[Vol. 2] Chapter 7 – Trump card

Pikaru and Marcus were waiting for me when I returned to the mansion.
 The head maid Melissa and the newly appointed tactician Nals were the same.

“Melissa, how’s the women’s state?”

“Everybody was very frightened and weakened but they seemed to have calmed down to some extent”

“Is it so? There should be a girl called Fraudia inside. Could you send her to me later?”

“Certainly, Carlo-sama”

 As Melissa lowered her head and left Marcus started to speak.

“Carlo-sama, could you explain to me what happened today?”

“Yeah. Do you know about the frequent kidnappings aimed at only women happening recently around this town?”

 Everyone nodded when I looked at them.

“When I was searching for the culprit it turned out that Gerg was the one behind this.”

“That Viscount with such a good reputation did such things?”

 Pikaru shook his glittering head in disbelief.⌈1

“Then Carlo-sama took the Imperial Guard’s knights with him to confront him and after having confessed his crimes he killed himself, huh?”

“That’s right. He set his own mansion on fire.”

 Marcus was thinking while touching his white moustache.
 He resembles a captain after all.

“Well then, what’s done is done. But won’t this cause problems as you attacked a noble whose peerage got granted by the king, though, of a lower rank? Besides it seemed like the deceased viscount had connections to Prince Armandi.”

“I’m prepared for that. Rather I want to use this incident to show that I’m clearly part of the royalists.”

 When I answered this to the worrying Marcus, both Marcus and Pikaru had slightly surprised faces.
 It’s surprising for Carlo, a nobleman, to cooperate with the king who wants to destroy the aristocratic power.
 The tactician Nals was listening calmly and expectant.

“The royalists, aren’t they the reformists promoting the centralization?”⌈2
“That’s right. The King is now confronted with the conservative aristocrats led by Prince Armandi because he is trying to push for the centralisation. He’s completely inferior in military power so he should be dying to get you on his side.”

“I see, it’s a normal practice in politics to force someone to buy oneself for a higher price.”

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 At Nals’ words old man Marcus grinned.
 This old man has indeed a good comprehension ability.

“That’s it. Even if the king succeeds in promoting centralization and weakens the aristocratic power as long as my own power isn’t taken the others don’t matter. If the King doesn’t have any allies he won’t be able to pull off a reform.”

“However, even if you are in conflict with Prince Armandi, His Majesty the King doesn’t necessarily have to trust you, right?”

 Pikaru who had a pessimistic nature listened with unease.
 If one worries too much one will get bald……Is it fine because it’s already shining?

“Everything’s alright on that point. In fact, today I went to get my trump card.”

 As I said so I rang the bell on my desk.

 Ting Ting――

 Immediately the door was knocked and Melissa entered the room with a single girl.
 It was Fraudia.
 She looked pitiful with that iron collar still around her neck.

“Couldn’t the collar be removed yet?”

“It has been firmly welded. I will go take her to a blacksmith tomorrow.”

“There’s a blacksmith called Mohkan in the town. His skills are of the super class so ask him.”


 Melissa left and I introduced Fraudia to all the people present.

“This girl is called Fraudia. She was caught by Gerg and we helped her. This girl is my trump card.”

“Hoh, this girl’s appearance is quite good but how is she a trump card?”
Marcus opened his narrow eyes and looked at Fraudia.

“Fraudia, please explain your situation to those people.”

“Certainly. I’m Fraudia the maid serving Her Imperial Highness Princess Charlotte of the Franz royal family.”

“Hohoh, Her Imperial Highness the Princess’ personal maid, is it?”

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 Marcus asked for confirmation with an interested expression.
 Nals’ facial expression looked like he already guessed it, as expected.

“Yes. My parents’ house is located here I have been kidnapped on my way home. At first, I was to be sold after the ransom money was given but after they found out I’m the Princess’ favourite maid they decided to deliver me to Prince Armandi Rejum and I was made to work at the Viscount’s mansion till then.”

