[Vol. 2] Chapter 8 – The Capital

Nothing happened on our journey and we safely reached the Capital Ruan.
 The fact that there weren’t any disturbances shows that Duke Armandi didn’t hear about this yet, I guess.
 I saw the Rabbit groups relay station and noticed some of them but they were working hard.
 I didn’t wear my mask so I didn’t call out to them.

 The Capital Ruan is a fort town surrounded by a stunning wall.
 Its height is completely different from the one at our Braham.
 To get examined many people entered the side gate next to the entrance gate to enter Ruan.
 I was led through the front gate as soon as I said that my name is Carlo.
 As expected of a noble.

“Well then, we arrived safely”

 Lunos said those things but Nals seemed to feel dizzy.
 He was able to ride a horse but because he said he wasn’t that proficient I made him ride the carriage but it seemed to have shook considerably.⌈1

“We were going pretty fast, is Fraudia alright?”

“Yes, just this much is fine.”

 Even though Fraudia who rode the same carriage was in high spirits Nals looked pretty bad.
 Well, there’s no helping that as he’s the type who battles with his head, right?
 He looked quite feeble, too.
 But because he’s thin and beautiful he should be popular within a certain group of girls.
 I bet he will become the next victim of Reina and her friends sometime soon.⌈2
 Please don’t make me his partner if you do.⌈3

“Then shall we go to the royal palace? Fraudia, can I ask you to guide us?”


 Though Carlo has been to the royal palace many times it would be the first for me.
 Because I didn’t write about the Capital in detail I don’t really know the way despite this being the world I created.⌈4
 It seemed like this was Doji’s first time here as well, as he looked around in wonder.
 The Town’s people also looked at Doji who was carrying a huge axe on his back in wonder.

 However, as expected, the Capital is a big town.
 All the buildings were made out of stone and looked excellent, even the roads were also paved with stone.
 There are a lot of people, the businesses seemed to prosper as well.
 Compared to Ruan Braham felt like a local town.
 Though because it’s mostly made of stone the town looked grey.
 I like Braham’s wooden buildings better.
 Though, this would be better in case of a big fire.

 As one would think the people of the Capital walking on the streets were dressed fashionably.
 Though it might be my imagination but the people’s eyes seemed cold when they looked towards us.
 Is this what they would call discrimination of people from rural areas?

 After we advanced for a while we saw some big gates.
 This seemed to be the entrance to the royal palace.

 Franz Kingdom is the country with the greatest power and longest history among the Yuroa countries.
 According to that, the royal palace turned out to be a considerably excellent castle.
 The big mansions in the vicinity of the moat are residences of nobles.
 I wonder which of them belongs to Carlo.
 Though I was a little interested I quickly went to the royal palace because time is of the essence.
 I crossed the wooden drawbridge leading over the moat to enter the royal palace.

 Before I entered I left White King at the entrance.
 The entrance turned into a solemn hall with a high arch ceiling and the sun shone through the coloured glass.
 I suddenly felt overwhelmed.⌈5
 Nals looked around with great interest as well.
 Should I ask him to use this as reference for Balhart castle’s design?
 I don’t need something as luxurious as this though.⌈6

“Margrave Carlo de Medici, you were able to safely arrive this place.”

 At the time when we passed through the entrance hall, an elderly man with white hair greeted us.
 This seemed to be the State Minister of Franz Kingdom called Walles.
 He seemed like the type of man who could do anything in a calm manner.

“His Highness Minister Walles, thank you for greeting us. I hastily came over to report something to His Majesty the King.”

 I tried to speak as carefully as possible.
 If I want to show my intentions to act as part of the royalists I can’t provoke the King’s close aide.

“I heard about that. His Majesty waited for your arrival, Margrave Medici.”

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 I parted with Lunos, Nals and Doji and followed Walles together with Fraudia.
 We climbed the grand staircase and after walking along the corridor of the second floor for a while we reached a luxurious door guarded by two sentries.

“His Majesty the King is awaiting you inside.”

