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Chapter 33 – Castle (Part 1)

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1910 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1008 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Mirabelle followed Lucy to the courtyard and looked at the expanding scenery before her. The castle wall was made from stone bricks. The courtyard was filled with greenery and various types of flowers. This really did seem like an incredibly beautiful place.

However, she also felt that the staircase leading down here was incredibly narrow and long.

“Ohh, this really is a nice place…”

Mirabelle looked around her with interest. However, this place really was too big. It would take a great deal of effort to escape from here.

The stone walls were really tall. It also seemed that there were no houses in this area at all. It would be almost impossible to climb over the walls, as she would surely fall and break all her bones if she tried climbing the walls with her physical stats, even if she modified her personal stats.

She wouldn’t be able to escape by climbing the walls. This meant that she could only exit through the front door.

It would have been nice if she had powerful explosives that could destroy the castle walls, but obviously she didn’t have such a thing available to her at all.

“This is the courtyard. Milady often walks here as well, so you’ll occasionally have to come here at nighttime to accompany Milady…”
“Did you not hear me? I just said that you’ll have to accompany Milady here at nighttime.”
“Ohh, I understand.”

Lucy was highly dissatisfied with Mirabelle’s absent-minded attitude. She felt that Mirabelle was nothing more than a pet that Heather spoiled, yet Mirabelle dared to not even listen to Lucy’s words.

However, Lucy was unable to directly do anything to Mirabelle. Heather had commanded Lucy that she wasn’t allowed to leave even a single injury on the pet’s body.

‘Wait a moment… Even if I can’t leave any injuries, I still have other methods available to me. There are plenty of methods out there that can force her to submit without leaving any injuries.’

Mirabelle started feeling really afraid even before Lucy started looking at the prior’s back with a really dark expression.

Not many vampires had been around during the day, but Mirabelle currently felt a great deal of attention focused on her. It felt like the vampires were all staring at her with gazes filled with lust, which scared Mirabelle.

“Is that the elven princess?”
“I could smell her blood from so far away…”
“That’s right, she’s a thing that Her Majesty purchased by spending a great deal of money. Since she’s so precious, Her Majesty put a collar on her…”
“I see. In that case, let’s stop talking about her. We’ll really suffer if Her Majesty learns that we’ve been talking about her…”
“You’re right…”

Mirabelle constantly heard the vampires’ comments.
Lucy spoke in a stern tone from next to her.

“Rest assured. It’s completely different if you accompany Milady versus accompanying me here. You should know that Milady is an absolute existence in this castle, and that not a single person dares to defy her…”

Mirabelle couldn’t help but wonder about her master’s identity. Just who could Heather be for all the vampires to be so afraid of her?

Still, Lucy’s tone was treating her like an object. Well, she really was an object now. She was simply a moving blood bank that the vampire noble Heather had purchased, nothing more.

Mirabelle was just refusing to admit that she was an object, while still feeling like she was a noble existence.

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“What’s going on?”

Mirabelle’s tiny sigh still managed to attract the icy maid’s attention.

“It… it’s nothing…”
“You don’t have a fever or any illness, do you?”
“N… no, I was just sighing…”
“That’s good, then…”

Lucy seemed to heave a sigh of relief to hear Mirabelle reply that she wasn’t feeling ill.

“Are you that worried about my physical condition?”
“Of course I am. Miss Mirabelle, you need to provide blood to Milady on a daily basis. It will be my responsibility if you get some illness that causes your blood to become unhealthy…”

‘Isn’t this maid being way too serious? Still, it’s rather disappointing that she doesn’t care about my physical condition for my well-being at all.’

Mirabelle and Lucy walked next to each other in the corridor. Every unfamiliar vampire who passed by would be astonished by Mirabelle’s presence, especially since her blood spread such an alluring scent far and wide. It would be almost impossible for her to not attract the vampires’ attention.

None of the vampires even dared to look at Mirabelle for long after seeing the collar on her neck and Lucy next to her who had such a vicious expression.
Mirabelle and Lucy were about to turn the corner when they met a blonde-haired handsome man who wore rather normal clothing that looked much better than what the vampires typically wore.

“Sniff sniff. No wonder there was such an alluring blood scent in the air tonight. I met you simply by following the scent trail… Miss Lucy, you’re still as beautiful as always. Hmm? Ahh, so you were the one giving off this wonderful scent, Miss Elf? No, such an alluring scent could only come from elven royalty. This means that you’re the elven princess?”

Just as Mirabelle was thinking about how to respond… “Hey, we’re really busy right now. Could you please get out of the way?” Lucy reached out with her hand and put Mirabelle behind her as she spoke in an icy tone. She glared at the man with killing intent in her eyes.

“Don’t act so heartless. We’re engaged to each other, you know?”
“Really? I don’t know any playboy like yourself. If you dare to try and do anything to Miss Mirabelle, don’t blame me for not showing any mercy.”
“You have such a scary expression. Did you forget your place just because you gained Heather’s favor?”

The blonde vampire came closer and felt the alluring scent on Mirabelle’s body even more strongly than before.


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