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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 630 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 347 words
Cleaner: Deximus_Maximus

This is a world with lots of RPG elements. There are seven races altogether— Humanity (Human), Vampire (Undead), Beastman (Demi-Human), Elf (Forestkin), Angel (Supernatural), Demon (Supernatural), Dragon (Fantasy). Among them were the Angels and Demons that almost wiped each other out of existence, thus they were categorized in the same Supernatural group. The rest are the Human, Undead, Demi-Human, Forestkin, and Fantasy creatures.

The humans are more or less the strongest group and occupied most of the land.

Firstly, the Undead owned three to four small counties seized from the Forestkin and Humans. The lower right territories of the map were occupied by them. Then from the left to right, there are the Julia Empire, Mashu Duchy, and Gilbert Independent Kingdom occupied by the Humans.

Next, we have the three biggest territories owned by the Humans. The Religious Nation— Bell Theocracy. The Supreme Military Force— Julia Empire, and the Slave Driven Society— Gilbert Independent Kingdom.

The Julia Empire occupied the largest territory. Its national coat of arm consisted of an armor with two battle-axes forming a cross in the front. According to Heather, the source of its strength came from the imperial soldiers, powerful siege weapons, as well as the remnants of Holy Relics.

The Bell Theocracy is a nation with the deepest religious belief. Their national coat of arm was the image of a praying woman. Their Bureaucratic Hierarchy are decided by the purity of their Holy Magic. From the top the bottom, the ranks are: Pope, Saintess, Bishop, Priest, Deacon, Frater (female), Believer (Church member), Shepherd (Those who want to join the Church), and Acolyte (Those who are interested to join). The theocracy’s strength comes from the ten disciples of the Pope and the seven heroes.

Gilbert Independent Kingdom has a strong practice of slavery. Their national emblem is represented by a slanted hoe. The slave owners and landlords held the most power in this kingdom. Their national strength is made up of the slave army, which far surpasses the kingdom’s army in sheer number. Among the three biggest nations, they’re the weakest.

The author’s hand-drawn map (Will upload the cleaned version later when Dex is done):
map up


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