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Chapter 180 – The Fierce Battle’s Conclusion

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Author: Tensei Mikami Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2269 characters
Translator: Jiro English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1107 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

When two masters fought for their lives, there was a strong intention behind every move. It was already a state of comedy to think that all they had to do was hit the target or watch the opponent’s moves before responding to each one.

Both sides were already aware of three or more moves ahead of the other, constantly predicting and correcting their moves to navigate the line of death. Seletina and the masked man were engaged in a fierce battle, sparks flying between them and the possibility of their heads flying off at the slightest disturbance in their breathing.

(My body’s heavy…)

Seletina’s fatigue only intensified.

The exertion was too much for her fragile body, which was already out of breath from a while ago. Her strength was close to its limit, and her lungs weren’t in good shape either. Seletina flicked the masked man’s blade away while pushing down the hot sensation rising from her gut.

“……” The masked man readjusted his stance with light steps and dove into Seletina’s bosom again without letting her catch her breath.


Elyutinias was fast despite being wielded by an owner with such a small frame. Yet the masked man’s barrage of blows was starting to grow even faster than it. Seletina’s silky skin was torn with each blow, cuts appearing all over her cheeks, neck, and arms.

Seletina swung Elyutinias widely to the side to escape the masked man’s pursuit and used the momentum to flee through a window into a nearby warehouse. The sound of glass shattering echoed. Seletina rolled over and picked herself up, but she couldn’t kill the momentum and fell on her buttocks.


Seletina had no time to dwell on her buttocks. The masked man stepped over the broken window with slow movements and began sharpening his knives in one another.

“Wait.” Seletina slowly stood up, muttering that word. Wait was all she said. She wasn’t sure if this reached the masked man, but he said nothing and played with the knives in his palms.

Seletina’s soprano voice resonated well in the large space.

In the dusty warehouse, several crates were neatly stacked, and apart from the muffled smell of dust, the air was filled with the scent of old wood and citrus fruits. Perhaps the crates were filled with such fruits.

With a squeak in her throat, Seletina finally got herself up and gripped Elyutinias with both hands. She no longer had the strength to control it with one hand, even though it was a Sacred Sword that was famed for its lightness. As she wiped the sweat from her cheeks with her shoulder, the masked man began to walk again, implying that it was about time.

“And I even told you to wait.”

As soon as Seletina spoke, the masked man accelerated. As Seletina rolled to avoid knives coming at her from the left and right, the man’s strike easily split a crate in two. Inside, light green fruit scattered on the floor, and a sweet and sour aroma filled the warehouse.

A relentless barrage of vicious blows rained down on Seletina, who was coated in dust. Seletina rolled away from the dusty wooden floor, wielding Elyutinias freely.

Her white clothes were now stained, and her golden hair was a shadow of its former self. Her peach-colored lips were tinged with blue, and the limit of her physical strength was beginning to show. Seletina was pushed back.

She felt a strong jolt in her back, and all of the air in her lungs were expelled. Now that she had been thrown into the stack of crates, Seletina had no way out.

The masked man did not miss this momentary opening. He kicked Elyutinias away. The Sacred Sword’s blade shone as it spun in the air. Seletina was left completely unarmed. As she gulped down her saliva, the masked man’s knife was already in front of her.

“Ugh?!” A voice suddenly leaked out. Yet it wasn’t Seletina, but rather the masked man’s voice that was heard.

Seletina reached out her arm, sliding it towards the wrist of the masked man holding the knife, and threw him away using the momentum. She’d done this not by her strength, but rather by using the masked man’s strength.

The technique, handed down in the Far East, was taught to her in a previous life by a wandering martial artist. However, Seletina’s mastery of the technique was not at a level where she could use it in actual combat, and this time was completely due to luck. However, the fact that Seletina was able to pull off such a feat at the last minute was a testament to her innate sense of combat prowess.

The masked man plunged headfirst into the pile of crates as if replacing Seletina, causing an avalanche in the process. The pile of crates was so large that even a tall man could look up at it, and being buried beneath it could easily crush an ordinary person to death.

However, the masked man sharply raised himself, gathered all his strength in both knives, and cut all of the crates away. His strikes flowing smoothly, forming something akin to a barrier. The crates seemed like they avoided falling on the man and shattered into pieces, scattering in all directions.

There was, however, a girl who leaped valiantly at the masked man in an attempt to break through this barrier of slashes. Seletina howled furiously as she grabbed the hilt of Elyutinias in a reverse grip and thrust it down.

The blow seemed foolish, but the masked man’s thoughts lagged for just a moment. This moment was more than enough for Seletina’s sword to prevail.

As the masked man’s knife was flicked away, Seletina broke through the barrier and landed on top of the masked man’s body. As she did, she struck Elyutinias down into the masked man’s shoulder. Black blood gushed out and stuck to Seletina’s white skin. Yet Seletina did not stop there. She gripped her sword even tighter, thrusting it even deeper until the masked man was nailed to the floor.

“Haa… Haa…”

While glaring fiercely at the masked man beneath her, Seletina was finally able to take a breath of air. Her breathing was rough, a clear indication that she was nearing her limit.

“Wake up,” Seletina said in a clear yet silent and sharp manner. At the same time, the man’s mask slid to the side. The mask rolled down, accompanied by a lively sound like that of a witch’s sneer, which annoyed Seletina. “Lichter.”

The masked man, Lichter Willgame, was staring at Seletina with a raging expression.


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