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Chapter 10 – Turn a Blind Eye

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3046 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1738 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Mirabelle hurriedly ran towards the central part of town. She was in poor physical condition. Her Stamina stat was only around 20. Having only 20 in Stamina meant that she would become exhausted after just a few steps. Basically, her body was incredibly weak.

Still, her home wasn’t that far away from the central part of town. She soon reached the inner city gate. She would be able to reach the central street but two vampires were guarding the inner city gate. They were yawning as they stood at the gate’s exit and inspected every person who wanted to go out.

However, they completely ignored the gate’s entrance.

—Why was this?

Mirabelle didn’t understand what the vampires were thinking. Still, she angrily clenched her tiny fists.

She had seen vampires before—

Long ago, when she had still been a baby, she already saw these greedy and dirty vampires. She had witnessed how the vampires destroyed her home while transforming the elves into their blood slaves. More importantly—

Her birth parents had been killed by these damned vampires. Even if Mirabelle’s adoptive mother had never told her about this incident… Mirabelle already knew that this had happened. Right now, Mirabelle was finding it difficult to suppress the anger in her heart. She really wanted to cut up these two vampire guards. Such a feeling kept spreading in her mind.

‘Calm down. Now’s not the time to take revenge on them.’

Her mother would die if she didn’t hurry. HP represented how healthy someone was. No matter how serious the injury, a person would still remain alive as long as they had 1 HP remaining. This also meant that her mother would die the moment that her HP reached zero.

Thus, Mirabelle retracted her tiny head slightly. She concealed her long hair and pointy ears underneath her cape. She had to admit that a girl’s body was quite convenient at such a time. Her small body wouldn’t be discovered easily as she infiltrated the inner city.

Not to mention—

There were also many other “elves” who also wanted to go to the central street. These elves provided a perfect camouflage for Mirabelle. She mixed among them and reached the central street.

Mirabelle began to observe the other elves. Most of them had dark expressions. Their necks had special vampire markings, indicating that they belonged to the vampires. Any elf who had been bitten more than five hours ago would become something like a servant to the vampires.

At any rate, any elves with a vampire marking would have to obey the vampires’ commands in the future, even though the vampires were the enemy.

When Mirabelle passed by the two vampire guards, she heard part of their small talk.

“Let me tell you, elven girls taste really wonderful…”
“I should go to an auction or pet shop to see if there are any new ‘products’ when I have the free time…”

Just from the vampires’ small talk, it was obvious that this was so ironic for her—

An originally independent species was now enslaved and treated as food by the vampires.

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“You’re right. The one I have at home is so useless. She broke already after I played with her for just a little. I should sell her off in a few days, and then get another new toy—”

A handsome male vampire guard smiled in great satisfaction. Mirabelle silently walked past the two vampire guards as she listened to their conversation. She began to use her [Data Analysis] ability to inspect their true power level.

She instantly saw their levels, HP, and MP values.

The purple-haired vampire was Level 20. He had 1000/1000 HP and 800/800 MP.
The other vampire next to him was also Level 20.
Both vampires were at a similar power level.
These two guards were only Level 20.
However, they were quite strong—

They would be considered lower-middle class amongst the vampires. She would have to defeat these two vampire guards if she wanted to escape. Of course, that would be for later. Right now, challenging them would be no different from committing suicide for Mirabelle.

That was why she simply left slowly after checking their statuses. Her goal wasn’t to cause a disturbance here. She only wanted to go purchase medical supplies. She would then hurry home and use those medical supplies on her mother. Otherwise, her mother would really die.

She lowered her head without realizing it as she arrived in the central part of the vampire-ruled city. She couldn’t help but be astonished as she looked at the nearby streets. The buildings here were all in a European medieval style. She had worked hard on programming and creating this city for the game. That was why she was rather astonished as well as moved. She never thought that she would one day be able to see her game world creations in real life.

Mirabelle looked around everywhere as if she was a countryside hick who had never seen a big city before. However, a vampire started walking directly towards her. Mirabelle hid herself in a dark alleyway. That was so close! She almost received a game over right away.

