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Chapter 72 – The Beginning of the Plan (Part 2)

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2083 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1024 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Heather was just about to properly hug Mirabelle when a very loud sound came from right below her. It sounded as if a castle wall had collapsed?

‘Those elves are causing such a huge commotion? Do they really think that they can escape from the vampire princes?’


Heather didn’t care at all what happened downstairs as she hurriedly grabbed Mirabelle’s hand while immediately bringing the latter into her own room. Heather then locked the door before turning around and telling Mirabelle, “Stay by my side and don’t go anywhere! Do you understand?”


Mirabelle seemed quite obedient as Heather nervously held her hand. Heather then rummaged through her cabinet and found some handcuffs. She cuffed her own slender wrist with one cuff, and then immediately ordered Mirabelle, “Hurry and cuff yourself into the other one!”

Mirabelle actually didn’t hesitate at all as she placed her wrist in the other cuff. Heather then used her strength to tightly lock the handcuffs. She adamantly believed that nowhere would be safer than forcing Mirabelle to stay by her side.


Heather raised her arm which was tightly cuffed to Mirabelle, who raised her head to glance at Heather. Heather currently had a panicky expression as she looked directly at Mirabelle.

‘Does Master actually care about me so much?’

Mirabelle could only follow orders. She didn’t know what she should do at this time regardless. All she could do was tightly hold Heather’s hand so that the latter could feel slightly more reassured.

“Master, calm down. I’ll never leave Master…”

Mirabelle had blank eyes and was completely under Heather’s control. Heather instantly felt quite reassured after Mirabelle’s encouragement.

“Logically speaking, I should personally go down and take command in such an incident, but-”

Heather’s originally anxious expression eased significantly as she explained things to Mirabelle.

“If I go down now, someone might take the opportunity to steal you away while I’m busy fighting. I’m worried about that, which is why I’ve decided to guard this room…”

‘If that’s truly the case, then the explosion which happened downstairs was just a distraction. There are no elves who could possibly match the vampire princes’ power level. If there had been such an elf, then the elves would have made a direct attack instead. In that case, the only possibility is that this explosion was simply a tactic to attract attention. That’s why I need to calm down. As long as I remain calm, the elves’ pathetic and weak attacks can’t possibly steal away my most important treasure.’

Mirabelle remained sitting in an unfathomably deep cage. All she could see right now was Heather’s incredibly anxious expression.

‘So she actually has such an expression if I was to disappear.’

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Mirabelle wanted to take back control of her own body, and she wanted to escape from here, but she also didn’t want to see Heather with such a sad expression. Thus, Mirabelle felt emotionally conflicted inside. However, escaping was something that she had already decided upon, so she was going to try hard to succeed. Otherwise, she would be eternally imprisoned in this castle by Heather.

But, the current Mirabelle was unable to even move her body. All she could do was sink even deeper into the darkness. Mirabelle could only hope that her companions would come to save her and her mother-

At this moment, a person who wore a black cape broke into the room from the window. After she entered the room, she stood up, brought a dagger out from her waist, and stabbed towards Heather.


However, Heather turned around and simply used her hand to grab the sharp dagger.

“I see, you’re the only one who came, you little rat?”

Heather used all her strength to crush the dagger which injured her hand to tiny pieces. She then forcefully pushed the caped elf towards the wall, causing the elf to smash into the wall with a vicious impact. In fact, the impact even smashed the windowsill to pieces. The hat which had concealed the caped elf’s appearance fell off from her head.


Mirabelle, who was still ‘trapped in her own body’, was stunned when she saw the caped elf’s face.


Only that elf had such special long orange hair. Only she had those large orange eyes which were currently staring in Mirabelle’s direction. The elf’s mouth was currently bleeding. She reached out with her hand, wanting to grab Mirabelle. However, Heather then blocked her line of sight.

Heather didn’t notice that this elf girl was the same elf that Mirabelle had been carrying while running away from Heather on their first meeting. Heather wouldn’t pay attention to any elves’ appearances apart from Mirabelle’s cute face.

Nim called Mirabelle’s title. She wanted to awaken Mirabelle’s memories-



Mirabelle seemed as if she didn’t hear Nim at all as she stood completely still behind Heather’s back.

“It’s useless. Your princess has completely become my pet. She’s been injected with the virus, so she’s now my completely obedient puppet…”

Heather used her strength to completely crush the iron dagger she had grabbed with her hand. The dagger’s shards all fell onto the ground. Right after that, Heather’s hand, which had been cut up by the dagger shards, instantly restored itself.

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“Come. Those elves are such idiots, actually only sending you by yourself to save Mira. Did you really think that you could defeat me by yourself? Those ants really don’t treasure my Mira… Even if the elves steal you back, they wouldn’t treasure you, don’t you agree, Mira?”
“Master, you’re right…”

Mirabelle’s eyes were completely blank as she showed nothing but complete obedience to Heather.

When Nim heard Mirabelle’s words, she tried to refute them in a heavy tone.

“No… that’s not how it is…”

“Now then, once I finish dealing with these annoying insects, we’ll be able to have a blissful life together for the rest of our lives,” Heather stated while glancing at Mirabelle with an incomparably gentle expression. But, when Heather glanced once more at Nim, her eyes instantly became filled with killing intent.


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