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Chapter 4 – Death Followed By Reincarnation

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3241 characters
Translator: Neubulae English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1383 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

In a wooden house with an exotic style different from that of mankind, a mother-to-be sweated heavily with her eyes closed, as though she was enduring a strenuous task. In hope of alleviating some of her pain, the ladies around her held her hands tightly. Their appearances were noticeably different from humans, though minor. That was to say, they had long ears like those seen in video games —

They were elves.


A harsh and fierce sound painfully rang out from the bed. The people surrounding her could almost feel the pain she was suffering, but only she could truly understand this pain. Especially as someone who had never given birth to a child before.

— Indeed, she was delivering a child right now.

This was the fruit of engagement and love between her and her beloved, but he couldn’t be here at the moment. He wasn’t even in this territory, he was fighting for the survival of their kind in a battlefield far away – that was the responsibility of a man.

The madam here was the queen of the elves, her task was to give birth to the child. She was sweating a lot, the pain-killing elixir was already used up, but to no use. The pain was considerably overwhelming in every imaginable way, since it was rated 12 on the pain level chart, it was even more painful than a fractured finger, which was merely level 10.

The surrounding people stared at her on the bed, worried about her condition. She was taking too much time, there could be possibilities of complications. In a faraway land, a man stood upon the hill with his eyes shut. He already knew his wife was laboring, so he was very much concerned about her. In general, a good husband should be staying with his wife at this moment, but he wasn’t.

The reason was that he and his elven army were preparing to fight with them.
The chances of winning became so slim after they acquired “the thing”. It bolstered their power so much that the Fairy Forests beyond the territory could not stop their advance. That was taking into account how the elves were more skilled at guerrilla combat in the forests; but this time, their enemies were the vampires. With their power of monster manipulation and advanced regeneration, it was too difficult to hold up a hundred of them with a mere army of tens of thousands.

There were no ways of killing any of them. He couldn’t just swallow the fact. He punched the tree beside him, just to relieve some of his anger. This man was the ruler of the elves. Now his duty was to protect his people, it was indeed a heavy responsibility to bear. In short: If they lost the battle, the whole elf community would fall.

There were lots of elves that already fled, but many believed in him and remained. If he failed, the vampires would reign supreme.

Unfortunately, his wife was giving birth at this exact moment. Thus, he vowed to defend this battlefield no matter the cost, for his wife and his people. Meanwhile… On the plains not far from the hills, a girl who was wearing gothic lolita clothing stepped down from her throne.

She was hugging a doll rabbit, with “Yuuhime” written in a distorted fashion. Though the doll was ragged, it appeared to be particularly clean. It might be pushing it to call her a girl since she was merely 155 cm tall. Her gothic lolita dress was laced in black and white with rather fitting purple and black stockings. Her golden hair drooped down on her shoulders, over her hair was a little ponytail.

“How’s the battlefield’s situation?”

The loli came here on her own accord to learn about the situation.

“Master… why are you here?”
“You spent too much time on the conquest. I’ll do it myself,” the loli warned the commander.

He should’ve been the one in command and to decide the battleplans, but he didn’t dare to utter a single word in front of the master – angering her would simply lead to many severe consequences.

“Their only remaining troops are the ones ahead; there’s no more room for them to retaliate. We’ve also captured several of them.”

“Good, you can pull out. I can handle the rest…”

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“I’m afraid that you— uh, nothing. I’ll leave the rest to you, my almighty master…”

He didn’t want to inconvenience the master to handle such a small matter, but the loli stared back with her vertical slit pupil.

The sheer pressure was simply too staggering.

“Pull out, now.”
“Ye-yes! New order from the master: Pull out!”

The man stood on the hill and saw that the vampires had retreated. It was a peculiar moment — They would have seized the territory sooner than later, why? If they really retreated, it would be the most joyous occasion indeed, but he underestimated the situation.

This territory had already caught their attention, they would not simply give it up. The loli bit her finger with her sharp teeth and aimed it towards the troops.

Seeing that, the commander gulped in anxiety. Vampires use blood as a medium to summon and manipulate monsters.

And as the master of vampires, she obviously had a monster with strength beyond human understanding.

These drops of blood worked as a medium to summon an enormous monster with a blood-red magic circle. She had called upon the power of such a monster, compressing it into a golden cylinder, with a flow of blazing electricity tangled on her finger.

The compressed energy fired as a laser beam, vaporizing its target upon contact.


Screams started coming out from the troops, and only then did the man realize the danger – but it was already too late.

Reflected in his vision was the blood-red laser.
‘Will I die? Even before I get to see my child?’

The very moment he was vaporized by the laser, the child was born. The queen, exhausted from childbirth, had a maternal mortality rate of 50%. Unfortunately, she didn’t make it; however, the child was safe, she was the final survivor of the royal family.

The child slowly opened her eyes.
—’Huh? Where am I?’

She started observing everything around her with an infantile curiosity, but she wasn’t like a normal baby, born with innate innocence.

She was born with memories of a man — Nikaidou Yuuki’s memories.

Now he was a she. A female baby.

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She didn’t cry like a normal baby, but those around her cried out. They were the doctors and nurses who took care of the queen. They had cried out after learning of the death of their king.

Eh? Why are they crying?

She wanted to speak, but the only thing she could do was murmur. Those nurses had long ears, and looked like the characters she designed.

This place doesn’t look like a proper hospital… The house doesn’t look like a common house either and smells woody…

‘Does that mean, this is not the world I came from?’

After thinking to this point, the baby started swinging her legs. She was picked up by a nurse and got covered by a blanket.

“No time to mourn, we have to move before the vampires seize this place!”

The nurse stared at the others with dedication. The baby finally calmed down as she discovered something stranger, in the corner of her vision, there was a panel with some information on it.

Age: 10 minutes.

Huh, I’m pretty young. That should be my own personal information then.

It almost feels like an RPG game!

…so, am I in the world of one of the RPG’s I made? Did I really cross over?

She didn’t even think this cross-over scenario would happen, just like in the novels.

Name: Mirabelle Brillana
Gender: Female

Wait— Female??


Forget about other stats, why am I female?

I should be a male! Why did my gender get swapped when I was transported to this RPG world??

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She finally figured things out. Since she couldn’t see her body clearly, she could only worry about the data. Then, the unknown environment and sudden change to her gender gave her a panic attack —

She started crying.


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