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Chapter 34 – Castle (part 2)

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1871 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 977 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

The blonde vampire looked at Mirabelle with curiosity.

Mirabelle was unafraid as she looked directly into his blood-red eyes which were filled with danger. She understood that this playboy male vampire was really powerful. However, Mirabelle had always hated handsome playboys, so she felt nothing but loathing towards this type of man.

“So you’re the blood slave that Heather purchased? Indeed, you’re really high quality. With such an alluring scent, I really want to pounce on your neck and viciously bite in…”

Mirabelle felt like goosebumps were popping up on her skin after hearing him say something so perverted. She never expected him to say something so disgusting. Mirabelle thus hid herself behind Lucy, who acted like a guardian god that protected Mirabelle behind her.

“I told you before to stop saying things that sound like sexual harassment. Also, you’re forbidden from getting close to this child. Otherwise, I’ll immediately have Milady Heather come over and make you taste what it’s like to want to die…”
“Milady Heather? How scary…”

The blonde vampire didn’t show any fear at all despite what he just said. Before Mirabelle even realized what happened, his body suddenly flew into the air.


Mirabelle made a sound of confusion.

The blonde vampire’s body crashed with a tremendous impact into the castle wall. A large hole in the wall appeared at the impact point as a large amount of dust fell off the wall.

Still, none of the dust reached Mirabelle, because the blonde vampire’s body had actually flown a distance of several hundred meters.

Mirabelle glanced over at Lucy who had an expression of loathing. Without a doubt, Lucy had done that to the blonde vampire just now. Mirabelle never expected that Lucy was capable of kicking an adult vampire with such great force, all the way to the distant castle wall. Additionally, Lucy had accomplished it at a speed that Mirabelle wasn’t even able to see.

Still, Mirabelle wasn’t surprised by this, since she already knew Lucy’s power level from appraising it before her abilities were sealed.

Lucy was level 300, which was really high even amongst the vampires.

“Tsk, so this much wasn’t enough to kill you after all?”
“Oh my, I’d really like to die as well, but heaven doesn’t have a place for me…”
“Someone like you deserves only to go to hell.”

However, the playboy vampire acted like nothing had happened to him at all as he climbed out of the rubble from the castle wall. He used his hand to pat the snow-white cape that he was wearing.

“How annoying, my clothes got dirty…”
“Let me warn you that this kick was just a warning. If you dare to get any closer to Milady’s blood slave, then this won’t end with just a simple kick. I’ll have Milady personally come deal with you…”

Lucy gave off a powerful aura as she icily glared at the blonde vampire. However, the blonde vampire only waved his gloved hand.

“Okay, okay~ I’ll stop, then. It would be suicide for me to do such a thing in Heather’s territory…”
“You won’t die regardless, though?”
“That’s true. Still, Heather is like a demon when she’s angry. Forget it, little elf. The two of us weren’t meant to be for each other.”

‘Who would want to be with someone as disgusting as you? Luckily, he didn’t touch me. I would have to disinfect anywhere that he touched me.’

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Lucy and Mirabelle both relaxed and sighed deeply after he gradually left.

“He’s such an annoying man… it would be best for you to not get close to him, since he’s far scarier than you can imagine…”

‘I can understand why you think that.’

Mirabelle mentally categorized the blonde vampire as someone dangerous.

Additionally, Mirabelle felt like she was beginning to idolize Lucy. She never expected that Lucy would be so strong and even seem so cool. This was the exact opposite effect of what Lucy had wanted.

Mirabelle continued to follow after Lucy. They went through the courtyard, through various corridors in the castle, and reached the rear garden.

The rear garden was obviously a place where many flowers were planted. There was indeed a door leading outside here, but it was heavily guarded.

Basically, there were three obstacles to Mirabelle obtaining her freedom.
The first was the wall around the castle itself. This wall was heavily guarded.
The second wall was the inner city wall which separated the flourishing central city district from the poorer districts.
The third wall was the wall around the outside of the city. This wall was mostly in order to repel invaders.

The castle had two doors; one front door and one rear door. Mirabelle would only be able to escape from one of these two doors. However, both doors were heavily guarded by a tremendous number of vampires. It likely wouldn’t be easy for her to go outside with her status as a blood slave.

Just what could she do? Mirabelle lowered her head and seriously considered this question as she thought about the methods she could use. Still, the possibility of her escaping all by herself was zero. Right now, she could only wait for Heather to let down her guard and receive a chance to meet her mother. That way, she could obtain outside information, such as where the remaining elf royal guards were hiding.

However, it was really unlikely that she would be able to meet her mother. For Heather to relax her guard, this would likely take at least three or four months. Mirabelle would go insane if she had to wait for that long. She wouldn’t know what she might become like. Thus, Mirabelle could only place her hopes on the elf royal guards, who could barely even protect themselves right now.


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