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Chapter 99 – The Kimono Woman

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Author: Tensei Mikami Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2269 characters
Translator: Jiro English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1005 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

Seletina was embraced.

The fluffy maid’s uniform smelled of soap and a little bit of sweat. Elita slipped past Flowing Shadows without giving them even a glance, and dragged Seletina into her bosom.

Seletina, trapped in Elita’s twin dunes, was unable to breathe, and she writhed, yet Elita would not let go of her.

From above Seletina’s head came the sound of Elita’s rugged breath and snotty sniffles.

“Ugh… Bwahh… L-Lady Sewetina.. I’m so glad you’re fine… WHAAAA…. When I got to Leverence… I heard you’d been labeled as a witch… Whaaa…! I’m so glad…!”

As soon as she said that, Elita burst into tears. Like a little child, Elita finally cried aloud.

The crying maid and the flabbergasted girl. From a distance, the four girls watched with bewildered expressions and could do nothing but watch in amazement.

“Puzzled. New ally? Reinforcements?”
“Denial. Doesn’t seem strong.”
“Suggestion. Group up. While possible.”
“In favor.”
“Denial. Emotional reunion? I feel sorry.”
“Agree. A woman’s tears. Precious. Mother told me.”
“No complains. Me, no tactless.”
“Me too.”
“Me too.”

It was strange to see four people with the exact same faces and the exact same black attire talking face to face, and on top of that, their conversation was quite detached as well.

Lichter scratched his red hair, unable to make heads or tails of the situation. Not knowing whether to keep himself sharp or relax.

“Hey, you four sisters. Leave that one alone for now. I’m always ready to tussle.”
“Dummy. Fight? With this difference?”
“You’re implying I can’t?”
“Four on one. That person is a dummy.”

Eupho smiled mockingly under her black veil. She then lowered her posture and grabbed a hold of her knife. The three sisters followed her lead and assumed fighting postures.

“If you want to catch her then do so. But you’ll first have to beat me.” Lichter said, the kukri knives in his hands spinning in a nice semicircle.

A battle ensued once more. It was also then that a certain feeling permeated the air. Thudding sounds echoed everywhere. The light sound of wooden clogs hitting the stone pavement played in this narrow alleyway.

Thud, thud, thud!

The sounds suddenly stopped.

“You seem to be having fun.”

A woman’s voice filled the surroundings. Her voice was slightly low and husky, as if tinged with alcohol, yet undeniably beautiful. It penetrated deep into the listener’s heart, akin to the recital of a poetic verse.

Despite sounding youthful, there was also a haunting quality that suggested the wisdom and experiences of an elderly woman who had weathered the trials of life.

As the woman in clogs took a step forward, a figure hidden in the shadows was revealed.

The first thing that caught the eye was her purple, wavy hair, so dark that light struggled to penetrate it. The hair appeared to form a rounded black curve, however upon closer inspection it became obvious that it was short on the left and long on the right.

Her face resembled white porcelain, with slightly squinted, fox like eyes that held a subtle glimmer. Her lips were adorned in a bright red rouge, glowing with a red hue.

The woman was dressed in a kimono, a garment originating from the far East. It was made of violet-colored fabric that clearly spoke of its high quality. Magnificent flowers, unfamiliar to Seletina and Lichter adorned the kimono, while a pure white sash was fastened around her waist.

The woman seemed to be in her mid-20s, possessing a slender and tall figure that was further accentuated by the high wooden clogs she wore. The woman placed the smoking pipe in her mouth and exhaled a puff of smoke, gazing down at the Flowing Shadows.

“What’s this? Another new character?”

Lichter remarked, clenching his teeth and sighing sadly, tapping his shoulder with the tip of his kukri knife.

“You inexperienced ruffian. It’s not polite to address people as another new character.”

The woman giggled, her crimson lips curving upwards. She approached Lichter, the sound of her clogs squeaking.

“Inexperienced? Who? Me? How am I inexperienced?”
“Just look at your bottom. Anyone can tell you’re inexperienced. You’re clearly no match for me.”

The woman said and Lichter tightened the grip on his knives. The woman noticed the subtle change in his demeanor but seemed satisfied as she gently placed her hand on the back of Lichter’s thick hand.

“But youth and youthfulness are also precious things. It is common in the world that those who have lost their youth would want to re-experience it. It is also normal for those who have lost their youth to be ashamed of their youth. Human beings are truly wondrous things.”
“What are you getting at?”
“Do not get heated. I am on your side.” the woman assured Lichter.
“It seems these kids have caused you some trouble.”

Before Lichter could finish his sentence his brow furrowed. He noticed that the four sisters were standing behind the woman dressed in the kimono. It was evident that the Flowing Shadows team was working underneath this woman.

“Are you these ones’ boss?”
“Don’t say it like that child. I’m simply their employer.”

The woman replied, patting Eupho’s head, who was waiting by her side.

“So? How are you on our side?” Lichter asked, but he was quickly interrupted.

“Lady Younashi! I-I found Lady Seletina! Thank you very much!”

Elita, whose face was a complete mess of tears and snot, clung to the woman’s leg. Seeing this, the woman smiled warmly and patted Elita’s head gently.

“Didn’t I tell you we’d find her? My divinations are hardly wrong.”
“You were right! Phew! I will never forget the kindness you’ve shown me!”

Elita expressed her gratitude while her tears and snot stained the woman’s kimono.

“I’m having a hard time piecing things here.”
“Request explanation.”

Lichter and the four members of Flowing Shadows stood there in a daze. Meanwhile, Seletina was still struggling to breathe under Elita’s embrace.




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