 When I passed through the door the sentry opened I saw a grand hall.
 The one sitting on the chair on a higher ground at the back of the hall was probably King Franz Johann III.
There was a man with an excellent build dressed in a military uniform standing next to the chair.
 His black moustache was eye-catching and his sharp eyes seemed to be able to look into one’s heart.
 This is the famous General Dolus called “The Kingdom’s Guardian” and additionally holds the position of Military affairs, Minister.
 He holds great bravery, excels in leadership and is absolutely loyal to the king, he is supposed to be the greatest obstacle for Carlo who’ll oppose the King and aims for the throne.

“Margrave Carlo de Medici, please step forward and report to his Majesty the King.”

 I went through the vassals who stood in tow lines, kneeled before the King and greeted him.
 I should have done it perfectly as I studied the etiquette when I left Braham.⌈7
 Fraudia kneeled behind me.

“Carlo, huh? Long time no see. What do you have to report?”

 After some time a voice was raised.
 That seemed to be the King’s, Johann III, voice.
 I was a little surprised. I had an image of him being a normal, not to say mediocre monarch but his voice was hoarse and heavy.
 In terms of age, he’s supposed to not yet have reached the age of 50 but he gave off a much older feeling.

“Around Braham, which I rule, frequent kidnappings aimed only at women started to happen recently.”

 I raised my face and reported to the King.
 The State Minister Walles whom I’ve met before stood next to the King.
 Like I thought he enjoys the King’s trust.

“If the required ransom money isn’t paid they would murder the hostage but even if the money is paid the woman will be sold off never to be seen again. When I was investigating I found an unexpected person.”

“Hoh, who might that person be?”

 It seemed like I got the King’s attention.
 OK, now comes the important part.

“Yes. That person was Viscount Gerg.”

“That Viscount would never do such things! That viscount cannot do something like that! Margrave Medici, do you intend to put the blame on Viscount Gerg?!”

 As soon as I said that a sharp voice flew over from behind.
 That guy’s surely a follower of Duke Armandi Rejum.

“It’s a fact that Viscount Gerg ordered the kidnappings, no doubt about that. I heard it from the person himself.”

“That Gerg? That’s hard to believe so suddenly, but where is the person in question Gerg?”

“After I interrogated him and he confessed his own crimes he set fire to his mansion and killed himself.”

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 The vassals in the vicinity were upset and begun to murmur as soon as these words left my mouth.
 After committing a crime a noble killed himself even if the Viscount wasn’t of a higher rank.
 It’s only natural they would be upset.

“Lies, Margrave Medici, you’re trying to put the blame for these crimes on Viscount Gerg after you killed him!”

 Then I heard that guy’s voice from a little while ago.
 I turned back to confirm his face this time.
 He was a nervous-looking, thin noble in his late 30s giving off the same feeling as a mantis.
 That’s the guy, check, when I thought that a low voice sounded from the plateau.

“Don’t say such careless things, Earl McBell. Doubt will only cause unnecessary conflict.”


 General Dolus was the one who spoke.
 That man called McBell fell silent at ones while looking vexed.
 After that, General Dolus turned towards me.

“Margrave Medici, do you have clear evidence that Viscount Gerg committed these crimes?”

“Yes. This girl is called Fraudia. She was kept hostage by Viscount Gerg and is also Her Imperial Highness Princess Charlotte’s personal maid.”

 After I said that Fraudia raised her head and spoke to General Dolus, Minister Walles and the King

“I’m called Fraudia serving Her Imperial Highness the Princess. It’ true that Margrave Medici helped me when I was held hostage by Viscount Gerg.”

 After hearing Fraudia’s words State Minister Walles spoke in a clear voice.

“I indeed heard about one of Her Imperial Highness the Princess’ maids gone missing after having returned home. I met this girl called Fraudia several times in this royal palace.”

“It seems like the information is reliable. Let’s hear about the details in my private rooms, shall we? Carlo, go to my private rooms together with this girl. Walles, please call Charlotte.”


 At the King’s words the vassals lowered their heads all at once.
 That guy called Earl McBell was only able to look at this scene with vexation.


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