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Chapter 3 – Interlude

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2533 characters
Translator: Neubulae English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1140 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus


Rion never expected her brother to say something like that to her, but it was already too late for any regrets; she tried to calm her heart with her hand that was full of her brother’s blood. Rion hugged her beloved brother, then smiled in fulfillment and happiness. So that’s why they said in the novels, the ultimate happiness is to die with your beloved. Rion felt extremely blissful at that moment despite being destined to live without happiness the day she was born.

Aaah, that’s wrong, Rion’s ultimate happiness is to have such a brother.
Brother will never cheat on me, it must be that woman who forced him to do so.
It must be so! Well, it doesn’t matter anymore, brother is already dead.

Nothing would change even if she continued to think about that woman. After that— it had already reached a point of no return.

Time for me to die.

Rion had always been thinking about this moment since the moment she was born. Living in this world was way too painful. If she weren’t sick in the first place, she surely wouldn’t give up that easily.

—But as a matter of fact, she lost everything at the very beginning.

She put the knife on the ground, gently touched her brother’s face with her tainted hands, and smiled with joy. Then she lowered her head and pecked him on the cheek.

“We will be together in the afterlife. If the afterlife is real, Rion won’t let you get away anymore, dear brother.”

After saying that, Nikaidou Rion picked up the knife.

The tip of the knife was aimed at her heart. This was the heart that made her suffer. So the only thing left to do was—

To shut it down and stop that noisy heart from beating once and for all

“Rion will die together with her precious brother! So exciting! Anything that gets in my way to stay with my brother deserves death! This pesky thing, it ruined Rion’s chance to get with brother, ruined the chance to be with him forever…”

Rion cried in anger, then stabbed her own heart using the sharpest tip without any hesitation. She died in peace. To Rion, who had been suffering for a long time, the feeling of gradually losing body heat while being in the embrace of her loved one brought her euphoria. That surely brought a smile to her face.

“Now, nothing stands between me and my brother.”

They both collapsed onto the ground. Since the strike was critical, her pain didn’t last long. Blood dripped from the corner of her mouth, the doll-like girl lied on the thighs of the boy and slowly closed her eyes.

Two lives silently perished that night, their bodies found a whole night after that.

If Yuuki didn’t call that worker to fix the circuit breaker, maybe their bodies wouldn’t have been discovered that soon. After calling the police and the ambulance, the Nikaidous gathered inside the room.

The Nikaidou family was a large family with a lot of businesses, so journalists also gathered there. Their cameras were pointing towards the Nikaidou’s relatives, interviewing them. They already started arguing after witnessing both the heirs dead. Their goals were simple: Their parent’s inheritance.

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The crime scene indicated that Nikaidou Rion held the tool of murder. And the inspection further indicated that only Rion’s fingerprints were on it, but it still wasn’t convincing that it was Rion who killed her own brother.

And… Nikaidou Rion was a 14 year-old girl, why and how would she murder her own brother like that? Especially when he was so much stronger and taller?

How could it be done without somebody assisting?

Thus, the police started tracing the clues. They also considered another possibility: Who would receive the most benefit if both of them died?

Obviously, those relatives.

The police then concluded that they are the suspects, and started preparing for each of their interrogations.

— The chief detective took a seat near the table.

“I’ve heard that Nikaidou Rion applied for discharge by herself, a patient with such a serious disease should hand in the application under the supervision of her family member… Did all of you approve it, just because it was too much of an expense to take care of her?”

“How the heck can I know that?! Go ask the others! Dammit, why so bothersome even after being dead? Two little 𝓫𝓪𝓼𝓽𝓪𝓻𝓭𝓼.”

The seemingly rude male was the uncle of Nikaidou Yuuki, the vice-president of the corporation where Yuuki used to work. He was also the primary suspect since he wanted to get a hand on more shares of the company, he had the motive to commit murder.

He wasn’t the only suspect though, there were three of them who had the right of inheritance. They were all detained and interrogated there. The secondary suspect was Yuuki’s paternal aunt. She was the secretary who owned a large part of the inheritance since she was both an investor and a family member.

“You handed in the discharge application for Nikaidou Rion, right?”
“No! Not me… I have never done that, this has nothing to do with me!”

She looked at the corpses while breaking out in cold sweat nervously.

The tertiary suspect was Yuuki’s maternal aunt, the calmest among the three.

“You are the biggest shareholder of the corporation, so you ought to be the one who inherits the whole company, but did you instigated Rion to kill Yuuki, just because they are a burden?”
“No, it’s simply a misunderstanding. I might the biggest shareholder, but why would I commit murder with such humiliating means?”

All three of them insisted that it was none of their business, yet it didn’t clear their name as suspects. So they were all taken to the police station for further investigation. The Nikaidou’s properties were frozen while the investigation was ongoing.

— Investigate as they might, however, the dead would never come back.

Nikaidou Yuuki’s fiancée, Mamoru Mayuko, was crying and chasing the hearse that carried Yuuki’s body.

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— They were not simply just a pair of couples. They were schoolmates, they spent quite a large amount of time with each other, they had a foundation of love.

She carried on chasing until the hearse arrived at the funeral parlor.

She also cried really hard on the day of the funeral. Her father tried to calm her down, but she was still too sad.

–He was already long gone.

She cried like a child every time she thought about that. It was raining that day, just like god was also crying.

An irritating smile was left on Rion’s photo, almost like saying “You all deserved that!” Nobody dared to stare into her ice-cold pupils.

The girl born with misfortune, gifted her smile to the world as a curse.


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