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Chapter 35 – Walking in the City

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2509 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1425 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Mirabelle had a really helpless expression as she stood next to Heather. Lucy had brought Mirabelle to Heather’s room after they toured the entire castle. Mirabelle only returned to her senses after the door behind her slammed shut with a heavy thud.

Mirabelle had to admit that she obtained a lot of useful information. She had also mostly memorized the layout of the castle. She remembered the entire layout, apart from the basement which was forbidden for her to go to. She would even be capable of drawing a map of the castle now. All that remained was to deal with the two difficult problems of how to meet her mother and how to deal with this damned collar.

It was especially important to her to deal with the damned collar, as she didn’t want to wear such a humiliating item for even one second longer. Heather had half-forcibly placed this collar on her neck. She wanted to get rid of the collar right this second.

Heather spoke to Mirabelle as she sensed the latter’s arrival.

“How were things? From now on, you’ll always be living together with me in this castle…”

This basically sounded like house arrest.

“Um… Master, will I be unable to… ever go out again?”
“No, you’ll have chances to go out. However, that will depend on getting me into a good mood. And when we go out, you’re not allowed to take even one step away from my side. You’re also forbidden from looking around everywhere. Yep, it’s just a few restrictions for now. I’ll tell you more restrictions later when I think of them.”

‘Just a few restrictions for now? It’s already so many, okay? It might even be better to be under house arrest in the castle.’

Mirabelle had a really helpless expression. She wanted freedom, and the chance to act freely.

“Then, will Mira take a walk together with me?” Heather spoke to Mirabelle in a teasing tone.

Mirabelle couldn’t do anything currently. It wasn’t like she could resist Heather’s order to walk together with her.

“Of course…”
“That’s good, then. Come take a walk together with me in the city…”

Honestly, Heather didn’t want to walk outside during the day. The sun wouldn’t make her feel uncomfortable at all, but her abilities would be really limited when under the sunlight, which was why she didn’t really want to go outside during the day.

However, Mirabelle was different. She was filled with curiosity about the outside world. Plus, Mirabelle was an elf, a different species that required sunlight. That was the girl known as Mirabelle Brillana.

Heather and Mirabelle got on a horse-drawn carriage which headed for the central district. Both wore veils that concealed their identities, as neither wanted to expose who they were.
Heather’s identity would give her a great deal of difficulty if she was seen outside on the street. As for Mirabelle, she concealed her elven ears and hair color, which was quite easy to understand. She was the elven princess, so her ear had a mark similar to a crown, which made her easily recognizable. Additionally, she was wearing a stone that Heather had given to her.

This was a stone that was capable of hiding her blood scent. If Heather didn’t do this, it would be quite easy to recognize Mirabelle simply from her blood scent. Thus, Mirabelle had to hide her identity.

As for Heather… even now, Mirabelle still didn’t know who Heather really was. Heather was unwilling to have any servants accompany her other than the icy and beautiful maid Lucy.
Mirabelle didn’t really count as being Heather’s servant. She was wearing lace attire similar to Heather’s right now, as if they were two very good friends who were out having fun in the city.

Mirabelle felt it was nice that she didn’t need to wear maid attire, but she was still wearing a dress.

‘Honestly, I have no interest in wearing female clothing. If I have a chance, I absolutely won’t wear something so girly.’

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Mirabelle still subconsciously viewed herself as a guy. Even though her previous pajamas were also really cute, that was still much better than the current dress she was wearing.
Heather pulled Mirabelle by the arm and out of the carriage after they reached the city’s central district.

“Um… Miss Lucy isn’t coming with us?”

Mirabelle felt rather awkward about being together alone with Heather, so she asked a question.

“No, there’s no need for her to come with us. Her job is to ensure that a carriage comes to pick us up when we go back. It will only be me, walking together with my ‘pet’…”

Mirabelle wasn’t happy at all regarding how easily Heather referred to her as a pet.

“Hey there, you don’t need to be so unhappy, do you? I’m merely holding you by the wrist for this walk. You should be really grateful that I’m not using a chain leash around your neck instead…”

Indeed, a majority of ‘elf pets’ out on the street were being dragged around by chain leashes on their collars. Heather’s treatment was already rather good in comparison.

The elves who resided in the houses for lower-class residents were already out working. They had the responsibility of ensuring the food supply for their own species. Basically, they needed to “work” in order to obtain “a limited amount of freedom”.

The vampires didn’t need to eat the elves’ food, as vampires simply drank blood. Thus, the majority of the food that the elves produced would be used for elves in the production facilities or elves being raised by vampire nobles.

It was a really tragic fate, even for the elves being raised as pets.

However, it had to be said that the elves being raised as pets by vampire nobles were already really fortunate in comparison to other elves.

Thus, Mirabelle was already far more fortunate than other elves.

‘But, with how things are, it’s far too tragic… our entire species can only survive by serving the vampires. We can only obtain happiness by acting as ‘pets’ for our enemies who enslaved our entire species.’

Mirabelle was filled with sadness as she thought about this.


Heather naturally used mind-reading to sense Mirabelle’s sadness since they were right next to each other, which made Heather begin to regret taking Mirabelle outside. Wouldn’t letting Mirabelle see this only make her want to escape even more?

“Hey, Mira, let’s walk around this street…”

Although Mirabelle felt really sad inside, she pretended like nothing was wrong at all on the surface. Heather continued to lead her around on this street. Suddenly, Heather pulled her into a place that seemed like a café.

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This café was really extravagant. The counter was made of wood. The sofas were really soft. It seemed really modern. Basically, it seemed like a café that one would find in modern-day western Europe.

The café had a scent that resembled jasmine. Mirabelle didn’t really understand why jasmine was being used here. Perhaps this scent was useful for inducing vampires’ appetites? Mirabelle had no idea.

The only thing Mirabelle had no idea regarding the game’s data was the vampires’ settings.
There was a normal number of customers in the café, filling up approximately half the store.

“Welcome, my lovely two ladies. What would you like?”

Heather tugged the collar on Mirabelle’s neck to indicate that Mirabelle was only a “pet”.

“Bring something that this child can eat. As for me, I’ll just have regular blood tea.”

Mirabelle really hated having her collar being tugged on like this. It felt really strange to her, making her feel as if she was a puppy being dragged by a leash on her neck while out on a walk, then meeting an acquaintance and telling the acquaintance what her name was.
It felt really strange to be treated as a pet.

However, that was how things were here. Mirabelle despaired about it, but what could she even do? What could she possibly do with her strength?

The vampire server saw the marking on Mirabelle’s collar and realized that the marking indicated the master was someone incredible, as only that incredible person’s pet would be allowed to wear this marking.

The middle-aged vampire widened his eyes in surprise, but then immediately smiled and adopted a cautious attitude as he brought them over to a window seat.

“Please have a seat and wait a moment. We’ll immediately bring what you requested…”


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