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Chapter 17 – Blood Slave

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2439 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1293 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Meanwhile, Mirabelle’s luck wasn’t as good. The vampire girl carried her back to the auction house’s entrance and onto a horse-drawn carriage.

At this time, rain started pouring down slowly, as if a faucet was gradually being turned on.
Heather placed Mirabelle on her thigh… and gave a command to the maid in front of her.

“We need to hurry and return, Lucy. I don’t want my clothes to become wet.”
“Understood, Milady…”

Mirabelle fainted, maybe because she was too afraid. That’s perfect, since her being unconscious means that she won’t be able to resist the upcoming divine ceremony.

“Haha… once you wake up, you’ll greet an entirely different new life, my little princess…”

Lucy had never witnessed her master showing such an expression to anyone other than the rabbit doll she possessed named “Yuuki” before.


A burly man immediately blocked the horse-drawn carriage, getting in the way of the blonde-haired girl.

When Lucy stopped the horse-drawn carriage… the man angrily walked over towards her direction. Lucy knew quite well what this man wanted, but she still intentionally asked out loud.

“What business do you have?”
“You’ve already taken back your pet, right? She was the one who stole my pet! Give your master’s pet to me as compensation. Otherwise, don’t think about leaving here…”

This man intended to use violence to steal her master’s pet?

‘You’re so naïve. You don’t even know who Milady really is.’
“What’s the matter? It’s so noisy. This better not wake my pet up from her nap…”

The blonde-haired girl was no longer wearing her veil when she slowly came out of the carriage.

The man was really frightened when he saw her face.

“Who are you? Do you have business with me?” Heather inquired.
“No… I don’t need anything at all. Please do whatever you like here. I really didn’t know what was good for me… I truly apologize!”

The man immediately bowed and apologized to her. It seemed like he was almost about to start kowtowing. He then ran away from here at top speed, as if he was trying to escape something.

“Milady, is it alright if your identity is exposed?”
“It’s fine. I’ve already remembered his face. If he dares to talk about this, I shall punish him. Now’s not the time to think about such things. My current responsibility is to go back and properly enjoy the sweet sweat from that elf’s body. That’s all.”
“Yes, Milady!”

When Mirabelle woke up, she discovered that two of the blonde vampire girl’s sharp fangs were sunk deep into the inner portion of her white and tender thigh.

“Ouch, ouch… s… stop…”

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Mirabelle couldn’t believe that her voice was moaning like this. Was she really making such sounds of comfort from her mouth? …Why did it feel so comfortable to have her blood sucked?

The blonde-haired loli continued to use her cherry lips to suck on Mirabelle’s thigh. Heather kept savoring the taste of Mirabelle’s warm blood in her mouth.

‘As I thought, this is truly delicious. As expected of my special blood slave.’

The blonde-haired loli then stopped appropriately after draining a considerable amount of blood. She didn’t want such a delicious source of food to end up dying because she was too greedy, after all. Not to mention, she had purchased Mirabelle for more than just to drink blood…

“You damned vampire! You dare to bite me… down there, you… you ***! Pervert!”

Mirabelle had hardly ever touched herself down there before. Naturally, she felt quite a lot of discomfort after being bitten on her thighs. Right now, Mirabelle’s face was bright red like an apple.

“Thank you for your praise. Still, please pay attention to your tone. You now belong to me, and I am your master. You dare to speak to your master like this?”

The blonde-haired loli pinched Mirabelle’s chin and spoke in a severe tone.

Mirabelle suddenly felt as if the bite on her leg was burning, causing her to cover the bite with her hands due to pain.


This burning sensation lasted for several dozen seconds before it gradually faded.

“W… what was that!?”

Mirabelle saw what appeared to be an elegant butterfly marking on her thigh. Naturally, she didn’t know what this was, as she knew very little about the world. However, she felt like this couldn’t possibly be anything good for her. Thus, Mirabelle decided to ask the vampire.

“Hey, what is this?”
“Hey? Ha, you dare to address your master like this? Listen up, my name is Heather Alliyah. I am your master. In the future, you can only address me as ‘Master’. Do you understand?”
“Who would call you such a thing? Don’t think that I’d be afraid of you just because you act like this. I… I definitely won’t submit to you!”

Heather immediately slapped Mirabelle on the face.

“Shut up! You’re just my blood slave. Stop blabbering…”

Mirabelle felt a fiery pain on her cheek as she looked at Heather’s crimson eyes. Mirabelle began to simultaneously feel aggrieved and afraid.

“You… what do you want to do!?”
“Right now, nothing. I’m merely going to explain to you what this marking here means…”

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As she said this, the blonde-haired loli, or Heather, placed her slender fingers on the inner portion of Mirabelle’s thigh that she had just bit, on top of the butterfly-like marking.

“This marking is evidence that you’ve now become my blood slave…”
“Blood slave!? You… you’re lying to me! Mother told me that becoming a blood slave requires 24 hours, yet only a few minutes have passed!”
“Well, that’s right. Your mother is indeed correct. However, I hope that you can understand that I’m different from those low-level vampires. I am a vampire noble. If I will it, I can instantly make you into my blood slave without even having to suck your blood…”

Vampire noble? Mirabelle had never heard of such a thing before. Still, she did her best to remain calm although she asked Heather her next question in a trembling voice.

“What will happen after becoming a blood slave?”

As previously mentioned, she wasn’t the one who designed the vampires’ settings. Nor had her mother ever told her anything about the vampires. That was why Mirabelle didn’t know much about the vampires.

“Well, if you go a single day without me sucking your blood, you’ll feel incredible discomfort? You’ll also become more and more addicted to having me suck your blood. It’s kind of like getting addicted to drugs. But, rest assured, as my blood slave, I’ll make sure that you don’t run out of blood even if I suck your blood every day~”
“W… what?”

‘The hell with that! How could you say such a cruel thing so easily?’

Mirabelle hurriedly opened up her personal status. She then saw a new status condition that kept flashing in her status window. Mirabelle glanced at it, which was the equivalent of moving her mouse over to this spot, causing this status condition’s detailed description to appear in front of her.

On the species line of her status, it now said…

Blood slave. Withdrawal symptoms will appear if you don’t have your blood sucked for one day.

‘Is… is this for real? I need to have my blood sucked by her every day!?’

Additionally, this was a permanent status condition, just like Mirabelle’s personal attributes. No debuff curing potion would possibly be able to cure this condition.

Nikaidou Yuuki became a vampire’s blood slave on his very first attempt to leave his home and start his adventure.

Mirabelle felt that this was truly sad.

“What’s with you? Are you not happy to become my blood slave?”
“Please just kill me…”


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