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Chapter 81 – Autumn Sky

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Author: Tensei Mikami Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2269 characters
Translator: Jiro English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1214
Editor(s): Robinxen

“And thus Seletina, I’m sending you to the Gildam Empire as one of our emissaries. What do you say?”

Yennis, Seletina, Melia, and Elita were gathered in the throne room, with Elita attentively overseeing the wheelchair in which Melia was seated. They listened intently as Gadius issued a firm command.

“I gladly accept, Your Majesty.” Seletina said, bowing deeply.

Yennis followed suit and lowered his head. However, Melia harbored bitter resentment. Her fists, resting on the armrests, were tightly clenched.

“Your Majesty, may I speak?”

Upon Melia’s suggestion, Gadius nodded his head in a decisive manner, urging her to continue.

“I believe that it is still way too soon to send Seletina to the Empire. Seletina is but a frail and weak fourteen-year-old. I do not believe that she is prepared to fulfill this significant task that you are entrusting her, Your Majesty.”

Under Melia’s penetrating gaze, Gadius unexpectedly lost his composure.

Despite her words, Melia’s gaze and her expression were those of a mother who couldn’t let go of her child. The empire was more bloodthirsty than the kingdom. It was neither a friendly nation nor a kingdom.

Perhaps she has some reservations about parting with her daughter for the first time.

Gadius thought while stroking his beard.

“Melia, your cause is undoubtedly just, however, this is Seletina’s personal request. It is her reward for her contributions during the incident. She was the one who said she wishes to meet with Imitia. You do not need to worry. I will have more guards than ever before, along with a doctor and a pharmacist accompanying her in case of any mishaps.”
“Furthermore,” Loggins, who stood beside Gadius continued, “We are well-prepared to defend against any Demon or bandit attacks. I will provide Seletina with a personal guard. He is a person whom I can vouch for myself.”

Melia attempted to voice her concerns but found herself succumbing to the volley of persuasions. Observing Melia’s diminishing spirits, Seletina smiled, her eyebrows slightly raised, making her seem troubled.

“Mother, I will be fine. It’s probably not as major as calling this my first journey, however His Majesty has spared no effort in order to guarantee my safety. And I have always longed to meet Imitia, the female chieftain of the world’s largest traveling merchant group. This will be a great opportunity to explore the Empire and expand my horizons.”
“Mother, why don’t you allow her to go? Seletina has spent her entire life confined in that birdcage within Aldelight territory. It would be beneficial for her to spread her wings from time to time.”

Melia’s eyes reflected a blend of emotions, rendering her speechless. Eventually, she slumped, as if surrendering. If Balged were here he’d probably have thrown a huge tantrum right about now.

Unbeknownst to Melia, Yennis secretly gave Seletina a thumbs-up, showing his support.

“It appears we have reached an agreement. The delegation will leave in three days. Lady Seletina, please do your utmost to encourage Melia not to cry about having to separate from her child.”

Loggins said, chuckling underneath his helmet.

◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆

“What? Lady Seletina is going to the Empire in three days?!”

Eleanor hastily placed the cup back on the saucer having heard the news from her brother, Elias.

The scent of tea lingered in the air.

“Yes. Apparently she’s going as one of the emissaries.”
“Three days huh…”
“If you wish to bid farewell to Eleanor, make sure you do it properly. Once she leaves the royal capital, we won’t see each other for at least the next two years.”

Cough! Cough!

Startled, Eleanor involuntarily sprayed tea from her mouth.

Cough! Aghuh. Oeugh! T-Two?! She won’t come back for two years?!”
“No, no. What are you talking about, Eleanor?”
“But, Brother it was you that said we wouldn’t be able to see each other for two years.”
“Seletina’s dream is to become a knight, isn’t it? She can enroll in the knight training school at the age of fifteen. After leaving the royal capital, she will likely spend her time in the Aldelight territory until she turns fifteen.”
“… so if I invite her for tea she’ll come, no?”
“Are you going to stand in the way of her dreams? Seletina is a strong-willed woman. If she truly wishes to become a knight, then there are countless experiences she must accumulate.”
“I see… I see… Two years at the very least, huh…”
Eleanor muttered to herself.

Two years. 730 days. I wonder if this smoldering feeling in my chest will fade away after spending such a long time without Lady Seletina by my side.

Eleanor gazed into her cup, where the tea took on the hues of the sunset. The hues shimmered in the tea’s ripples, reflecting a contemplative Eleanor as if she were suspended in the liquid.

“Brother, won’t you feel sad not being able to meet Lady Seletina for such a long time.”
“Sad, huh… I wouldn’t say so. I rather see this as a good opportunity. The recent incident made me realize something. Despite being a prince, I was merely a scarecrow on the battlefield.”

Elias responded, his eyes narrowing. A hint of frustration filled his tightly sealed lips.

“I need to become stronger. I must grow and become a man worthy of her someday…”

Eleanor uttered, touched by his resolve. Her brother had a look she had never seen before

Elias was striving to break free from his own limitations, inspired by Seletina.

Two years. He’s looking so far ahead.

“By the way, Eleanor, did something happen between you and Dios?”
“Huh? With Brother Dios? Oh!”
“He was confused when you suddenly started crying and ran away.”

It was only natural that Elias thought that something had happened. Eleanor hadn’t seen Dios since that day when she had yelled at him and ran off.

She imagined Dios must have been bewildered, not understanding what had happened.

Eleanor gazed up at the sky, contemplating Dios’s thoughts.

I was so absorbed in my own concerns about Seletina that I completely neglected Brother Dios… I made him feel like this even though I’m the one at fault. Just what am I doing…

“I-I’m sorry about that. I’ll make sure to apologize to Brother Dios next time I see him.”
“Please do. He’s been down ever since.”
“What? Really?”
“Although he may not show it, he loves you dearly.”

Elias said with a gentle smile.

The smile of a nobleman with a generous spirit was a captivating sight.

Ah, both of my amazing brothers are wasted on me…

Eleanor thought to herself.

Both brothers possessed remarkable qualities—they’re kind, handsome, and admirable. And they both have fallen head over heels for Seletina. Perhaps there will come a time when Seletina reciprocates their feelings and falls in love with either of them.

Eleanor’s eyelids gradually closed, and her fluttering lashes cast a faint shadow.

Behind those closed eyelids, images of a silver prince and a golden princess stood side by side.

They make a good match. How nice. I look feminine.

Eleanor slowly lifted her gaze to the sky.

Although it was spring, her heart painted a desolate, autumn-like scene. A sense of loneliness began to seep through her body, slowly engulfing her1.



  1. Robinxen: Oh no is she going to be turned evil by manipulation?
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