Chapter 9 – Item Levels

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1673 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 973 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Indeed, Erica hadn’t used up much of her time. However-

“These are only [normal] bandages?”

In this world, items had different levels of quality. When creating an item, its item level would determine how good the effects were. In order from lowest to highest, the item levels were normal, elite, rare, epic, and mythic, those were the five levels.

The item level would depend on the abilities of the person who created the item. To explain, even two of the same item might have different effects depending on the item level. Such as the bandages that Mirabelle currently had.

[Normal] bandages were only capable of restoring 100-200 HP, while [rare] bandages could restore around 200-300 HP.


Even if Mirabelle now had bandages, she didn’t know how to use them. In an RPG game, she only had to click on the item and drag it over to the character’s body.

-That was all that was required for using items in a game.

Thus, Mirabelle could only wrap the bandages rather randomly around her mother’s wrist. Yet, something truly miraculous occurred right after this: the bandages actually began to glow white. Right after that, the bandages around her mother’s wrist suddenly vanished.

When she used [Data Analysis] to determine what was going on… She saw the data on her mother’s body.

HP: 180/300 (constantly bleeding). MP: 200/200.

“Although her ‘verge of death’ condition has been removed, her HP is still decreasing constantly at about 1-2 points per minute.”

It would seem that Mirabelle still needed to venture outside. For the sake of saving her mother’s life.

No matter what things were like outside, she would need to purchase medicine to save her mother. Mirabelle resolved herself as she took the magical cape that Erica had given to her.

—This was a cape of invisibility that was capable of completely concealing her figure and aura.

Mirabelle touched the magic formation on the cape with her finger, which immediately brought up the magic formation’s data through her ability.

Level 5 magic robe: effects of invisibility and concealing user’s aura.

However, the following sentence clearly illustrated this cape’s weakness—
This cape is completely useless against high-level vampires.

That was probably why Erica had been ambushed by vampires even while wearing this cape. Still, now wasn’t the time to think about such problems—

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Mirabelle had been determined to go outside, even without this cape. She had decided that from the very beginning. Receiving this cape was something completely unexpected. Her mother’s life was in danger. Did she really have the time to care about useless things?

However, Mirabelle also deeply felt that she had been too rash. If it hadn’t been for the equipment that Erica gave her—

If she had gone out just like that… The vampires would have likely captured her instantly. Thus, Mirabelle was inwardly grateful towards Erica. Mirabelle clasped her hands and prayed towards Erica’s cape.

This was a type of prayer from her original country. She didn’t care right now if such a prayer existed here or not. At any rate, this was the greatest amount of respect that she could show towards Erica.

“And now—”

Mirabelle put on the large cape and started walking outside. It was rather difficult to see what was beyond the green area within the elves’ barrier. However, the moment that Mirabelle took one step outside the barrier—

She saw everything around her. Moonlight illuminated the elves’ former city. This place was completely different from how it had been 15 years ago. Everything was now incredibly desolate. Just about all the trees and buildings had been burned away. Apart from the house that Mirabelle resided in.

At this moment, several black bats flew above her head. These bats then hung themselves upside-down on the burnt trees. Their blood-red eyes seemed to be staring right at Mirabelle.


Mirabelle was so scared that she fell and sat on the ground when the bats flew in her direction. However, the bats simply flew off into the distance. It seemed like they hadn’t noticed her.

“Sigh…” Mirabelle heaved a long sigh of relief.

—Was this the elves’ home city?

Mirabelle choked up as she looked at everything around her. She didn’t know what to say. She still remembered how she had designed the elves’ home city. She had designed this city to be an incredibly beautiful location, as if it was a fairy realm from heaven. Yet, the elves’ home city had now become like this.

Not to mention, there were now far more things here now when compared to 15 years ago. For instance—

A gigantic wall had appeared behind Mirabelle’s house. This gigantic wall seemed just like a prison wall. It stood tall in front of her, as if it wanted to trap her inside. Also, an enormous castle was rather close by. This castle was so tremendous that all the other nearby buildings seemed quite tiny in comparison.

Mirabelle opened up her mental minimap. She was currently inside the outer city walls. Her goal was at the central street within the inner city wall. That was the only place that sold medical supplies.

The path to the left seemed to connect to the central street.

The central street?

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Mirabelle opened her eyes and looked into the distance. From here, she could tell that the central street was shining with all sorts of various colors.

—These colors were quite similar to neon lights from the nightlife of her original world.

She had designed such magical lights for the elves’ home city in order to make it seem more flourishing and luxurious. Now, she felt that these lights really were quite useless. Regardless, she would try heading over there.

Although she was still anxious, she had already made up her mind.


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