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[Vol. 2] Chapter 19 – Military Reform

“Welcome home”

 When I arrived at the mansion in Braham Pikaru and the head maid Melissa greeted me.
 Since I’m not that tired I decided to immediately do the arrangements.

“Pikaru, call F and Marcus.”

 As I entered my office together with Lunos and Nals, Pikaru came over together with Mirea-san and Reina who brought tea.
 I wonder why Reina is looking so frequently at Lunos and I.⌈1

“The General and the Imperial Guard Order’s Head came”

“Let them through”

 Marcus and F stepped into the room.
 As usual, General Marcus, without saying anything, sat down on the sofa without waiting for my permission.
 I told F to also sit down and began the meeting together with Pikaru.

“So, how was it?”

“It can be said that our objectives got achieved for the greatest part.”

 Except for Operation DDT.
 I told Nals to explain the finer details.

“- – In that way, we gained the cooperation of the Royal Family and accepted the task of going against the conservative nobles. Therefore, it’s important to carry this out as soon as possible.”

How’s the progress of the colonial soldier settlements and the irrigation construction?”⌈2

“Both are progressing favourably. Thanks to the drastic improvement in efficiency through the implementation of earth magic all constructions are expected to be done within this year.”

 Pikaru answered Marcus’ question.

“With that said, is it possible to finish the construction work on the highway by the beginning of the next year as well?”

“Well, I’d like to advance the training of the farmer-soldiers who are now constructing the colonial soldier-settlement later on.”

 In response to Marcus’ and Nals’ words, I decided to voice out the idea I kept to myself for a while.

“Therefore I have a suggestion but it requires to fundamentally change the present military.”

“What do you mean by fundamentally changing the military?”

 Everyone including Marcus looked at me.

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 In the novel “Yuusha Tensei” which I wrote, the troops of the countries called the “Yuroa countries”, Franz Kingdom included, are basically all made up of infantry, cavalry and archer units.
 Carlo’s military can be taken as an example as the knights of the Imperial Guard order Lunos and F are part of only consists out of cavalry in times of war.
 It’s basic style to recruit farmers or citizens as archers or foot soldiers.
 Of course, I used the military of the European Middle Ages as a model.

 However, as a result of this, as I reincarnated as the feudal lord who is in a leading position for the army, Carlo, many problems would arise if we would fight the Barbarians who are a horse-riding tribe modelled after the Mongolian soldiers like this.
 If one takes a look at the history books one would see that Europe was shaken by the Mongolian invasion, there’s no doubt it will be fairly difficult to fight the Barbarians with the present military.⌈3
 If you just write a sentence as an author it’s all good even if there’s such a problem but if you really have to lead an army like this that’s a completely different matter.⌈4

 As a fight with Duke Armandi and the other conservative nobles is inevitable now I want to manage to efficiently win in the shortest amount of time.
 If it isn’t a story I simply wrote but a real battle there should be as little sacrifices as possible and more than anything else I don’t want to die either.
 That’s why I thought about this military reform.

“If we let the cavalry officers lead the archers and infantry as before we can’t make use of the speed which is the cavalry’s greatest weapon. Therefore we make the Imperial Guard Order the Cavalry unit and let another officer lead the archer and infantry unit.”

 Nals explains my concept.
 It’s a result of having talked with Nals about this reform all the time.

“We’ll let the infantry and archers choose an officer among the farmer-soldiers we established this time. Even the archers and infantry were mixed together in one unit so far even though they have independent formations.”

“Fumu, though I think it’s an interesting plan but it’s to be expected that the Imperial Guard Order’s Knights will oppose to this. As they have pride in leading the army.”

 Marcus interrupts Nals’ explanation.
 Because Marcus who led the Imperial Guard Order for many years said this it can’t be wrong.
 But I considered that as well.

“It’s necessary to inform the Knights how powerful the cavalry unit is and how it can be decisive to a battle’s outcome. That’s it. Nals, explain it please.”
“Yes. We are planning to execute an exercise with the original formation and the reformed formation this time. We divide the Imperial Guard’s knights and the farmer-soldiers into two groups and let them compete while being led by F and Lunos.”⌈5

“I see, so the knights can’t help but be convinced if the difference is overwhelming.”

