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[Vol. 1] Chapter 26 – Troll Extermination

The next morning, I went to the hideout, put on my mask, went to borrow a horse and then visited Knopf.

“Yo, Knopf”

“W, who might you be?”

She looked surprised at my face on which I wore a mask.
That’s to be expected, after all, she saw me like this for the first time.
I took off the mask.

“It’s me, Carlo.”

“Aah, that surprised me. What’s the mask for? Did you buy it just to surprise me?”

“You don’t really believe that, do you? It mustn’t be found out that the feudal lord became an adventurer so I’m wearing this mask and pretend to be someone else.”

“I see, so it was like that. Then did you also change your name?”

“Yeah. I gave myself the name Akatsuki. Please call me that, Knopf”

“I got it, Akatsuki. Well then, what business do you have with me this morning?”

As I expected, this cat girl is quick-witted.
I wanted to rub her cat ear as a reward but I suppressed my desire because I would inevitably be treated like a pervert.
Generally, this cat girl, although she looks young is actually older than me as she is half cat person and half human.

“A two-headed troll appeared in a settlement near the Reed Forest. I wanted you to lend me your power to subjugate it.”

“Eh, two heads! I’m interested, but is it fine for me to come? I ‘m not experienced in fighting. Would I still be useful?”

I see, Knopf is essentially a mad scientist-type of researcher, so she doesn’t have any actual combat experience, huh?
But it’s for certain that Knopf’s abilities will be helpful.

“It’s alright. There are me and my very experienced friend acting as support. So if it’s fine with you, please.”

“Understood, I’ll go with you. I’ll prepare for it immediately.”

“Don’t forget to bring that, okay?”

“Yeah, got it.”

Five minutes later, I took Knopf and headed towards the Guild Hall.
Crescent Moon and Pick were already waiting there.

“You’re late. I already took the quest. The reward will be 30 gold coins, Ehehe”

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Crescent Moon laughed with her drool nearly dripping out.
Pick seems to fight that urge to also do this.

“If we have Hea……not that, if we have big bro and Crescent Moon-san it’ll be an easy victory! So, who’s that girl?”

Though it’s you who looks like a little girl.
Pick might look like a child but on the inside, she’s a cunning thief rather than an adult.

“This is my magic teacher, Knopf. She’s half cat human half human and even if she might not look like it, she’s 30 years old.”

“Why so you have to emphasise my age so much? Ah, I’m Knopf. I’ll be in your care.”

“Heeeh, my big brother’s teacher is 30? You don’t look like it.”

Pick acted exaggeratedly surprised.
Even though you look like an elementary school student! What’s your actual age anyway?!

“I’m Crescent Moon. I work as a mercenary. Nice to meet you.”

“I’m Pick. I’m a Hobbit and Big bro Akatsuki’s younger sister. Nice to meet you.”

After the greetings were over we immediately started a strategy meeting.
Yesterday evening a Troll appeared.
It suddenly appeared in a village and they requested for it to be subjugated as soon as possible
It’s an about 5 meter tall Titan……I mean, Troll.
The surprising part is that it’s supposed to have two heads.
The damage dealt to the village is also unknown.

“Besides ours, many other parties have received this quest. However, they want to organise a collaboration between various parties, the discussion will be time-consuming. Meanwhile, we’ll monopolise it!”

Looks like Crescent Moon doesn’t want to share with other parties to the last. (TN: She’ll probably share with you, though? Isn’t that something?)
Well, it’ll be fine.

“Ehm, I’m able to use all four attributes of magic but as this is my first time doing real combat please do take care of me.”

“Heeh, being able to use all four attributes, isn’t that amazing? But you can’t use higher-ranked magic as it seems. Oh well, anyway, we’ll be in your care.”
“I can guarantee for Knopf’s abilities. Pick will cover her so that she won’t be disturbed during an aria.”

“Understood, big bro!”

We decided to depart.

After leaving the town, crossing the bridge and advancing along the edge of the Reed Forest eventually a village came into our view.

“Finally, don’t let your guard down”

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They nodded to my words.
In fact, I might be the tensest of us all.
This time’s enemy is completely different from the Kobolds I dealt with before.
I’m nervous because this is my first campaign in a sense.

I approached the village’s entrance with caution.
I couldn’t see anything abnormal in particular.
It was actually too quiet.

“There are no people……”

Crescent Moon muttered.
Right, nobody’s there.
I couldn’t see any of the residents, not even a dog.

“Shall we enter?”

I pulled out my Oricalcum Sword as I said this.
Everyone got off their horses and pulled out their weapons and wands as we entered the village.
As I thought, there’s no one in the houses or barns.
It’s really too quiet.

There were some broken houses here and there, though.
There were traces of destruction but nobody was inside.
We looked into the other intact houses, too, but there wasn’t even a shadow of a resident there.

“Did everyone run away or something?”

It’s no surprise that Pick said that.

“Hey, come over here!”

When I went to the place Crescent Moon’s voice came from there was a stone windmill.
But its entrance door was closed.

“It won’t open”

Crescent Moon tried to open its door but no matter how she pushed or pulled it wouldn’t open.
Looks like it’s locked from the inside.

“Normally one wouldn’t lock the windmill’s door.”

“Is that so? Maybe someone’s inside.”

“Then should I pick the lock?”

Pick reacted to my words.

“Yeah, could you try?”

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Pick tinkered with the keyhole for about 20 seconds.

“It’s open”

What quick work.
When I opened the door I found some residents of the village inside.
Everyone was huddled together, frightened.

“We came to rescue you.”

“Rescue, but why is it only you? What about the others?”

“They will come later, but it’ll be alright with just us, too.”

To Crescent Moon’s words an elderly man who seems to be the resident’s representative totally changed his attitude and shouted at her.

“You just can be so carefree because you didn’t see it! Do you know how terrible that thing is?……No, I don’t know when that will return. Anyway, we’ll hide here until the others come.”

Looks like he saw something truly horrible.

“Is every villager here?”

“No, some failed to get here in time. Since we just barely got here I don’t really know what happened to them, but in my opinion, they probably……”

I see. So there were victims after all, huh?
We somehow have to protect these people and exterminate that guy.

“We were told a two-headed Troll appeared.”

“Yeah, there’s no doubt about that. It’s considerably bigger than other Trolls and its movements are quicker. I never saw something like that before.”

“Did it use magic?”

“That, honestly, I don’t know. I didn’t see it, but among those who ran away were some that said it used something like magic.”

Well, we should attack it while keeping this in mind.

“Knopf, attack it while assuming your opponent can use magic. This applies to everyone, too”

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“Isn’t it okay for now? We’ll just hide here and – -”

Zuuuun, Zuuuun

As he was trying to say something, one could clearly hear an abnormal thudding sound.


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