Mirabelle took a deep breath and then focused on the distance. There were some really simple and crude short buildings off in the distance. Those were probably the elves’ homes. This was so terrible—

Mirabelle couldn’t help but admit to a certain fact. The elves were considered the lowest class of all in this city. Of course, the high-level vampires were living in the most luxurious castle and buildings in the distance. Mirabelle didn’t know what to say about this powerful contrast.

Just as she was looking around at the city, she heard the sound of something falling on the ground nearby. This sound attracted her attention.

“Hey! Did you not eat? You actually dropped my important product!!”

Mirabelle saw a vampire dressed in gentlemanly attire with a top hat and a suit. He had an angry expression. Currently, he was wielding a whip in his hand.


The whip kept hitting a tender body. Various whip marks kept appearing on a girl’s dirty body. Judging from her physical appearance, this girl was an elf girl who was around the same age as Mirabelle. However—

Mirabelle glanced over at the elf girl’s small body. She couldn’t help but cover her mouth. Mirabelle saw something unimaginable—

The elf girl’s body barely had any patch of uninjured skin at all. Her entire body was covered in whip scars. Not only that, there were also burn scars and acid scars on her body as well. The only piece of clothing she wore was a tattered white cloth that had already become black with dirt in many places. The rest of her seriously scarred skin was exposed to the dirty air.

“S… stop, please don’t harm my daughter anymore! I’ll take the responsibility for her mistake!!”

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A middle-aged female elf ran over and embraced her daughter who was kneeling on the ground. This female elf allowed the whip to rain down on her body. The female elf’s skin was in even worse condition than her daughter’s. Her injuries were so numerous as to be uncountable.

The other vampires in the area simply watched the scene unfold. Their eyes were all cold and indifferent, although some vampires also watched this scene with interest. The vampires only viewed the elves as slaves that they could vent upon. Such a scene was quite commonplace out on the streets.

The other elves walking around the area all averted their gazes from the mother and daughter. The elves didn’t have the responsibility of helping the mother and daughter. Nor did they have the courage to help. The elves were all really afraid of that male vampire, after all.

Mirabelle watched this scene with an unwilling expression. She raised her right hand, but then silently put it down again. She had to admit a certain fact—

She didn’t even have the power to protect herself.

Of course, she didn’t have the power to protect others. If this had been her original world, she indeed would have been the type to rush forward and help others. However, things were different here. This was no longer the elves’ home city. All the elves, herself included, were just like disposable toys for the vampires.

—The elves were mere objects of fun.

The mother and daughter didn’t even dare to resist. They could only kneel and withstand the pain of the whip flaying their bodies. The young elf girl was crying out in a pitiful voice—

Meanwhile, the middle-aged mother was whimpering in a tiny voice as she withstood the whip lashes for her daughter. However, Mirabelle heard the mother clearly as well. No matter if it was this world or the previous world, Mirabelle had received motherly love in both worlds. However—

If she helped them right here and now, that would mean that her adoptive mother would—

Mirabelle closed her eyes and covered her ears.

‘Regrettably, I must also save my own mother.’
‘Although I’m the princess of the elves, I don’t have the power to save my own people.’

That was why Mirabelle could only choose to ignore things. Her actions were the same as those of the other elves who pretended not to see anything. Mirabelle’s stats were completely insufficient to defeat the vampires here. She knew quite clearly that now wasn’t the time for her to act like a hero. Her mother was still at home, waiting for Mirabelle to come save her. If Mirabelle didn’t return in time, then her mother would instantly die when her HP reached zero.

That was why Mirabelle would choose to save her mother rather than saving others of her own kind. This was a choice that any ordinary person would make. Although Mirabelle was the person who created this world, making her similar to this world’s god… She was incredibly weak. This was indisputable.

Mirabelle raised her head and summoned the city map. Her body kept trembling as she heard the crying sounds from behind her. However, she forced down her desire to act like a hero. She hurriedly ran away from that location—

However, Mirabelle didn’t notice that a pair of blood-red eyes in the shadows had already locked on tightly to her back.


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