“I see, this is quite good. She can testify not only that the Viscount was the wire puller but also that he had connections with Prince Armandi. If she was well liked by the Princess this is a good opportunity to form connections with the Royal Family.”

 Looks like a concrete plan has already been completed in Nals’ head.

“That’s right. Therefore I believe I am able to clearly show that I’m standing on the side of the Royal family and I’m able to form a solid connection with them.”

 As I said so I looked into everyone’s faces.

“I want to go to the capital to make those connections with the Royal family before Rejum gets wind of this. We’ll leave as soon as Fraudia’s collar is removed. Nals, you’ll come with me. There will be various occasions where one has to negotiate. Marcus, Pikaru, please take care of everything in my absence. As I shall take Lunos as a bodyguard and Doji as my attendant with me please do the preparations.”


“Fraudia, I’m sorry but could you accompany us to the capital to give your testimony? As you heard, I want to be His Majesty the King’s and Her Imperial Highness the Princess’ strength.”

“Understood. I shall do my best as this body was saved by Margrave-sama.”

 Fraudia isn’t just pretty but also a straight-forward girl.
 If I can win her over to my side she will give her testimony as expected.

 The next day Melissa seemed to have gone to the blacksmith Mohkan with Fraudia in the morning.
 When she was brought before me she wasn’t wearing a collar anymore.
 Seeing the red marks left behind by the collar made one pity her but they don’t seem to hurt.

“Ooh, looks like the collar got removed. Are you alright?”

“Thanks to you it was taken off without a problem. After a long time, I finally feel free again.”

“That’s good. I’m sorry that I can’t give you time to relax but we have to leave immediately. Are you ready?”

“I’m fine. I want to see Princess Charlotte as soon as possible as well.”

 Fraudia’s eyes who looked straight at me were beautiful.
 I don’t dislike straight-forward girls like this.⌈3

“Call Lunos and Doji.”

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 After I asked Melissa to do as such, two people immediately entered the room.

“Good morning, Is it fine to just take five knights including me as bodyguards with you?”

“That’s fine. I don’t want to attract attention and I also want to focus on speed. What about the arrangements for a carriage for Fraudia?”

“Yes. We prepared a horse-drawn carriage which can attain up to four times the speed. Though it isn’t comfortable to ride in it.”

 As Lunos said that I looked at Fraudia.

“I’m fine. I’ll just close my mouth to not bite my tongue even if it shakes and bounces.”

 As Fraudia said this jokingly she winked.
 ****, so cute…….⌈4

“Ah, ehem, then, Doji, is everything ready?”

“Yes, but is it alright to take me with you? Am I fit to be Carlo-sama’s attendant?”

“I don’t mind. Doji, you can ride a horse, right?”

“Ah, yes. As I handled horses ever since I was small I’m able to ride a horse.”

“Then that’s fine. For weapons, that’s right, take a slightly bigger axe with you, though it’s rather conspicuous.”

“Understood, then I shall pick the biggest and bring it with me.”

“Yeah, that’s fine. Your job will be to act as an escort. You should always be behind me. Well then, let’s go.”

“Understood. I will do my best.”

 The people I asked to take care of things around here in my absence, Marcus, Pikaru, F, Melissa and the other maids were waiting outside.
Lunos and the other knights were already close to the carriage with their horses and waited.

“Carlo-sama, please take this.”

 Pikaru handed me a small bag.
 Even without looking inside I knew what it is.
 It’s gold and white gold coins.
 Something like a present for the Royal family …… that’s why I let him prepare this.⌈5

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“Yeah, please take care while I’m absent.”

“Please leave everything to me.”

 Pikaru will take care of domestic affairs and Marcus and F will take care of military affairs and security.

“Carlo-sama, please be careful.”

 The three maids Melissa, Reina and Mirea saw me off.
 Though I was a little worried about the way Reina looked at me and Lunos, oh well, it should be fine.⌈6

“Well then, let’s go. Depart!”


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