 F also nodded to Lunos’ words.

“It’s like that. So, who leads which side?”

 This became interesting.
 I grinned as F gave me an earnest answer.

“I’m fine with either side. I’ll do my best all the same if you order me.”

 Lunos answered interestingly.

“As I’ve been here longer I’m more acquainted with everyone than the head so I know the obstinate people who would seem like they would object to the reform. I shall take charge of the original formation with these people. Just for confirmation’s sake, we may get serious as well, right?”

“Naturally. They won’t be persuaded if they won while you were going easy on them. If you defeat them even though they were attacking seriously then everyone will get persuaded that the reform has a meaning.”

 Old man Marcus looked at me with an interested face as he listened to my explanation.

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“That means that Carlo-sama will go with the new unit led by F. Then shall I join the original unit led my Lunos?”

 This old man, he completely entered play mode again.
 Do you know that it’ll be bad if you let this reform fail?
 He’s absolutely, earnestly motivated, that captain imitation!
 Well, I won’t lose.⌈6

“So, when will we execute the exercise?”

“Let’s see, how about making it the main event of the end-of-year festivities?”

 As F suggested we decided to hold the exercise at the end of the year.⌈7

“Now that that’s decided, let’s start the strategy meeting. Please tell me if you decided on a place to hold it later. Lunos, let’s go”

“Wait a minute, there are still some details of the reform plan that–”

“We’ll see it later. It’s like I’m being shown your cards, so it’s no fun at all.”

 As I thought, that old man is completely enjoying this.
 Well, fine, I cannot lose.
 Marcus took Lunos and left.

“Goodness gracious, that old man is hopeless.”

 As I was astonished F looked back at me with a straight face.

“However, no matter how much he said he’s going to lead the original unit the general cannot be underestimated. Sir Lunos is also excellent.”

“About that, I already have two suggestions.”

 Nals grinned as I began to talk.

“The first being we use a part of the Order’s knights as a high-speed search and reconnaissance unit. For that purpose I want F to choose the knights who can move the fastest.”

“If it has to be someone fast it would be good if the horse is quick and the rider is small and skilful. How many people are necessary?”

“Let’s see, I’d like to assign 20% of the whole unit.”

“Though I think 20% is quite a lot.”

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 It’s natural for F to think that way.
 That’s because it will only decrease the operational unit’s number.
 However, the saying goes “Know thy enemy and know thyself and you will win a hundred battles”⌈8⌋ so information is extremely important.

“I don’t care. F, can I leave this to you?”


 F obediently nodded to my words.

“And the other one concerns the infantry. Give all the foot soldiers a 5 meter-long spear.”

“5 meters?! I think that they can’t fight freely if they have a spear of such length, though.”

 F was astonished as he heard about the length but the tactic to use long spear infantry was actually used in Europe.
 I know it was a tactic particularly effective against cavalry and was used until the bayonet appeared.
 I took Lunos into consideration while making the foundation.
 Its main purpose was to oppose the Barbarian’s cavalry by crowding them, but they are, of course, effective against infantry as well

“Well, just leave that to me and Nals. F, as soon as Lunos decided on how to divide the order you’ll start the election for the reconnaissance unit.”


“Pikaru, after the irrigation construction is over arrange for the pavement of the highway.”


 Aah, today as well Pikaru’s brightness is at its highest.
 Like this, the military reform meeting ended.


  1. I wonder, I wonder 
  2. See Vol 1 chapter 24 for information about that 
  3. For people interested in the Mongolian invasion: Mongolian Invasion in Europe 
  4. Soo you caused trouble for yourself indirectly again huh? Like the thing with the salty food 
  5. Heeh, so Nals started to call Fitzgerald like this, too, eh? 
  6. Let’s hope for that ~ 
  7. How long would that be? What season do we have anyway? Still autumn? 
  8. A quote by Sun Tzu 
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