would really turn out to be a vampire.
With everything that happened, it was finally clear to me she wasn’t cosplaying or anything remotely close to it.

This child was a bona fide vampire.

“Nghh, it hurts…”

I was in complete denial, I didn’t want to believe that a voice that was close to a moan actually came out of my own mouth.

It was really painful, this felt completely different than being bitten by a mosquito.

Who was it that said it would feel good to have your blood sucked by a vampire? Whoever says that to me in the future, I will make mincemeat out of them!

Those who never got to experience this personally would never understand the pain of having one’s blood sucked.

However, as more blood got sucked, that sense of pain was reduced slightly.

Hidden deep within my body was another strange feeling, it was painful yet itchy, a feeling that was hard to put into words. That feeling caused a moan to escape through my mouth involuntarily.

While I was assaulted by these strange feelings, my past memories began to surface—

Those weren’t memories belonging to this world.

If I was to describe it with words used in fiction stories, then those could be considered to be memories from my past life.


  1. Silva: For some reason, this has been censored in the raw, no idea what it meant. It can either be feverish or angry gaze, shrugs
  2. Silva: why would that be a shame? I’m starting to feel feverish might not be it.

    Dex: hungry or similar might work better here

    Yanga: not yuri enough tho

  3. Silva: No, it’s just her tight, but this feels better, huehuehue

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