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Chapter 68 – Facing Death (Part 2)

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1976 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 970 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

‘Hurry and let me go. Let… let go. Breathing… is already so difficult. So painful… Is my second life going to end right here? Meeting my parents like this doesn’t seem like a bad choice.’



‘——————N, no! Not a bad choice? How could this not be a bad choice? This is the world that I personally created. I haven’t even properly seen it yet. Why? Why did it have to be me?’

No matter if it was this life or her past life, she had strong regrets remaining.

Mirabelle was propelled by her strong desire to live – she did her very best to squeeze out a word from her throat.

“M… Master…”

Mirabelle kept calling out to Heather for mercy. She set aside everything else and pleaded to Heather.

Heather saw that Mirabelle had an expression of pain, which filled her heart with joy.

‘-As long as I use a little more strength, this weak life will die so easily. I don’t need anyone’s permission or agreement to execute an elf. I’m the vampire queen. Nobody can resist me. This is her punishment for deciding to transmit information on her master to others.’

However, in the end, Heather still released the elf in her hand.

-Heather wasn’t sparing Mirabelle. She just wanted Mira to live in this world and continue receiving punishment from her.

Once she killed all of those ants-

Mirabelle collapsed on the ground while coughing constantly. She inhaled fresh air in large gulps while her small and weak body curled up on the ground. She seemed like a weak animal trying to protect herself.

Heather felt even more pleased as she saw Mirabelle acting like this.

“Mira, my Mira, you must remember the oath that you’ve sworn. No matter where you escape to, I have so many methods to kill you, do you understand? So, I hope you can make a wise decision.”

Heather crouched down and looked at the weak lifeform on the ground.


Mirabelle tightly shut her eyes – she really regretted how she had sympathized with Heather before. Heather was her mortal enemy. This was an irrefutable fact. Additionally, Heather had even personally killed her parents. It had been such a gigantic mistake for her to sympathize with someone like this.

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As she was thinking this, Heather walked over and picked up the collar which was left on the ground, and then tightly snapped it around her neck again.

“You really are quite suited for wearing a collar. Now then, it’s about time to go out. Mira, hurry and stand up…”

Heather smiled happily as she glanced at the metal collar around Mirabelle’s neck.


Mirabelle obeyed and stood up. Heather immediately grabbed her by the collar and went to the changing room. Heather used a dry towel to wipe down Mirabelle who now had a listless expression, drying the latter’s wet hair and body.

“Ohoho, Mira is so cute, especially how you’re not even moving right now…”

Mirabelle didn’t move even one bit during the entire time that Heather wiped down her body.


More accurately, she was unable to control her body anymore!?

-Just what was going on!?

“This is a vampire ability – Charm. Basically, I can control a blood slave’s body. Once I unearth all the ants in this city, I’ll return your freedom to you-”

‘Control my body!? S… stop joking!?’

Mirabelle saw that Heather’s face had a terrifying expression which she had never seen before.

‘This is her true nature-’

Now that Mirabelle thought of this, she really wanted to slap herself several times.

Heather clothed Mirabelle in the maid attire and underwear from earlier and then gently patted her on the head.

“Good girl… no need to be in a rush. Those insects will definitely be eliminated from our sides after several months. At that time, we can be with each other forever.”

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-Several months!? Does that mean I wouldn’t have any control over my body for several months?

That absolutely wouldn’t do! Those several months represented an eternity of enslavement.

In these several months’ time, Heather would definitely use all her power to find the remaining elven royal guards who were hidden in the city. That was more than enough time-

Although Heather didn’t know how the elven royal guards had remained hidden for all this time, as long as the vampires used all their strength to search, several months was more than enough time to find them.

‘-This is bad. This absolutely won’t do. At that time, I’ll become completely isolated. By the time that I obtain the freedom to move my body again, I’ll probably become Heather’s blood slave for all eternity. I’ll be imprisoned here forever, without any chance of escaping.’

Mirabelle was extremely unwilling, yet – what could the current her even do? Mirabelle was nothing more than an elven princess whose abilities were currently sealed. She was incapable of doing anything. She could only be Heather’s puppet.

‘-Save me.’

Mirabelle felt as if she was locked in a cage that was unfathomably deep.

Another voice in her heart told her, ‘-Give up. There’s nothing bad about being her pet for your whole life.’

Even in Mirabelle’s previous life, she had a weak personality that loved to run away. It was as if this personality was urging her to give up on escaping from Heather.


Mirabelle was still unwilling.

Why did she have to experience such things? Both her parents had died. Mirabelle and her entire species had been enslaved by the evil vampires and had to rely on the vampires to survive.

Just what was the [meaning] of her being sent to this world? Mirabelle didn’t understand even now. This question sunk to the deepest part of the ocean together with her heart and soul.


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