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Chapter 5 – Data

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1974 characters
Translator: Neubulae English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 856 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

The girl sat inside a dimmed room, surrounded by the environment that made up her “house.” It was a rather crude and simple house that didn’t seem lived in, air filled with the smell of mold.

The house was meant to be a temporary shelter, nobody lived nor used this place for a long time. On the ground, there was only a simple bed with two ragged pillows.

Though everything looked fine, these were merely things that they hastily grabbed from the palace before the raid. This had become their home for the past 15 years… In the end, it was just a glorified basement.

The girl was forced out of her homeland for 15 years. The territory beyond the barrier no longer belonged to them.

“What a harsh situation…”

She even lost the right to stand under the sun or to go outside. The loli, or rather, the little girl since the concept of “loli” was absent in the otherworld— was named Mirabelle Brillana.

Mirabelle Brillana was Nikaidou Yuuki who had been transported from a different world.

She had to rely upon her “mother” to survive here. Her mother, or stepmother, was Joanna Dorothea. She tried to cover up her mother’s death and told white lies to her, but Mirabelle already knew everything.

Maybe Joanna thought that she owed her mother a lot, so she decided to cover it up to prevent the fact from overwhelming her. But she didn’t feel anything even though she was fully aware of the truth.

She had died before there was even a chance to get to know her, the only emotion left would be gratitude for being born. Her memories, 20 years of memories, the memories right until he was murdered by his sister, remained intact in her brain.

The fact that she was a girl gave her shivers. She would never let a guy get too close to her. Not just because elves only had a 50% chance of living while delivering a child, but also because of her old memories. This was her natural orientation, men nauseated her.

Mirabelle was around 140 cm, her pupils were shaped like maple leaves, and her ears were lengthened and sensitive. She was born with majestic aqua hair, she appeared to be a bit too thin, but she was still well-developed. Her skin white as snow, it almost felt juicy and pinchable. But her clothing was too big, they didn’t fit at all. She walked around with her clean, white legs exposed.

“Why isn’t she back yet…? It’s so late…”

Mirabelle was waiting for her mother, who’d usually be home early. But not today. Mirabelle focused her vision in the corner to read the information panel.

Name: Mirabelle Brillana
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Race: Elf
Level: Lv. 0
Health (HP): 100/100
Mana (MP): 50/50
Strength: 10
Agility: 20
Endurance: 20
Intelligence: 400
Physical Attack: 2
Hit: 10
Dodge: 20%
Critical chance: 0%

Mirabelle read through all of these in a worrying manner, she was too weak! Especially when she noticed she was Lv. 0, it was simply a headache. She couldn’t find any way to increase her level for 15 years, thus the stats hadn’t changed.

The intelligence level was nice though, it fit for someone who had 20 years of experience. The others, not so much.

She couldn’t even lift up 2 books with a strength of 10. Since she spent her entire life here, how did she discover that it was the game she designed? Simple, the fairytales within the books were just simple rewrites of Andersen’s Fairy Tales. She was the one who rewrote them, so it was noticeable.

After confirming that, she believed it was the world she created. Everything was designed by her, including the power system and the environments.

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That is to say: She was the creator of the world. But she wasn’t any sort of omnipotent creator, she was even weaker than a little girl!

If there was anything that wasn’t familiar–
The vampires, they were the exception.

According to her settings, vampires didn’t rule half of the world, instead it was the supernatural beings such as demons. But their existence seemed to have been erased. The heroes should be fighting against the demons or the demon king.

But now they were vampires?

She didn’t confirm the existence of supernaturals or demons, but it shouldn’t be that different from her conjecture. But, it made no sense for her to be this weak if this was indeed the game she was developing. She read a lot of fantasy novels, but a trashy setting like this was fundamentally unheard of.

‘Why am I so weak!?’

If she had a choice, she really wanted to have another chance at reincarnating. She remembered that even human children had a strength of 20.

Was she weaker than human children??

She stomped angrily. The world had too much bias against her, she was not satisfied with what she received. Just then, she heard the sound of the door opening, she knew someone was entering.

And thus, she stepped towards the door…


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